To our readers:

First let us apologize for the fact that this is not an actual update after keeping you waiting for so long.

We took our "sabbatical" from writing over the holiday season to do some reorganization, some soul searching—and we've decided that, in order to write this story as we would like to write it, to give it the life that we have envisioned, we will need to make it our own original work. We have, therefor, decided to take The War Inside and its outtake, Lust Tastes Like Tequila, down from FFN and Twilighted to pursue the story in the manner in which it has grown in our minds and imaginations. After completion of the story, we may possibly consider publication and will keep you updated with any news we have regarding that.

We'd like to take a moment to thank all of our readers. You guys have been phenomenally supportive and encouraging throughout this process as we were testing our collaborative writing wings and delving into a story that grew a life of its own—so much more than we ever expected. We appreciate you all very much.

And finally, a big thank you to our beta, NCChris, who has worked tirelessly on this story as well—sometimes with very little time given her to do so. You're so wonderful, Chris. We love you!

Thank you all again!

~Clurrabella and Sparagus