((I apologise if this makes absolutely no sense in the timeline or if Giygas isn't a girl.))


Looking around him a couple of times, he ducked into the phone box. Nobody would recognise him – his only enemies hadn't seen him since he was a child - but he always looked anyway. Everything reminded him of the past these days. Inanimate objects were randomly jumping him. Again. And that Starman who almost spotted him...

"Hello? Hello, Ness, its your father..."

The conversation was brief. There wasn't anything to talk about. He couldn't tell his son anything about what he had been doing because he didn't know who else was listening in on the phone call, or even if the phone box was listening and waiting to strangle him with the cord, and he didn't ask his son what he had been doing because he didn't want to know. He couldn't face up to it. All this talk of saving the world from Giygue...

I'm sorry. I thought I had saved this world. Then just out of the blue, you tell me that nothing I did made the slightest bit of difference, that history had completely erased the entire episode. I don't even know where I went wrong. Everything was working out just as it should. I was so sure. I thought it was so simple.

But I guess nothing can be solved just by singing a song...

Did the song even work? I thought that I was just reminding her of a human shewouldn't want to kill or enslave, suggesting a reason to her for not annihilating or conquering the planet. I only wanted a bloodless victory. Ana was praying with all her heart that we wouldn't have to kill her... she's practically a family member, and Ana says you should never kill family members. But what do I really know of a mind so alien, so... inexplicable?

I don't know what she did out there, after she retreated... alone among the stars... unable to return to her own planet without results, fearing failure... maybe all I did was delay her attack.

Anyway, I'm glad everything's okay at home. I told your mother to always keep everything the same. The same from one day to the next, and the same as it had been when we were children, when we were on much the same quest as you. It helped us, that one point of stability in a world gone insane, so we hope it will help you.

"I've deposited three thousand dollars into your account. Do you want me to make a record of your progress so far?"

Where do I put the records? Well, in truth... I just remember it all. I developed an eidetic memory somewhere along the line. You will, too, when you're forty. And I know precisely at what time your psychic powers will become stronger because I've been through it all before. Don't ask me where I get the money. What you don't know can't hurt you.

I promise I'll be home once this is over. But right now I have a job to do.