37. Back to you.

And then, she returned.

The Fifth House echoed her steps, her tired steps.

The Fifth House was large, and secure, with its strong architectures, and columns, and she felt frail, in the immensity of that structure.

She looked above her, in the darkness of the highness.

' You have come back to broke your engagement?'

Shaina tighted her eyes.

His mighty voice, coming from the deep of the night, echoing and jumping through the columns.
His manly voice, with the power to make her knees trembling, and to warm her at the point to feel that clammy sensation between her legs.

She went ahead.

' You have found him, ah, your great love.'

Sarcasm in his wealthy cosmos.
She walked through.

' Now you have to beg on your knees for freedom.'

His rage. His rage, in a fiery soul.

Shadows were enlightened by the Moon.

He was waiting, on the large bed.

' I know you were coming.'

Shaina breathened.

' Are there many things a Gold Saint doesn' t know?'

He waited before answering.

' No, there aren't.'

Shaina rested.

' Come to me, girl.'

Aiolia was strangely quiet.

Sure enough of his power over her, she thought.

One step, two steps.

Three, and she was in front of him.

In the darkness of the silent night, his gaze was green and catty.

' Look, Shaina.', he began, ' I can forgive. I can forget, also. I don' t want to receive any explanation. I will be indulgent as a good master must be. Leave him to his life. Forget him before the disgrace falls over him.'

' Is it a suggestion or a threaten?'

' I don' t make threatens. Only weak men make threatens.'

Slowly, Shaina went down on the bed.

' I must admit...' she began, while he touched her hair, ' I' m overwhelmed by you. It' s a total strange feeling, so different from what I can perceive next to Seiya. With him, I know I have a soulmate. With you... I don' t know what I have. It' s not so clear. Have I got a master? Have I got a lover? What have I got?'

Aiolia kept the silence for a moment.

' I guess you have all of the things you have mention. And other things you don' t know.'

Her hand reached his chest.

' I' m so confused.'

' Leave him to his life and respect the terms we have.'

' Is it an order?'

Aiolia waited, then went down on her lips.

' Yes.'

And she felt only the embrace of the power as an iron chain on herself.