One week till the beginning of school. Two days of home left. I fly out to Washington to go to Forks Academy tomorrow. How wonderful.

I sat in my bed with my fluffy royal purple comforter tucked in around me. The morning sun only made me more depressed. In Forks, there was almost no sun. I swear to God that that boarding school feels like a huge dungeon. No sunlight, no fun, at all. I groaned and rolled over in my bed.

I heard Alice and Rosalie, my two best friends, stomp on the staircase. Hopefully they yielded coffee.

"Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead!" Alice screamed as jumped on my bed. Rosalie handed me my vanilla latte from Starbucks and gave me a sympathetic smile. I sat up in bed while Rosalie and Alice settled themselves on the opposite end. Once they pulled out the muffins, I brightened instantly.

"Do you guys realize that today is our last day at home?" I told them, gravely.

"Oh, we know," Rosalie replied. Even Alice looked less happy than usual.

At the beginning of eighth grade, we thought it would really fun to go to a boarding school for high school. So we all applied together, and we all got in. We were so happy. We thought that it would be the coolest thing to go to a boarding school, all together, living on our own. But oh, were we so wrong. Our parents supported this decision, so even when we told them how hell-ish the school was, they ignored us and said that it was a great opportunity and would teach us to be independent. The brochures never showed the rain and snow that seemed to taunt Forks Academy tens months out of the year. Also, we had to wear uniforms four days a week. To leave campus, we would have to plan it out a month before, because we would need our parents to sign forms, show proof of transportation, and give them our entire itinerary. It was very fucked up.

But there was an upside to the school, which also came with a downside. The boys are gorgeous, but there were so many strict rules, that we could hardly ever interact with them. We couldn't be in each others dorm houses, we couldn't associate with them in the hallway and we couldn't leave school together. The only time we could communicate with the opposite gender was during free periods and the weekends. But when we did interact, oh, did we interact. Rosalie, Alice and I were such flirts. You could say we hung out with the cool crowd but we preferred to be solo, or as solo as three girls can get. But these rules are very loose. We always talk to guys in the hallway, well, I usually more than talk. I loved making out with my boyfriends in the hallway. It just felt so dangerous, that we could be caught at any moment.

"So," I started. "I think what we are all thinking right now is, how do we celebrate our last day of freedom?" I started devilishly.

"We should definitely go to that new club tonight. I heard it's sick," Alice said. Rosalie's eyes lighted up at the prospect of meeting new people. She loved being social.

"Well, until then, there's only one thing we can do," I started, before taking a bite of my chocolate muffin.

"Which is?" Alice prompted, knowingly.


"I look fabulous!" Alice exclaimed, I just laughed. Alice was straightening her hair, while I slipped on a gold sequined mini dress. We were in my room again, after a very long day of shopping, I wanted to stop after we got a couple dresses, but Alice was like an energizer bunny, keeping Rosalie and I pumped.

"Is this too tacky?" I asked them. My black lace bra seemed very out of place, so I unhooked it and pulled it off.

"That is very very sexy," Rosalie amended. "And keep the bra off; the dress hangs much better that way." She was in a red figure skater American Apparel dress. Of course, being Rosalie Hale, she made it look like a cocktail dress by adding a thin brown braided belt, torturing her feet in black and brown, very tall, Betsey Johnson wooden heels, and blowing out her long blonde locks to wavy perfection.

"I'll curl your hair for you, Bella." Alice had already picked out her dress, about an hour ago. It's like she knew what she was going to get before she even got it; so weird. Her BCBG black lacey and ribbon dress was chic and edgy.

Of course, they hardly ever let me pick out my own outfits. They were convinced that they knew my body better than I did, and so I wasn't fit to dress it. The things they come up with.

Finally, after a good hour and a half of preparing, we finally headed out. My white Audi A4 2009 was parked in the driveway. I love this car so much that I convinced my parents to let me drive from LA to Forks, which is a very long drive indeed, so that I could have my car with me at school. A lot of kids actually did that, or just had their cars shipped or driven over for them. There are a lot of snobs at my school who didn't feel bad at all about having someone drive their car all the way to their school because they were too lazy to do it themselves.

When we get to the club, I see that it's just like any other club. Of course, we were admitted instant access. And even if they carded us, our fake i.d.'s were incredibly convincing. But really, we're seniors, I think we know how to drink.

We walk up to the bar and order drinks. I only got a ginger ale; we established in the car that I was the designated driver. I tried to walk down the stairs to the dance floor without falling. My black Stella McCartney pumps were not a good idea to wear tonight. Why don't I ever learn?

Once we got on the dance floor, though, I forgot all my trouble. A few guys came and tried dancing with us, but we always got bored and walked away.

After we realized that no one special was on the dance floor, we retreated to the couches. They were no available ones, so we scoped out which one had the hottest guys. It was between two groups, but since one didn't have girls at all, we figured them to be gay, or weird. And plus, we always enjoyed a bit of a challenge.

Once we sat down, I already knew this group would be boring. They were talking about school, college, yeah, but still school. And the groping hands of the male model next to me, wasn't getting me in the mood either. I definitely cannot sit at this table while sober. But Rosalie and Alice, who had already picked out their favorites, were definitely not sober, considering the tequila shots they were taking. I announced that I was going to the bathroom, but actually went out back for a minute of air. I saw a guy, with his back towards me, smoking a cigarette. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

Whoa. When he turned around, was I surprised. I had seen many hot guys during my life, and made out with most of them, but this guy was gorgeous. His bronze hair was beautifully messy, equivalent to sex hair which, I have to say, is very sexy. His eyes were striking green, framed by thick dark lashes. But the most brilliant thing about him, though, was his lips. They were perfect. Light pink and plump, practically calling for me to touch them.

I surprised myself with my coherency. "Can I bud a cig?"

He smiled. Oh, man. I was gone. His teeth were white and straight and beautiful and…oh god, I can't even think straight. "Definitely." He voice was deep and hypnotizing. His strong jaw started moving, and I had to tell myself to listen. "I'm Edward." He said as he handed me a cancer stick.

"Bella. Light?" I tried to keep it short and simple. He took the cigarette from me, put it between his lips and lit it. I practically grabbed it out of his hand so I that I put my lips on something his lips were on. Oh God, the way he smoked was so hot. I couldn't even imagine how hot he would look if he wasn't wearing any clothes. Although his black jeans looked very flattering on his slim hips and long legs, I'm positive that I would prefer them on the white carpeted floor of my bedroom.

I looked down at my poor feet. Sure, Alice, Rosalie and I went out practically every night, and every night we wore heels, but it still doesn't get any easier. So I leaned on foot and stepped out of my pump and then slid out of the other one. "My feet are killing me," I informed.

"I'll bet. I saw you on the dance floor. Very impressive," he said before taking another drag.

"I try," I said, fake blasé. I giggled, and looked right up at his face.

His piercing green eyes were roaming down my dress. I took that chance to get a look at his physique. He was obviously fit. I could tell by the way the sleeves of his black cardigan were straining across his biceps. His broad shoulders gave way to narrow hips. I looked, enviously, down at his black vans. I think, right then, was when I tabbed him as the coolest guy ever. He looked about 24 too. Thank God, I was so sick of high school guys.

When our eyes met again, I didn't look away. We held that stare for what seemed like eternity, until one of his friends walked up to him, and whispered into his ear.

"We're hanging on the roof, care to join?" He held out his hand, which I promptly took. We took the stairs up, Edward, patiently, going at a slow pace to match my small legs.

We got to the top, but Edward pulled me back and let the others go through the door first. Then he gently pushed me against the wall. He took his time taking those last two steps before pressing his lean body against mine, allowing me a decent enough amount of time to stop him, but no was I doing that.

Once his lips met mine, a spark surged through us. All of a sudden we couldn't get enough of each other's mouths. His hot breath was as ever present in my mouth as his tongue. Both of which, I daresay, I enjoyed extremely.

I tangled my hand in his hair, and explored the planes off his chest over his white cotton shirt with my other hand. I could feel his desperation when his strong hand grabbed my thigh, his long finges practically encompassing it. His other hand was cupping my neck, and slowly, but surely, sliding down to my breasts. I moaned as encouragement. His hand was about to slide down my dress when someone opened the door.

It was his friend. We pulled apart instantly, and righted our clothes before heading out onto the roof to the dozen or so people that were shooting us knowing glances.

My mouth was tingling with the taste of Edward. All I could think of was when the next time I could taste Edward's mouth again.

Now his hair was even more messed up, making it even more irresistible. He wrapped an arm around my waist, which I enjoyed way too much.

We sat down with everyone else. They were all smoking. I could tell from sweet scent in the air, that it was marijuana. The guy next to me asked if I wanted a hit.

I had done pot with Rosalie and Alice before, but it was always with them. It kind of angered me that all of my experiences had been with them. I wanted my own memory. So, without thinking of what Edward might think, I took the joint and sucked in the sweet smoke.

I kept my mouth closed for as long as I could hold my breath so that I didn't waste the smoke. Edward draped an arm around me and then reached for the joint too. But after he took a drag he turned to me and opened my mouth by taking my chin and let out the smoke into my mouth. It was like a kiss while having pot smoke in your mouth. I don't know if it was the weed or if it was Edward, but it was one of the best kisses I have ever had. When he broke away, some smoke wafted up to the air.

"Aw, get a room," someone shouted to us. I laughed and got up, pulling Edward with me. We walked back toward the back of the roof away from everyone else. This time I wanted to take control. I pushed him roughly against a wall and attached my lips to his. I started to unbutton his cardigan.

"That was so sexy," he whispered hoarsely in my ear, and I started kissing his neck.

"You're so sexy," I said, and then I bit his neck. He groaned.

"Oh, fuck," he said. He was weakly holding onto my hips. I threw his jacket to the ground and pushed my hands up his shirt. I lifted it up over his head.

I thought to myself, this is my last night with civilization; I might as well make the most of it.

He slid my dress strap down my shoulder, so one bare breast was exposed. This wasn't good enough. I pushed him back against the wall of the shed type thing we were leaning against, and took a step back. I pulled my dress over my head and looked at Edward, dead in the eye. He let out a deep sigh and smiled. He held out a hand and pulled me to his chest. I ran my fingertips across his smooth abs.

Edward teased my breasts making me lose control. I couldn't even remember what I must have said. I wanted something to remember when I go back to school. I want one night of fun before I have entire year of sluggish hell. So the things I did next was a once in a lifetime type of behavior.


Bella was so beautiful, and sexy, and naughty. Everything I wanted for my last night of freedom; the last night before I had to go be a teacher at Forks Academy. I am definitely not looking forward to that.

She just took off her dress for me. I just looked at her, and told myself that I was the luckiest guy in the world. I took her hand and pulled her toward me. I could feel her soft perky breasts press against my chest, making my cock get harder.

I could kiss her all day long, I thought.

I rubbed her nipples with my fingers. Her moans were delicious. I was sucking her and cupping her breasts when I heard her moans. It was delicate and addictive. It gave me so much pride to know that I bring this gorgeous girl pleasure. I wanted more. Her nipples hardened as I kept playing with them and then I dropped my head to take them into my mouth.

"Oh fuck me," she moaned. Oh, how badly I wanted to. Since the first minute I saw her in that gold mini dress that barely covered her full black laced bouncy ass. I didn't have to start thinking like a teacher until tomorrow, when I fly out to Forks, Washington. So until then, I plan to think the most inappropriate thoughts about whatever I want.

I brought my mouth up to hers. My pants were feeling really tight by now. I knew she felt my hard on, it was very apparent. She abruptly stopped kissing me and looked at me slyly.

She started kissing and licking down my neck. When she traced my collarbone with her tongue, I exhaled her name in a large breath. She kissed down my pecs, getting closer to my throbbing cock. I could practically feel all the blood from head rush south. She flicked my nipples with her tongue. She kissed each one of my abs and murmured, impressive. All those crunches at the gym were so worth it. She traced my happy trail with her tongue and then her finger, stopping right above my belt. I gulped and leaned my head against the wall.

Bella pulled the strap out and unbuckled my jeans. She carefully undid the button and very slowly unzipped my jeans. The anticipation was killing me. I was breathing heavy before she even touched me. She pulled my jeans down, a little hard to do with my dick sticking straight out at her. Bella began stroked it over my briefs, making me more hard and more incoherent.

Finally, she pulled down my briefs. I don't think my cock as ever been this engorged before. I heard her murmur a 'whoa', making me smile like an idiot. But I was still restless. I couldn't wait till she actually starting jerking me off or blowing me. My hand gripped the nearby window sill tightly. My right hand, trying to be gentle, was pushing the hair from her face.

The moment Bella touched my cock, my hips bucked and her hand slipped. "Slow down, Edward. I will give you what you want, soon enough," she scolded me. Then she kissed my tip, causing me to groan, loudly. Who was this woman? Why did I need her touch so much?

She began gently stroking me. "Bella," I moaned. But it was too dry, and she realized this too. So instead of spitting or putting her mouth on me, she stood up. She stood up and leaned against me, my hard on brushing her lace covered pussy.

"Do you want me to blow you, Edward?" She asked innocently. She looked up at me with her mesmerizing brown eyes, opened wide.

"Yes," I breathed.

She leaned in closer. This girl was driving me crazy! "What do you want me to do, Edward?"

"Suck my dick," I tried to answer.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" She asked softly.

"Fuck yes."

She got back on her knees and grabbed my dick in her hand. She tilted it upward and licked the underside; all the way from the base to the tip. The window sill I had been holding was starting to strain under the pressure. "Bella," I moaned, next to a scream.

"Shh, Edward. They will hear us," she said. She swirled her tongue around the head, and finally took my cock into her mouth. My groans were nonstop. She would take in almost my entire cock, and it would be ecstasy. She massaged my balls with her other hand, giving me, entirely, a mind-blowing blow job.

I was wearing and moaning her name, while she worked consistently. I was shaking so much, I could barely stand.

But the sexiest thing I ever seen a woman do, was what Bella did. She ate my jizz. It was all over her mouth and my penis already, but the other girls I have been with, have always just wiped it off. Bella just licked her lips and sucked off my penis.

I leaned against the wall, breathing hard. Bella stood up and kissed me softly on the lips. I was so worn out, I probably slobbered all over her. Bella touched the hair at the back of my neck, which was soaked with sweat.

"That was so awesome," I told her. I pulled up my jeans, and buttoned them. "Let me do you," I whispered in her ear.


Okay, so I freaked. I really didn't like guys touching me. I don't even allow my boyfriend to finger me.

Yes, I do have a boyfriend. His name is Taylor. But I, in no way, feel bad about cheating on him. Everyone thinks Taylor Roffer is the sweetest angel ever, and is the best boyfriend a girl could ever have, because he walks her to class, holds her books for her, buys her presents, and kisses her in the hallway, not caring who is watching, always holds her hand, and never argues with her, taking her side all the time; which is all true. But, that's only to keep me happy. I know that he cheats. I know that he knows that I know that he cheats, which why he is always sucking up to me. Because in truth, he would be nothing without me, he knows it, and I know it. He was the biggest loser, until I starting liking him. So all of his friends, are only his friends because he is going out with me. But I guess it all got to his head or something, because he thinks he can make out in the court yard with a million girls and think that I would never found out. I found out the very first time. And what did I do? I made out with his best friend, Caleb. So he ended up having sex with Jessica Stanley, a wannabe. I really didn't even care. I gave up caring for Taylor a long time ago. I think the only reason we are together now, is that we are practically the heads of the school. Me, the swim team captain, him, the lacrosse captain, two very substantial sports in our school, by the way. We were both the smartest kids in our class, the highest GPA. The teachers loved us, and especially loved us together. Anyway, the whole boyfriend is really not a boyfriend. We have a very, very open relationship. When we are together, we are together, but when we are not together, we are definitely not together. If that makes sense.

So I tensed up in Edward's arms. Even those few times Taylor and I had sex, I hated him touching me everywhere. I just wanted to get it over with so that he would stop trying to stick his dirty fingers up my vagina. "I really should get back to my friends. I'm the designated driver, and they are probably passed out on the dance floor." I walked away from him, leading him toward the door, without waiting for his answer.

I felt Edward behind me but I didn't look to see for sure. Thankfully, Rosalie and Alice weren't passed out on the dance floor, they were sitting at a booth, looking incredibly bored. "Ready to leave?" They yelled out to me.

"Yeah," I said. I turned around to Edward.

"I have to go," I told him. I really hoped that he wasn't hurt that I didn't want him to finger me, or eat me out, or whatever he had planned, but I just didn't want to do that with a stranger.

"Okay, here's my number," he said as he pulled a pen out of his pocket and grabbed a napkin from a nearby table. When he looked up, I saw he looked weary. I felt so bad. I had this beautiful guy handing me his number, anxious about whether or not I would call it.

I didn't care if Rosalie and Alice saw, so I pulled his head down and started kissing him deeply. I replayed his orgasm groans in my mind, relishing the way he was calling out my name. This got my instantly hungry for more of him. I hooked my fingers in his jean belt loops and brought his body closer to mine, and then tangled my hands in his hair. I imagined my friends' faces when they saw where his hands were traveling; one around my waist, the other sliding up my thigh and resting on the crease between my ass and thigh.

Finally, someone cleared their throat. Alice and Rosalie were waiting about two feet away. I broke away. "Walk me to my car?" I asked him, breathlessly.

"Can't get enough of me?" He asked smiling that beautifully crooked smile.

"Actually, I can't," I laughed. He wrapped an arm around my hips, while we walked in front Alice and Rosalie. I could hear their whispering from a mile off.

"I wish you could come back to my house with me," he trailed off suggestively, while dipping his head into the crook of my neck.

"I know, I wish I could too," I said wishfully. "I need to get these two to a bed, and then finish packing. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, me too." He lifted my hair from my neck and laughed.

"What?" I asked defensively.

"You have a huge hicky, right here on your neck," he said pressing a spot on my neck. We were at my car by then, and I bent down to look at the mirror.

"I do!" I laughed, and fell into his arms again. I guess Alice and Rosalie were already in the car. "I guess this is good bye," I told him quietly.

"Yeah, I guess," he said solemnly. We shared one last passionate kiss before I broke away.

"I'll be thinking about you," I told him as our foreheads came together.

"As I you," Edward said. He gave me one last peck, and then turned to leave. I then turned as got into my car, thinking that I would give up my beautiful car to spend another night with Edward.

"Who. Was. That?" Rosalie and Alice asked together.

"Just this guy I met," I said casually, as I turned on the car and started turning out.

"That is not just some guy, Bella. You two were all over each other!" Alice yelled. "Did you guys have sex?"

"No! We just kissed a lot," I said lightly.

Rosalie just looked at me. "I thought we already established that you are a terrible liar. What also happened?"

"So, I went outside for some air. And then I ask him for a cigarette, and oh my God, I nearly died when I saw him. He is so fucking hot!" I nearly screamed.

"He is," they both agreed.

"Anyway, so we went on the roof, because some people were hanging out up there. But before we get there, he pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. We were getting hot and then some idiot opens the door. So, there everyone is, sharing a joint right? And I sit down with Edward, and I don't know what made me do it, but I took a hit. And then Edward takes a hit and before he lets out the smoke he kisses me again. But it was so awesome with the pot smoke and everything. Then I lead him away, and we start making out again and," I break off.

"Yes? Yes? Yes?" Alice prompted.

"I take off his shirt, right? And he is built! He was a beautiful body. Oh my God, I could stare at it my entire life. And he's trying to feel me up, but this stupid dress is retarded or something, so I just take the whole thing off."

"Whoa, Bella. That's bold," Rosalie amended.

"I know! I don't know what came over me. His presence is intoxicating. Anyway, I was feeling really in the mood. So guess what I did!"

"What?!" Alice and Rosalie said together.

"I blew him!"


"You lucky bitch."

They tried hi-fiving me but it didn't really work since I was driving. "And I ate his come. It tasted better than anything."

"Really? I always thought it would taste really bad," Rosalie said.

"So, afterward, he wanted to return the favor I guess, but I said no," I told them, carefully. "Although, I kind of wished I hadn't. I'm never going to see him again, so I might as well do something memorable."

"You stupid, stupid girl," Rosalie commented.

"Rosalie's right, Bella. You really need to get over this stupid thing about being touched," Alice said.

"I know. Whatever. I might as well forget about the whole night. Tomorrow we fly out to Forks "Fuck Me" Academy," I sighed. My life was looking very grim right now.

"Please tell me, that when we get back to school, you will break up with Taylor. I seriously don't like that guy. No one does. You know all the guys would drop him in a second, when they hear you've broken up with him. They are only friends with him because you are dating him, and so are forced to like him," Rosalie told me.

"I know, I need to do that," I sighed. Lovely, another thing to look forward to.