Can't Explain All these feelings-are you afraid of the dark fanfic

"The End" Gary ended his story with the customary phrase. There was lots of "Great story Gary" Everyone was thinking about Gary's great story. Kiki's mind however, was elsewhere. "Frank looks really nice tonight." She thought. "Almost cute. Aghhh! What am I doing? I shouldn't be thinking of him in that way. He's just a friend. Or is he?" Kiki said "Sam, before you go, can I talk to you in Private?" Sam puzzled, said "Sure Kiki" and walked over. Kiki started "Sam, I have a dilemma, and I need some advice". Sam said "You can tell me. What's up?" Kiki said sort of embarrassed "Sam, I think I have a crush on someone" Sam, immediately interested said "Really? Who? You can trust me." Kiki whispered to her "I think I like Frank". Speaking normally again, she said "You don't mind do you? I mean he's been flirting with you since you got here- She got cut off by Sam saying "Of course I don't mind! And he probably only meant it at first. You know, sometimes, when everyone else is concentrating on the stories, I see him staring at you." Kiki looked glad yet sort of embarrassed and said "Really? At me?" but she didn't get to say anything else because Sam had just looked at her watch and said "Sorry Kiki, but I have to go, if I'm late again my mom's gonna kill me!" Kiki said "Ok, but can I have a ride home? My mom can't pick me up tonight". Sam said "Ok, Fine. But we gotta go now!" They both picked up their bags and hurried down the path that lead them out of the meeting place. They were in such a hurry, they failed to notice a figure step out from behind a tree. It was Tucker. He thought"Kiki is SO busted!"