Harry growled as he pushed Draco on the bed, both still naked from their showers, and crushed their lips together.

The blonde bit Harry's lower lip, drawing blood, then ran his tongue along it to beg for entrance. Harry parted his lips, and the bottle for dominance began. Harry sucked on the blonde's tongue for a moment, then pulled back and kissed a path along Draco's jaw line until he reached the pulse point.

Harry bit hard, then soothed it. He licked Draco's collarbone with the very tip of his tongue, his cold breath sending shivers down Draco's spine.

Harry made his way to Draco's left nipple, taking it in his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Without warning, he caused Draco to scream and grip the sheets tightly.

Draco bucked upward to grind their pulsing erections together, and Harry pulled away. He crossed the room to grab his wand, and conjured four silk ties around Draco's wrists and ankles.

Harry moved to hover over the blonde, just barely out of reach. He kissed a path down to Draco's curly blonde locks above his throbbing cock.

Slowly, deliberately, Harry licked the pre-come in Draco's slip. He swirled his tongue around the head, and blew cold air on it to make Draco shudder.

Harry opened his mouth wide to fit Draco's whole length inside, careful not to touch him. He fit his teeth around the blonde's shaft and dragged them along the length.

Draco tried to buck upwards in pursuit of more contact, but Harry held his hips down.

"Now now, Dray, be patient." Harry flattened his tongue on the bottom of Draco's shaft and slowly licked the length, following the throbbing vein on the underside.

"Damn it, Potter, DO SOMETHING!" Harry immediately obliged, swallowing Draco whole.

He moved his head down the twitching cock and sucked as hard as he could, coming back up. Harry hummed around the cock, causing Draco to gasp in pleasure.

Repeating the process several times, Draco came rather forcefully in Harry's mouth. Harry swallowed the load and pushed three fingers in Draco's mouth as he kissed the blonde's chest.

Harry untied Draco's feet with one hand and put them on his shoulders. Draco whimpered as Harry withdrew his fingers, but moaned when Harry shoved one into Draco's puckered hole.

He shuddered as Harry entered a second finger and scissored him. When Draco finally pushed back onto Harry's hand, he entered the third digit and continued to stretch the blonde.

Once Harry felt Draco was sufficiently prepared, he withdrew his fingers and performed a wandless Lubrication Charm. Aligning himself, Harry pushed all the way in without waiting. Draco nearly screamed from the burning sensation.

When Harry started moving inside the blonde, he pulled all the way out and slammed black in, quite hard, again and again.

Draco saw stars as Harry hit that specific bundle of nerves, and felt the warmth spread throughout his lower abdomen.

With one more thrust to the same spot, Draco felt every muscle in his body tighten as he released his hot seed all over his own chest and stomach.

Feeling Draco's muscles clench around his own cock, Harry shuddered violently and came hard inside Draco.

No plot really, just boredom in math class XD