My second TB fic. This wasn't beta'd because my friend wasn't online at the time.

I sit in the day room, by myself. Sophie Anne has long since left with Hadley, no doubt to get some pleasure. I am sitting on the chaise longue; my hands clutch the edges as my body is wracked with tremor after tremor of terror. Sookie is in trouble, and I cannot go to her.

I experience anger next, and then terror again. I close my eyes and try to imagine what she must be going through. I can't. It has been centuries since I experienced any of these emotions, and yet, here they are, running through my body like they are mine.

Slowly, the terror and anger abate and are replaced with exhaustion. There are still two hours before the sun rises and I am ready to go to ground now. My own anger rises as I think of the problems Bill has caused me. The Queen is now onto my interest in Sookie. She has forbidden me not to go near here, but I cannot resist.

Sookie intrigues me, draws me. She is like no human I have ever met, and some say she's not entirely human at all. She is beautiful, like an angel, and she is far better than I deserve. She is one of the only humans I have ever met that has been willing to stand up to me. This alone has made me give her respect.

She amazed me, when we were on the rooftop. She didn't have to stay with Godric, but she did. I would like to think it was for me. I closed my eyes and remembered the feel of her hand on mine. Warm and soft. My eyes open, and I know what I have to do, even if it takes disobeying the Queen, Sookie will be mine.