The End

"Now what do we do?" asked Hermione.

"There is only one thing to do" Harry said.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked him.

"There is one snake that needs to be put down" he replied. Anthony and Gareth instantly asked to come with him, and Hermione Ginny also announced that they would come with Harry. Harry used the largest Floo there was in the Ministry atrium and then they went as one large group to Malfoy Manor. "Stay here in case he tries to escape" he said to his wives. They both protested at that comment, but Harry said to them that he wanted them as a surprise – he thought they didn't exist. Hermione and Ginny both grinned with evil smiles. Harry, Anthony and Gareth searched the ground floor, and then worked upwards one floor at a time.

"YOU!" hissed Draco Malfoy as the three of them found him shoving things into a large trunk.

"Remember Professor Sanderson?" Gareth asked.

"It's revenge time" Anthony said. Both boys had their wands trained on Draco. Harry came running into the room and Draco went for his wand.

"EXPELLIARMUS" cried the trio and Malfoys wand shattered into pieces.

"Going to kill me?" sneered Malfoy, and he dropped to the floor – one hand under his foot.

"An interesting place, Malfoy Manor" Harry said to his friends.

"Is it Really?" asked Gareth.

"How so, Harry?" added Anthony. Hate and anger filled him as he thought of Anna-Maria lying in St Mungos with only one leg.

"I was told that you can cast any dark spell you want, and that it wouldn't alert anyone at the Ministry" Harry said, not taking his eyes off Malfoy.

"Can we put that to the test?" asked Gareth.

"I second that thought" said a furious Anthony.

"I don't see why not" Harry said, "I was thinking of killing that worthless pile of shit right now. Either of you object?" and the other two didn't object. "You won't need that second wand, Malfoy. Adavra Kedavra" and Malfoys eyes went wide as Harry cast the killing curse at him. It hit him in the chest and was sent flying into the wall. "Stupid bastard" Harry said, giving Malfoy a good kick in the ribs, "As if he thought I would actually kill him" and he dragged Malfoy down stairs by his feet – head banging on every step. Hermione and Ginny were pleased to see Harry was alright, and even more pleased to see that Malfoy was stunned and no longer a danger to anyone. They returned to the Ministry of magic where they handed him over to a squad of Aurors who had been waiting for them to arrive.


Harry, Ginny and Hermione went to Gringotts the next day. They went to the main desk.

"Morning, Mr. Potter," Griphook said. "We have been expecting you. I have been asked to take you to one of our vaults."

The quartet took a cart to a vault, which Griphook opened. There were many boxes of vials and a few piles of gold coins. There was also a letter which Harry read out loud.

Dear Harry,

This vault contains many vials of Pensieve memories which prove the guilt of Dumbledore and many of his thugs. I gained them with the help of Veritaserum and Occlumency. Please put them to good use.

Secondly, I leave any money I have in this vault to you.

Tom Riddle.

On viewing some of the memories, Harry and the girls had them sent to Amelia Bones. Griphook also told Harry about a property he discovered that the teen owned.


The Daily Prophet printed the first of many stories the following day.


In a shock revelation which came about after viewing pensieve memories sent in by an anonymous source, it has been revealed that the true identity of You-Know-Who, the most famous Dark Wizard, is former Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

These memories reveal how he taught purebloods to hate Muggles and Muggle-borns and convinced them to join him in a campaign to rid the world of them. These people would be known as the Death Eaters.

It has now been feared that Dumbledore could have been preaching this message to any number of students in Hogwarts until Christmas last year.

People who have been identified as willing participants in his reign of terror include Lucius Malfoy, who claimed he was under the Imperius Curse after You-Know-Who vanished last time. His son Draco was also identified as a Death Eater.

The Ministry of Magic has vowed to find all Death Eaters identified in the memories and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Albus Dumbledore was killed in a duel with former student Tom Riddle – this duel was witnessed by Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement via Pensive memory

There were weeks of enquiries and questions for all afterwards. All the Hogwarts staff and surviving former staff members were questioned – none of them had any knowledge of Dumbledore's plans. But this was a big scandal for Hogwarts and there was an even bigger scandal to come.


It was long rumoured that former Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, along with Potions teacher Severus Snape were homosexual lovers. Thanks to a Pensieve memory, it has been confirmed.

A student was sent to Professor Snape's office seven years ago for detention and was subjected to the sight of Dumbledore and Snape doing unmentionable things to each other. One memory actually defies the known laws of Physics and of medical knowledge.

This relationship is believed to be the cause of Dumbledore's allowance of Snape's behaviour in Hogwarts which included favouritism of Slytherins and actual assault on students including levitating then dumping hazardous potions on them. Although kept under wraps by Hogwarts staff, this behaviour led to three Muggle-born students being killed. Threats were made to witnesses – punishments included expulsion and even time in Azkaban if they spoke out.


It has been revealed that during the 1950's, Albus Dumbledore was caught stealing magic from a dozen Muggle-born students, making them Squibs. These students were then exiled from England.

The stolen magic was distributed to members of prominent Pure-blood families.

These revelations came to light thanks to a diary and Pensieve memories stored in the vaults of the Potter family, discovered by Harry Potter, thanks to an appeal by the Ministry for any evidence of wrongdoing by Dumbledore.

The Muggle-born students have not yet been found, although attempts are being made to find them and compensate them.


It was revealed today that Hogwarts is set to re-open as normal on September 1st. It had been rumoured that it was to shut, but this paper has learned that Harry Potter discovered that he owned the castle and also owner ship of the school through links with Godric Gryffindor. Upon learning this, Mr Potter told Headmistress Minerva McGonagall that he would sue herself and the Board of Governors should the school close. Mr Potter wishes it to be known that he will not be attending Hogwarts again, but will be returning to the Wellington Academy in New Zealand.


In a related matter, it was announced that a new program has been set up allowing Students from the Wellington Academy and from Hogwarts to travel to each others school and learn a different culture. Headmistresses Jackson and McGonagall say that it is a wonderful chance to let pupils experience a different style of learning.

"The first group will be from Hogwarts to Wellington, and will comprise 1st to 7th years – both male and female pupils alike. It will comprise of two male and two female students from each year group" said McGonagall.

"Each group will spend a week at the other's school at the same time. This will start from October and will hopefully help to put the actions of Albus Dumbledore to rest" said Jackson. "We'll work together to stop this from happening again" she added.

Upon hearing this news, Oliver Wood contacted McGonagall and asked permission to repeat his seventh year. McGonagall knew what he wanted to do, and she granted his request and also made him Head Boy. She had a feeling that she would be hearing a request from the Weasley twins as well as a trio of girls forming a certain house's Quidditch team.


The Wizengamot was packed on August 8th for the verdict of the Death Eater trials. Amelia Bones stood up.

"Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Samuel Zabini…" the names went on and on until all 78 defendants were named, "stand up."

"You have been found guilty on the charges of murder, repeated use of Unforgivable Curses, illegal gatherings with a wanted criminal, theft, bribery and corruption. You are all sentenced to death by the Veil of Death in the Department of Mysteries.

"Following evidence provided to me, I hereby clear Sirius Black of all offences. I award his estate one million galleons in compensation. Bring in the next defendants."

Petunia and Dudley Dursley were led in. Harry and the girls assumed they were there for confirmation of their sentences. But what Madam Bones said next shocked the trio.

"Petunia Dursley – in addition to your existing offences, you are also charged with kidnapping four twelve year old witches from Kings Cross Station, along with aiding and abetting in their imprisonment and sexual abuse. Dudley Dursley – you are charged with the repeated torture and rape of the aforementioned students."

"We plead not guilty," Petunia said, before stating that they wished to defend themselves. However, the duo did a very bad job of it. They made themselves look very bad when Dudley questioned the girls on every aspect of their sexuality and humiliated them. He accused them of actually liking it, and said all four were whores who enjoyed being abused sexually.

"I never knew about that" Harry said to Hermione and Ginny during the break.

"I'd like to spend one minute in a room with those two" said both his wives at the same time.

"I feel exactly the…"


The noise cut Harry off in mid sentence, and the trio looked around for the source of the noise. Several Aurors were gathered around the doors to a Ladies toilet, and the three wondered what was going on.

"What the hell was that?" asked Madam Bones.

"We have no idea" said one Auror. "We can not open the door to find out" and Harry spoke.

"If you move away and stand clear, then I'll blast the door off" and everyone moved a good distance away, and Harry withdrew his wand. "BOMBARDA!" he yelled, and the door was blown into matchsticks. Harry cleared the dust away with a wave of his hand, and he went inside to investigate.

"Harry?" called Hermione.

"Dear god!" Harry moaned, and others came rushing in to see what he was looking at. Two of the girls who had been among those kidnapped and raped – sisters Harry knew from the case - lay in each others arms with smoking holes where their hearts should have been.

"Fuck" said several of the Aurors.

"Dudley" Harry said, "He made them do this. He destroyed their lives, and after what he just did, they must have felt that the only way out was to kill themselves" he finished. He bent down and closed their eyes and then conjured a blanket and covered them. Harry straightened and turned away from the bodies. "Excuse me" he said.

"Where are you going?" asked Madam Bones.

"I'm going to kill Dudley" Harry said matter of factly.

"NO HARRY!" said both Ginny and Hermione at the same time.

"You realise that I can not allow that to happen" Madam Bones said to him, and then took a step back when Harry looked at her. In all her years as an Auror and head of the DMLE, she had never seen such a terrifying look before.

"This is between me and him" he said, and Aurors made a move to stop him, but Harry created a wandless and wordless shield charm that repulsed everyone around him. Harry then did something not possible – apparated inside the Ministry. He appeared in the room where his Aunt and Cousin waited for sentencing. "You bastard" Harry said to Dudley. "Because of your repeated rapes and what you just did by destroying what little life they had managed to claim back, two girls just committed suicide because they where scared of you" and Dudley just smiled.

"Two freaks left" he replied, "I hope I can have a go at your two wives. I bet I can make them do anything before I tire of them" and Harry just snapped. He thought of Godric Gryffindor's sword, and it appeared in his hands.

"You bastard" Harry said, "You made two people kill themselves, and destroyed two other girls' lives. Don't you regret any of that?" he asked, fury filling every fibre of his being.

"Regrets?" Dudley said, "Only that I didn't have longer or any others to rape" and then out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Petunia creeping up on him. He sent her flying into the stone wall and pinning her there with a sticking charm.

"Stay" Harry growled.

"I wonder if they will let me have your two wives?" Dudley said again, "I bet that I can make them give good head" and Harry snapped. He lifted the sword from his side, put his cousin into the air and rammed it through Dudley's body. He used so much force, that it came out Dudley's back. He pulled it out and looked at the dying boy.

"This is for them" he said, and then slammed the sword through Dudley's heart and it went out his back and Harry left the sword there. The door burst open and in came Madam Bones, Ginny and Hermione with Aurors following right behind them. They looked at the silent Petunia, and the dead Dudley, pinned to the wall by the sword and head slumped down onto the blade – blood pooling under his body.

"Oh Harry" said Hermione and she went over to where Harry had dropped to his knees.

"I've killed" Harry said quietly – though it sounded louder in the silence.

"Forget about it" Hermione said, "He wasn't much of a person anyway" but Harry started to shake pretty badly.

"I killed Hermione. I'll never forget that, and I'll have to live with that until my dying day" Harry said to her, and Madam Bones cleared her throat.

"I think that you had better take Harry away from here" she said, "He isn't needed here anymore", and she watched as the two girls took Harry towards the Floo network and hence to Portsmouth. Madam Bones turned to the hanging body of Dudley. "Dispose of that thing" she ordered, and then announced that she would be finishing the trial


"Petunia Dursley, you have been found guilty of these additional charges. It is of my opinion that you are very dangerous to anyone – magical or muggle – and it is the verdict of this court that you be executed by means of the Veil of Death in the Department of Mysteries," Madam Bones said. She was taken away. Madam Bones even made sure personally that the sentence was carried out.


It took a week for Harry to get over what he had done, and that same day he and the girls went to Headmistress Jackson. During the time after the attack, it was discovered that Anna-Maria's leg was not as bad as first thought, and healers had saved her leg though it was a painful week for her. Anthony visited her every day, and even past time thanks to Harry's loan of his Invisibility cloak.

"As you know, Professor, we were aged five years thanks to Tom Riddle's restoration of my magic. What we were wanting to know, was…" Hermione began.

"Would I allow you to return to the Academy with us and continue your education, getting further O.W.L's and later, N.E.W.T's?" Jackson asked.

"Yes," the trio said.

"Of course the three of you are welcome to return. Why should you feel you should ask such a question?" she said.

"Because you took us on as students when we were children. We're adults now," Ginny told her.

"I've had students come back to retake a subject or gain a new O.W.L."


After the trials, Minister Fudge was sacked when it became clear that he had been receiving huge amounts of money in bribes from Lucius Malfoy and other Death Eaters who claimed to be under the Imperius Curse. It was revealed that Malfoy's bribes got laws changed, delayed or not even passed. Amelia Bones was elected as Minister, and her first act was to repeal all of the laws that had been designed to work against muggleborns. Her reign would later be known as one of healing the deep wounds that Albus Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy had created. As for Fudge, the courts decided to go a little easy on him as he had tried to become a good Minister, but had been influenced by the Malfoys and Dumbledore. He was fined a very large sum of money, and then asked what he would like to do – he had been told that he would not be facing jail time. Cornelius Fudge was not the first person to be duped by another more powerful people.

"I'd like to rejoin the Auror Corps" he requested, "A stupid Minister of Magic I Might be, but I was a decent Auror before. Allow me to do this to repay for all the evil things I allowed under my administration" and the court accepted his request. They even made him Minister again for a short couple of ours so that he could resign, and not be sacked – allowing him to save face and his good name. In his resignation speech, he named madam Bones as his successor and announced that as his very last act he was creating an unlimited compensation fund that would pay anyone who had suffered from Dumbledore's command.

"I regret that I allowed evil to influence me, and so I resign with immediate effect. It is my honour to announce my successor – Madam Amelia Bones" Fudge said, and he stepped from the microphone and shook her hand. "The shop is all yours" he said, and after the oath of office was done and speeches made, Fudge went to spend the rest of his life in helping to train Aurors. He had never wanted to be Minister in the first place, but had been pressured into it by Dumbledore. Now he was back in something that he liked doing better. Fudge was right – he did make a pretty good Auror.


Harry and the girls returned to New Zealand with the Academy group, where they spent the next four years finishing their education. They had a proper wedding ceremony a few days before term started. They could invite anyone they wanted – friends from Hogwarts and the Academy attended. The first group from Hogwarts came over, and it comprised of some pupils Harry didn't know, but also of his old Quidditch team: Oliver Wood, Fred and George Weasley, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinet. Every evening that week was spent on the Quidditch pitch playing all four of the house teams as well as the New Zealand national team. Harry had a great time with his former Quidditch team, and he gave them all Marauder class brooms to play on and to keep as a present – though they would only use them for Quidditch matches – alternating with the Firebolts so the other Hogwarts teams had a chance. Even though Harry was made Captain for Waitiko House, he moonlighted for the visiting Gryffindors and it was just like old times.

After school finished, Ginny took up professional Quidditch for twenty years – afterwards, she took up teaching. Harry and Hermione both became broom producers. They created the successor to the Marauder broom which became a best seller. Hermione also became a famous writer, her novel on their adventures over the course of the 1991 – 1994 school years being a best seller. A Scottish woman called J.K Rowling helped to write them, and eventually seven films got made about them although the last one was split into two parts.

Between the three of them, they had eighteen children in all. Hermione died at the age of 143. Harry and Ginny died ten years later.

Anna-Maria and Anthony married straight after finishing their education at the Academy, with Anthony denying the rumours of being gay to that day. Harry hosted the wedding and the reception in his New Zealand mansion. As a wedding present, Harry and the girls brought them a sweet shop and Anna-Maria learned to get over her obsession for chocolate and became a good researcher in her own right. They had twins – one boy and one girl.

Tonks remained in the UK upon being reinstated into the Black family tree along with her mother Andromeda. She eventually married again, this time to Charlie Weasley. The two moved to New Zealand, to avoid the wrath of the Ministry. They had three boys. She died at the age of 71.

Fred and George Weasley opened up Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes in Maori Alley. Within two years, it had become a big success and branches were open worldwide. They found it easy to prank Anna-Maria because she would take any chocolate on offer but after a while, she refused to take chocolate from them because it would be pranked. After Alicia Spinett and Angelina Johnson finished their Hogwarts education, they went out with the Weasley twins and married them. The two women became professional Quidditch players and had five children each and to everyone's surprise, Fred and Alicia had three daughters.


Harry rubbed his where his lightning bolt scar was during a reunion of the entire graduating class from their year at Wellington Academy. Harry, Hermione and Ginny had made an odd request to be de-aged so that they could fit in with their friends better. Harry watched as the Weasley twins arrived with their wives and several members of their families. He smiled as they gave presents to the New Zealand contingent and observed the kids head off to a safe room where no harm could come to them. He rubbed his scar again absently. In 19 years it had not throbbed again and all was well.


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