Authors Note: I in no way, thought I wish I did, own Martin Mystery or the characters in it. Some of the creatures are my own creation. Please enjoy reading it and don't be afraid to comment and tell me what you think.


It all started when the sand man escaped his cell in the lower depths of the centre. He proceeded to release others in an attempt to make a clean getaway. Were wolves, venomous looking snakes, mutated into humanoid forms, and others were fighting centre agents left and right. No one understood how this all started. M.O.M arrived on the scene horrified at the damage already caused. Already the numbers of agents were dwindling down as fast as other creatures were escaping.

"Billy!" The alien appeared in front of M.O.M, not in his small, cute alien form but in the form of Ganthar, strong, muscled and fierce. He already looked beaten up and had several wounds across his body. He still looked ready for a fight contrary to his normal fearful disposition. "Go to my office; call in all agents in the field immediately." Billy listened and turned into his small green form and rushed off her to office.

M.O.M rushed into the fight using her Ultra U-watch to try and subdue three creatures at once. She fired an electric shock at Sandman stunning him and throwing an orb of blue around him. He fought against the sphere and saw it crack as the werewolf kicked at it. No trust amoungst thieves but if you want to escape use someone else as a distraction. M.O.M was thrown back as the shield made a shock wave. One of the agents flew past her and hit the wall with the horrible sound of the neck vertebra cracking completely. The agent moaned, not dead but broken and unable to move.

M.O.M ducked as another agent shot and electric shock at the werewolf throwing him into a broken cell. She managed to trap sandman into another glowing blue orb and set her sights on an agent currently under the full control of Gastromo. The poor women being controlled by him smirked rather smugly and ran for M.O.M. She jumped aside and took a salt water gun from an agent that died only a few moments ago. She sprayed the woman with the gun. It didn't stop Gastromo from controlling the woman but it stopped him from multiplying. She dodged another attack from behind from could only be described as oversized sea monkeys. She could only hope the other agents arrived soon.

Many portals opened in M.O.M's office and the room filled with the younger agents. Four of the most prominent agents stood directly in front of Billy after they wormed their way through the large crowd. Marvin was supporting Diana who had managed to hurt her knee and cut her arm. Martin, Marvin and Java sported their own injuries. Other younger agents seemed to be hurt, well others just came from their living residents or from whatever they were doing.

Martin looked at Billy. "What's going on?"