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Alright here we go. Basically, I'm writing Naruto's story in what I deem more realistic as far as personality goes. So just so you know this will be a dark Naruto fic.

Naruto grew up on the streets and knows how cruel the world really is. Besides the fact that the whole village hates him, the gangs in the inner city/village hate him to because ANBU always save him from mobs and such. So, he gets the shit end of the stick and learns how to survive by any means. The Fox is very evil, but still helps Naruto out because of its own survival, and because he's got nothing else to do. Naruto will not stay cold and hard forever, and there will be eventual NaruHina.


Whack! The sounds of a beating being delivered echoed through the alleys. As good a place Konoha was, there still is a darker side to it. Despite the efficiency of the Uchiha shinobi police, it is not possible for a city to reach that size and not have bad neighborhoods. In this case the police wouldn't have done anything even if they did stumble across the scene.

In an alley right next to a dumpster three teenagers in ratty clothes were beating a small blond boy. Two of them were just hitting and kicking him, but the third hadn't done anything, yet. He wanted the other two to have there fun before he went off on the kid with a homemade club, that was just a two by four with barbed wire wrapped around the end.

"Hey, let's gut this fag and get out of here" said the first kid hitting him on the head one more time for good measure.

"Right" said the one with the club. The first kid stomped on his rib cage one more time for good measure and then kicked the blond boy in the teeth to make him more complainant and then stepped on his throat. The second kid grabbed his legs and held them down. The kid with the club lifted it up and brought it down on the kid's stomach, then savagely tearing it back ripping the burlap sack that was his shirt and slicing huge ragged gashes on his stomach. The small kid let out a muted scream thanks to the foot on his throat, while causing the other boys to grin.

"Hey I know, let cut this fuckers balls off." Said the one whom was holding his legs. The guy then let the kids legs go and went for something. The small boy went limp, not resisting, not yet. He knew he was only going to get one shot at this. The other boys felt the blond relax and let there grip up slightly thinking that he had simply given up.

The boy with the club walked toward a particularly promising pile of trash while the other one hade taken up the role of look out not really paying attention to the boy whose throat he was stepping on. They had been there to long; the shinobi police were not lenient on street urchins.

The blond looked down at the boy who was going to try and castrate him produce a homemade bottle glass knife. The blond waited for him to get closer. When he was one knee and leaning forward he lashed out with his right leg, catching him right on his nose, effectively flatting it out completely and causing cartilage to smash into the brain. The kids head jerked back, but then began to fall forward, already dead. The blond couldn't take that chance though and kicked him again on his way down smashing in his face and coating the boy's leg in blood and brain matter.

All of this transpired in less than two seconds. The blond hade maybe a second and a half before he was noticed. So he grabbed the knife. The other boy caught this movement in the corner of his eye and looked down in horror as the kid took the knife and rammed it into the place were it would cause the most damage, his crotch. The kid gave a twist and pulled out the improvised blade causing a lot of blood and the kids lower intestines to spill out. The boy let out a blood curtailing scream as he reached down in a futile attempt to catch his bowls and hold himself together as he fell on the ground.

The other boy who was halfway down the alley was just now getting what had happened and was already on the way over, fully intent on killing the kid. The blond barely had time to flinch as the older boy brought down his brutal club on his head while yelling at the top of his lungs that he was going to tear him apart. Creating yet another big gash and was done with such force that it easily fractured his skull.

Now blind, due to the amount of blood leaking into his eyes, and broken, the young boy was convinced he was dying. But he would be dammed if he didn't at least try to take the cocksucker with him. So he slashed out with the knife blindly and happened to be lucky. He didn't know what he got, but it was low and made the kid fall with a scream. The older kid not to be out done he swung his club and it landed with a sickening thud on the younger kids throat. And was relived to hear the wet hacking sounds of the kid drowning in his own blood.

By this time all of the screaming and continued screaming by the castrated boy, who was quickly bleeding out and would soon go into shock, had caught the attention of the local citizens. Who did nothing really because this really out of the ordinary. But a patrolling shinobi of the police force heard it and started towards the fight.

The local Uchiha shinobi arrived a couple of seconds after this which was very lucky for the boy because he was bleeding out fast. The older boy hobbled away as fast as he could right past the castrated boy who was now dead in a pool of his own blood and intestines. It took only a second to decide what to do. Seeing as there might be a chance, however slim it might be, to save the child, he did just that instead of going after the wounded teenager. Thankfully, the kid was covered in so much blood that the shinobi simply didn't recognize him as was now sprinting as fast as he could in the direction of the nearest hospital with an O.R.

Kakashi Hatake was leading his anbu team back to the Hokage tower to report on a mission success when he caught sight of a chunin running with a bloody and broken Naruto in his arms. Kakashi quickly signaled to his second in command to proceed without him and moved to intercept the chunin being much faster than he was. The chunin handed over Naruto on the run with no objection. Still running, Kakashi looked down and glanced at Naruto to asses his condition. Kakashi was needless to say, shocked, shocked at the amount of injures and at the fact that he was somehow still alive. Kakashi's run turned into a reckless sprint as he ran for all he was worth.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Am I dead?" Naruto thought out loud.

He looked around and saw that he was in some kind of sewer laying in two inches of water. Even with very little light, he decided to walk around since he didn't have anything else to do. It wasn't long before he came across a massive chamber. As Naruto walked farther in he looked in awe at a huge gait with a piece of paper with the word 'seal' on it. As he got closer he suddenly heard breathing, the sound of something huge and carnivorous. Naruto started backing up deciding to leave when he looked up only to be greeted by the sight of two huge crimson eyes with vertically slitted pupils. He had no idea how he had managed to miss those eyes or the insane amount of killing intent, this place reeked of malice and hate.

Naruto was not ashamed to admit that he was afraid. Naruto was only seven, but he had seen a lot. He had killed, seen people tortured and been tortured himself. And all for the reason that they simply could do it. Naruto knew how cruel and evil people could be. But none of that even compared to this…… thing, this monster. This was a true monster, the personification of evil itself. He nearly choked in fear when a huge grin appeared out of the abyss, complete with very large and sharp teeth, not to mention the incisors alone were like tusks.

(Not exactly sure what there called, but I mean the teeth normally associated with vampire fangs, maybe I should just call them fangs?)

The Fox was very pleased at the reaction he was getting from the boy. The boy was terrified even though he only chose to show him his eyes and teeth, he still didn't want to reveal his identity for various reasons and plans he had, also it was scarier for mortals when they can't see. However his euphoria was short lived as the boy ceased to exhibit and smell of fear, and became calm.

"Are you not afraid boy?"the fox said in a deep intimidating voice. The fox was surprised when the boy didn't go into an explanation and simply stated "No"

The fox waited for the boy to explain, but when nothing was forthcoming he said in his deep drawn out tone, "Explain."

"Unless pissing oneself will help someone survive, I don't think that being afraid is going to help me. So, I decided not to be afraid." Naruto said simply with a sigh.

The Fox was for the first time in his existence, dumbfounded. The boy 'decided not to be afraid'? 'This boy was even more surprising than his sire.' The fox thought with an inward chuckle, very much looking forward to what was to come. Not wanting to give anything away the fox continued as if nothing had surprised it.

"Very well, we do not have much time, your body is dying; and quite fast I might add. I am offering a deal that will save your life in the process."

"What is the deal?" Naruto asked in genuine curiosity thinking 'why would a demon want to save me?' though also knowing that he would probably say yes anyway.

Crimson red boiling chakra leaked out of the gait and stopped in front of him. From there, a giant scroll seamed to materialize out of nothing. An even more demonic smile appeared than before, though not getting the same reaction as before. "Unfortunately for us both, there's no time to go over the details. However, we can amend it later if we both agree on it."

This was bad, there was absolutely no way he could trust this monster that was obviously a demon. For all he knew the fucking thing was lying and he was signing his soul over to this thing.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock; you have maybe another 30 seconds before you die"said the beast with a sadistic ring in its voice.

However, he was going to die anyway, and he didn't think his actions thus far deemed him worthy of heaven. What did he have to lose anyway? "Fuck it, what do I have to do?"

Without skipping a beat the Fox told him he had to open the scroll, cover his entire hand in his own blood, and then just slap it on the scroll anywhere. The giant scroll was immediately filled with symbols that he didn't understand. This was all accomplished in less than seven seconds.

"Now what?" Naruto asked starting to panic as he felt nothing happening.

"I can't heal you completely, but I can keep you alive long enough for the other mortals to get you stable." Said the Fox and watching Naruto was slipping into unconsciousness, even in his own mindscape, this was not going to be an easy transition.

The Fox was talking to himself in his own mind before he too would fall into a slumber. 'A most interesting boy indeed. If I can't have fun on my own, I might as well have it through the boy. He's already got the hate, but still what kind of man will he grow to be? This may be more fun than I thought.' The great fox demon thought to itself as he slipped into a coma of sorts.

Kakashi was almost on the verge of panic when he got to the hospital, he was sure it was due to the kyuubi that the boy was still alive, but even that had limits.

"Get this boy to an O.R. now!" Kakashi yelled at the first nurse he ran into. The nurse hit a panic button that was on a necklace, then without skipping a beat both them put Naruto on a gurney. The nurse focused entirely on Naruto's neck, regardless of any of the dozens of wounds and internal bleeding, if they couldn't stop the bleeding, nothing else would matter. Naruto's pulse was weak now, she could tell even before she put her fingers in his neck and pinched to close his jugular vein. She could tell this because; his blood was not squirting out like it should have been. Then taking a look at his body, she realized that he probably didn't have much blood left anyway.

A team of doctors and nurses arrived seconds later, immediately going to work putting I.V.s in him for blood and such all the while running while pushing the gurney to the nearest O.R. with a surgeon.

All the while Kakashi was right beside them, though somehow not getting in the way. Looking at him, with his oxygen mask on and after they cut through his improvised shirt to get it out of the way, he almost started panicking again. On Naruto's head, there were two big gashes, on high up on his forehead, and the other on his scalp on the top of his head. Besides his throat being slit, his neck was fine. His torso on the other hand was a mess, two of his ribs on the left side were actually on the outside having broken through the skin. On the right side of his rib cage, it was slightly caved in. His abdomen had three huge and deep jagged gashes that didn't look like clean cuts at all. Even with the little blood he had left they still managed to bleed profusely. And lower, his left leg looked like it was starting to turn purple through massive internal bleeding.

It wasn't that Kakashi had never seen this before, far from it, he had seen much worse. However, he had never seen anyone survive such injuries. When they did happen on missions, as captain, it was his responsibility to perform mercy killing. He also realized that there was nothing more he could do, all he could do was inform the Hokage, and pray.


"And that is when I decided to report to you." Said Kakashi to the Hokage. Saritobi sighed, "Alright, you're dismissed." "Before I leave, what will we do with him if he happens to survive?" Kakashi stated rather than asked, implying that something was going to be done about the boy's safety no matter what.

"Now is not the time, but your right, something will have to be done. If you wouldn't mind, could you spend part of your leave at the hospital and notify me on the results? Ill think of someway to get around the law and at least help him out, we will discuss the details then."

"Sure, no problem." Kakashi said without hesitation and started towards the door. Right before the Hokage was going to open his mouth Kakashi said while still walking towards the door, "I understand, this will stay between the two of us."

Saritobi sighed as Kakashi left and just sat there in the dark for a moment reflecting. Besides Orochimaru, whom he somehow didn't catch on to the fact that he was a total psychopath, despite him being a former student of his, Naruto's fate was his greatest failure.


Sarutobi was rubbing his temples with two fingers each being on the verge of a migraine. Meanwhile almost the whole council was screaming at the top of there lungs. There were three different sides to the argument/screaming match going on; the first and most dominate was for execution, the second was against execution, and finally the smallest group was not saying anything and remaining neutral. The person that they were arguing the fate of was a newborn still sleeping somehow in a crib in front of his desk.

"The demon must be destroyed for the sake of safety and revenge!" yelled someone from the civilian part of the counsel. The cheers from that statement far outweighed the yells of opposition, this greatly worried him. It was time to finish this before he couldn't do anything about it, as if this dragged out to long, Naruto would surly die.

"Silence!" yelled Sarutobi letting out a significant amount of killing intent in it as well. He had to remind everyone who was really in charge around here before he could do anything as he absolutely refused to let Naruto burn at the stake.

"We will discuss this matter calm and collected as it should always be, I will not stand for chaos in the council." There was no movement for a few seconds, outbursts like that were very rare from the aged Hokage. However, he was always dead serious when he was like this, and quick to hand out severe punishment if necessary, on top of that, looked to be in a lethal mood.

"Now, would those against of the child present there case?" Though he said it in a tone clearly saying that this was not a request.

A civilian stood up, "The boy is the kyubi, and I don't see a problem in the execution of a monster. Besides it will give the entire village peace of mind knowing that the beast is gone and there loved ones avenged." There were grumbles of approval though no one started shouting anymore.

"Now, would the defense present there case." Sarutobi said in an almost hopeful manner. As far as he could tell, surprisingly almost all shinobi were on Naruto's side, or at least remaining neutral. But the council was still half civilians and therefore needed a majority vote on all non military matters. Knowing that this would never happen in Naruto's favor, he started thinking up a compromise.

Shikaku Nara stood up, "I don't know how much you civilians know about jinchuriki, but they are simply hosts and nothing more depending on the skill of the sealer and the seal used. Considering that it was Minato that sealed him, I think its safe to say that were ok, he would not have done this unless he knew the boy could handle it."

"Besides he could make a very valuable asset to our military strength." Said Danzo the old war hawk and leader of Root. Despite all of this the civilian side wasn't backing down. Sarutobi saw were this was going, if he didn't finish this soon they would start turning members of the neutral party to there cause, forcing him to do something drastic. He had a compromise in mind, but he really was hoping that it wouldn't come to this. He raised his hand and the chamber settled and all were silent.

"I have a compromise that everyone can agree on," there were a few murmurs of disbelief but they were going to hear him out.

" A. Naruto will live, B. there will be no interference on his quality of life from any one, and C.," he sighed and looked up seeing everyone waiting for the final term,

"He will be placed in an orphanage in the North-West section of the village." There was silence and looks of shock on everyone's face. Even the normally cold and indifferent Hiashi Huyga, whose jaw dropped in shock. What Sarutobi had just proposed might as well have been a death sentence. That part of the town was avoided by everyone else and was seen as the criminal cesspool of the village. For kids it was especially dangerous and was not uncommon for them to die at a very young age. Assuming that the orphanage didn't kick him out, he would most likely be dead before he turned six.

"Are there any objections to this?"

Several shinobi were about to stand up and object but realized that this was probably the only way Naruto could live without the Hokage declaring martial law. The civilian members were fine with it because of the life expectancy, quality of life that was unavoidable in that part of the village, and the fact that he would be with the 'undesirables' and they wouldn't have to put up with him. "So be it." Sarutobi said with great sadness in his voice.

Danzo was thrilled; this couldn't have turned out better in his opinion. He knew the boy wasn't the demon, but he still wanted one for the village's use. 'Yes, the nine tails will keep him alive, and when he becomes old enough ill get Sarutobi to let him into the academy if he isn't already planning that. But by then, he will be cold, hard, and ruthless. This is exactly what I need. Now all I have to do is wait.' Danzo visibly smiled to himself.


That's the first chapter, though I consider this a prequel. I think it was way to short and will try to make them longer in the future. Any suggestions are welcome. And assuming anyone is actually reading this, the more reviews I get, the faster I will update.