Ex US Navy Captain, Jack Harkness checked his reflection in the hall mirror. He ran his fingers nervously through his dark locks, subconsciously checking for grey hairs. He sighed. He wasn't a vain man by any definition of the word but just lately he had been increasingly conscious of his advancing years. Truth was, having a much younger lover had been an incredible ego boost at first but now, well let's just say Jack had even half considered plastic surgery. He shook his head. "Nah" he spoke out loud addressing his reflection with the patented Harkness grin, "Why mess with this level of perfection." Picking up a bottle of wine from the hall stand, he patted his jeans pockets to check he had his house keys before stepping out the front door and banging it closed behind him. He glanced longingly at his pride and joy, sitting in the driveway all forlorn and begging to be driven. "Sorry, old girl" he said, stroking the 1979 Pontiac Trans am lovingly, "not tonight, I'm afraid." Not even Jack Harkness, a man who never walked if you could drive, could justify taking his car when his final destination was only a few streets away.

"You're late." The attractive dark haired women who opened the door to him said. She flashed him a cute, gap toothed smile before kissing him on the cheek, "but you brought wine so you're forgiven." She took the bottle from him and pulled him through the door by the waistband of his jeans.

"Whoa there, steady on Missy" he said, placing his hands on her hips to steady himself "Don't want the neighbours gossiping."

She chuckled "Let's give them something to talk about then, shall we."

He laughed and moved his hands up to her trim waist, bringing her in for a tight hug. Bending down he rested his head on her shoulder and growled, "Hmm, you look good enough to eat."

"Come on, charmer" she smiled, "I'll introduce you to everyone" She placed a hand on his back to guide him into the living room, "Jack, meet the Rugger Wives," she squealed. "Everyone this is Jack Harkness, Ianto's new fella."