You look so beautiful when you're asleep. Calm, peaceful. Content. Wild black hair a mess upon the pillow. Quidditch-toned muscles rippling through your arms and torso. I've wanted for so long to tell you I love you, but I don't know how. A Malfoy never shows emotion.

I wrap my arms protectively around you and press a small kiss to your temple. Your eyes flutter open immediately.

"Draco? Baby is something wrong?" My heart warms to know how much you care about me.

"No, of course not; I have you." You smile shyly, and wipe the sleep from your eyes. So adorable.

I can't stand the distance any more. I bring my lips down upon yours, rather forcefully. I nip at your bottom lip and run my tongue along it, begging for entrance. You comply and the battle for dominance begins.

I explore your wet cavern thoroughly, as it's familiar and surprising at the same time. With a growl, you flip us so you're on top and press every inch of your hot skin against me. It's moments like this that I thank Merlin and every God I can think of that I convinced you to sleep naked.

You crush your lips on mine and I grind my hips up, causing delicious fiction between our throbbing cocks. A moan sounded, but I'm too far gone to know who produced it.

Our lips parted, but before I could miss the contact you attach yourself to the pulse point in my neck, biting hard then soothing it with your tongue.

You slide down my body, planting kisses randomly, until you hit my pulsing cock. You like the pre-come from my slit and blow softly, sending a shiver of pleasure through my spine.

Before I can form a coherent thought, you swallow me whole. Encased in your wet heat, I start to moan. Your name is on my lips.

"Oh Harry… YES!.... oh Merlin……." I whimper as you suck hard. With a small pop, the heat is gone. I look down and see your eyes, dark with lust.

"Not yet," you say huskily, "I want you to come with me." The sound of your voice almost makes me come right then and there. You perform a wandless lubrication charm and move to stretch me, but I stop you.

"Can't wait….Just do it…." You hesitate before nodding, then but my feet on your shoulders and align yourself. You push in completely, but slowly, and wait for me to adjust.

"JUST MOVE, POTTER!" I all but scream at you. You pull all the way out and slam back into me. Instantly you hit that bundle of nerves, and I see stars. You literally pound into me a few more times, and I know I'm close.

"Harry…. I'm going…to…" Still pounding, you lean forward and bite my bottom lip to shut me up, drawing blood.

You reach between us and start fisting my cock. I feel my balls tighten and scream as my seed spills all over our stomachs. I feel my muscles clench around your shaft and you shudder violently, filling me with your essence.

You stay inside me, but we flip to our sides so you're behind me. You wrap your arms around me and press a kiss into the crook of my neck.

Almost as if you can see the silent tears streaming down my face as I try to find a way to tell you how I feel, you brush my hair with your fingers and whisper to me.

"I know Dray. I love you too."

A/N Sorry it's short, it's my first fanfic =] Written at 2AM when I couldn't sleep. Reviews/Constructive Criticism is welcome =]