Ashes of Devotion.

1. Two faced woman.

She was a two faced woman, and for this two men had seen her face.

In that long, sad night, Aiolia woke up and look out, in the starry sky so distant from him.

So quiet the Fifth House was.

So cold.

He was naked, and the frail breeze kissed his skin with the tender touch of a blossom.

He inspired, and looked down, in the quiet silent Astu.

The city was lying ahead, sleeping indifferent.

He closed his eyes and interwined his cosmos with the Pulse of the Universe.

He was searching for something so close, so lithe, he doubted to find it out.

In silence, listening to every breath of the Earth, finally he found a gentle, loud cosmos answering him unconsciously.

' Shaina', he breathed, calmly, ' now you are sleeping troubled dreams. Don' t suffer. Be closed to me. My arm is here for you.'

She was two faced woman, so two men had seen her beautiful, refined face of fiery Priestess and of extremely feminine woman.

Two men were involved in the possibility to love her.

Two men were rivals for her.

But only one would achieved her mysterious, frail heart.

Aiolia was ready to fight another time with Seiya.