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Irrefutable Truths -- Chapter 9

"Marie, darlin', look at me, please," he said, tugging gently on her shoulder.

She did as he asked, turning to face him. Her big, brown eyes looked up at him from beneath damp, dark lashes. He silently swore this was the last time he'd make her cry anything but happy tears.

"The simple answer to that question is yes. It is all because of what is happening with us," he told her, taking a step closer and cupping her face in his hands. "I know you think I suck at keeping promises, so I don't expect you to believe me, but I'm going to tell you this anyway. I know I hurt you, darlin', but I never meant to and if you'll let me, I will make it up to you, even if it takes the rest of our lives." He hoped the trust she'd placed in him so long ago hadn't been completely destroyed, that some part of her still expected the best of him instead of the worst, like everyone else.

She searched every syllable for even the slightest hint of insincerity and couldn't find any, then did the same with his eyes and got the same result. He smiled again and her last doubt disintegrated, but she couldn't resist testing him just a little.

"I want to believe you, Logan. I really do, but I'm not sure I can without some sort of proof…something…tangible…?" she challenged, purposely leaving the thought open to his interpretation.

Saucy for a virgin, ain't she?

Another country heard from. Logan resisted the urge to slam his mouth down over hers and let the Wolverine show her just how 'tangible' his need for her really was.

With a tenderness that amazed even him, his left hand relinquished her cheek, tickled a trail over her bare shoulder and down her arm. Taking her hand in his, he lifted it to his chest and pressed it palm down directly over his heart.

"Do you feel that?" he asked, his gaze locked with hers. "That's as tangible as it gets, darlin'. Every beat is for you, belongs to you, and no one else."

As she felt the proof of his desire for her thundering under her hand, she was transported back to the agonizing moments when she leaned against her bedroom door, pretending he was holding her, imagining the very sensation she was experiencing now, as she begged him to keep her secret.

She huffed out a little laugh.

"Did I say something funny?" he asked.

"No, I was just thinking that you feel so much better than my bedroom door."

Logan looked down at her, raised one eloquent eyebrow.

Marie laughed again, a deep throaty sound that zinged him right in the groin.

"The day this all started, I leaned against my door while I was pleading with you to keep my secret. I pretended that you were holding me and I was listening to your heartbeat. I remember wondering if it would only ever be pretend."

"Come here, baby, and live the fantasy," he said invitingly as he drew her against his body and wrapped his powerful arms around her. She laid her head on his magnificent chest and ran her fingers through the dusting of dark hair that tickled her ear as he ran his own fingers through her long sable and white mane. They stood there for a long while, holding each other, eyes closed, her listening to his heartbeat and him wondering what he must have done in the part of his life that he couldn't remember to deserve such a miraculous moment.

So, Aristotle, are you gonna fuck me or what?

Logan's eyes flew open. He looked down at his precious, innocent Marie to find her looking up at him with a lusty leer that would have made a porn star blush. Instantly, all such higher-level philosophical thoughts vanished from his head. Hell, it was all he could do to think anything at all.

Christ Almighty! He had thoroughly underestimated her, a mistake he had no intention of making again—ever.

"Oh, honey, I'm gonna do a whole lot more than that," he promised, "starting with the kiss I've wanted to give you since the day I first laid eyes on you."

He bent his head and pressed his lips to hers, intending to initiate her slowly in the ways of using lips and tongues to reveal their innermost desires. He slid his hard lips against her smooth moist mouth, gradually increasing the pressure as he ran the tip of his tongue along her lower lip, barely touching, testing her awareness of his ultimate intent. She didn't miss a beat, parting her warm, responsive lips, accepting him, welcoming him into her mouth so eagerly it made his head spin.

He slid his hands into her hair and anchored her to him as he plundered her mouth, gorging himself on the sweet taste of her. How could he have denied himself this even for a minute, let alone a whole week?

She accepted his hunger, reveled in it, tangling her tongue with his until she felt him moan into her mouth. Her heart roared with the knowledge that she could bring him such pleasure, that he wanted her—Marie, his Marie—above all others and she grew bolder still.

Breaking the kiss, she slid out of his arms, leaving him with a look of such utter confusion and hurt on his handsome face that she abandoned the idea of doing a slow striptease and instead shed her tank top and sweat pants in nothing flat.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, Marie…" he whispered, his eyes raking her with a look of pure male appreciation. The first time he'd seen her naked had been a life changing experience, to say the least, but it had also been an accident. Now she had bared herself to him intentionally and somehow that made her even more amazing, more alluring than he remembered. Was that even possible? Then she grabbed his shoulders, drove her hips forward and boldly rubbed her furred mound against his bulging fly. Oh, yeah, it was very possible.

"You won't believe the things I know are possible, sugar," she said, as if she'd just plucked his thought right out of his head. That was when it hit him.

"So, can you just read my thoughts, or can you control them, too, like the professor?"

She slithered across his hip, wrapping one leg behind him and trailing one finger lazily down the center of his chest all the way to the snap on his jeans. She had to bite her lip to keep from giggling at the full body shiver her touch elicited.

"I don't need the professor's power to control your thoughts, Logan."

Holy fuck, wasn't that just the understatement of the century?

He'd thought of nothing but her since the day he'd discovered he could touch her without dying. Now she was pressed against him, all of her, naked and soft, with her hair smelling like jasmine, and he knew he'd die if he didn't touch her.

He kissed her again, hard and deep, as he bent down to sweep her off her feet. Cradling her in his arms, the scent of her arousal assaulted his nostrils and he growled low in his throat as he realized how close her crotch was to his face.

Oh, yeah. Oh, God, yeah.

Without knowing or caring where the thought came from, her own mind or his, Marie imagined him putting his cock where his tongue was, or better yet, using that delectable tongue to pleasure her pussy. She loosed her wanton nature and decided to live both fantasies at once.

"Can you guess what my favorite number is?" she whispered as he laid her on the bed and followed her down, covering her with his big, hard body.

His shocked expression lasted only a microsecond, the exact amount of time it took for his cock to go rock solid.

Note to self: Lover reads minds. No more surprise birthday parties.

"Oh, darlin', I want you so much I'm gonna let you think that was actually your idea," he said as he let go of her long enough to tear open his fly and shuck his pants. He sighed audibly as his ferocious erection was freed from its denim prison.

"You're such a gentleman, sugar, always so considerate," she purred.

Try to remember that when I've got my face buried in your pussy and I'm struggling to not shove my cock down your throat.

Her cheeks glowed crimson as his erotic thought burned through her mind.

"I take that back. You, sir, are no gentleman," she chastised him with a smile, even as her body quivered with anticipation.

Her blush brought him up short. Maybe she wasn't as ready for all this as she wanted to think she was.

"Marie, I want you something fierce, and that's just how I'll take you unless I make an effort to do otherwise. Once the Wolverine takes hold, it will be too late. Now, I'm more than willing to go as slowly as you need me to, but up until that gorgeous blush you just flashed, I wasn't exactly catching 'go slow' vibes from you."

"Logan, in case you missed it, I love you, and I have never wanted anything in my whole life more than I want you—all of you—right now. My body may never have done this before, but don't forget, darlin', I've got a big chunk of your sexual history right here," she explained, tapping her temple with her index finger, "and I've had seven long, lonely nights to do nothing but lay in bed and relive it, thinking all the while that it would be all I ever had of you. Oh, no, sugar, don't let my little old pink cheeks stop you. Don't hold him back; I need him. I need the Wolverine."

With that, she grabbed his face in her hands and dragged him down to her hot mouth, kissing him like she'd die if she didn't.

Logan rejoiced in her aggressiveness. It soothed his conscience to know that she was as desperate to give him her virginity as he was to take it from her. And yet, a part of him couldn't help wondering how much of her feisty behavior came from her and how much was some manifestation of the part of him that she carried inside her head day in and day out. Then again, did it really matter?

Hell no, but it does give a whole new meaning to 'go fuck yourself', huh, Bub?

Still kissing him like her life depended on it, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her bare body against his, burrowing her taut nipples into the soft dark fur on his chest. She clung to him like she couldn't get close enough to him, couldn't feel enough of him to quench the desire raging through her like wildfire.

Subtle changes in her scent told him that her juices were flowing and it took all he had to keep from reaching between her legs to sample her readiness. He knew what he'd find, and he knew the Wolverine would be unstoppable once he'd felt her tight, wet entrance, so he had to delay, just a little while. He'd waited years for this; he'd be damned if he would rush through it now.

He began moving his hands over her skin, slowly, studying every inch of her with his fingertips. He learned the curve of her neck, etched her shoulders and her upper back into his very soul, and committed every rib, every vertebra to memory.

Her breasts were like velvet, so soft and smooth they were almost fluid, except for the hardened tips that jutted against his palms. Reluctantly, he released them, silently vowing to return as soon as he had completed his tactile tour of her lower body.

Smoothing his hand across her silken belly, he heard her breath catch as he circled her navel with his fingers. She arched her back in anticipation of an intimate caress as he combed ever so slightly through her dark thatch.

"Hold that thought," he whispered as he stroked his way down each of her thighs to her calves and all the way to her toes. Just beneath the smooth, pliable surface he could feel muscles like steel bands. His eyes rolled back in his head as he envisioned all that strength wrapped around his hips while he plundered her pussy with the most demanding erection he'd ever had.

His touch was driving her mad. He worshiped her with his hands, perusing her flesh with all the reverence of a blind priest studying a Braille Bible. The tenderness in his touch and the awe in his eyes were more than she could bear. When he skimmed over the dark triangle below her belly, she choked back a sob of joyous anticipation and then fought back real tears when he made her wait while he finished his journey from her hips to her toes.

Touch. Skin to skin. So simple, so essential, so long denied.

"Come here. Now," Logan commanded in velvet tones as he lay down again on his back.

She slithered up his body and he kissed her long and hard. Molding his hands to her perfect breasts, he plied their soft roundness with his palms before tending to each dark nipple, glorying in the gasps escaping her lips with every pinch and tweak his fingers performed. His hands abandoned her breasts momentarily, leaving her roiling with disappointment, until she felt him grasp her shoulders and haul her up to align her torso with his mouth.

The feel of his warm, wet mouth on her nipples set her mind reeling and her pussy twitching as some mysterious connection opened up between her breasts and her clit. As he licked and suckled her breasts, echoes of the magnificent sensations he was creating shimmered across her pulsating bud, driving her wild with unfulfilled desire. She loved his mouth on her hard tips, but her pussy needed attention. Now.

With that, she got up on all fours, and started to turn around to face his feet, dying to achieve the position she had suggested earlier.

But he stopped her with a hand on her arm. She looked at him expectantly.

"On second thought, I want to make love to you right side up, the first time. We can move on to the, uh, more advanced maneuvers later," he said.


"Pardon me?"

"Logan, just because I blushed at the thought of us going down on each other doesn't mean I don't want to do it. Now, get ready, 'cause I'm about to sit on your face."

Logan barely had time to get his hands up to catch her thighs as she lowered her glistening sex to his lips. And then he was lost, completely lost, as he feasted on her tender flesh, licking each fold hungrily, purposely avoiding the throbbing bead in the center, saving the best for last.

Like the cherry on top of the sundae. Oh, very punny.

Each time she tried to grind down on him, to position her clit directly over his tongue, he stopped, waited for her to surrender all control to him before resuming his maddening ministrations.

"Oh, God, Logan, please! Please!"

"Oh, no, darlin'. You asked for this, remember? You taste so good." Lick. "Mmm. Too good." Lick. "And I want every last drop," he declared, holding her still above him. "Get comfortable. This could take a while—a long while." The word 'long 'was delivered as one smooth sweep of his tongue from her moist opening to just below her swollen clit.

We'll just see about that.

Determined to make him as crazy as he was making her, she braced her hands on either side of his hips and took the tip of his upright cock into her mouth. She heard him hiss, felt his hips lurch as she swirled her tongue around and around the dusky head. Banding his shaft firmly with one hand, she worked her mouth up, down and around his cock, licking and sucking, savoring his velvety hardness like it was a double dip of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Her delighted groans sent vibrations buzzing down his entire length, making it utterly impossible for him to keep from moaning into her pussy, a delicious humming that in turn transformed him into a mutant vibrator that inspired more groans, and on and on and on…

And then, using every ounce of control he could muster to keep from exploding into Marie's mind-blowing mouth, he turned his attention to her neglected clit. He flicked his tongue across it once and she nearly jumped off the bed. Before he licked her again, he gripped her hips tightly with both hands.

"Marie, honey, let go of my cock; I need it to stay in one piece," he advised, knowing that what was coming next would have her forgetting what planet she was on, let alone what she had between her teeth.

"Spoilsport," she panted, flashing him a lusty grin over her shoulder.

"Hold on, darlin', here we go."

In the next instant she understood that he meant 'hold on' quite literally, as Logan began lapping at her pussy like a cat drinking a bowl of milk, his tongue curling up to deliver quick, repetitive strokes directly onto her clit.

Her climax was nothing short of volcanic, an eruption of indescribable pleasure that had her fisting the bed sheets and screaming her throat raw. Logan never let up, using his expert tongue to wring every last shred of sensation from each shuddering wave of ecstasy that gripped her body, until she was sobbing his name and begging him to release her.

He reveled in her response, happier at that moment than he had ever been, and even a little proud, not only that he had given her such a cataclysmic experience, but also that he'd kept the Wolverine leashed long enough to accomplish it.

She stirred above him, drawing her legs up and over him and turning around to lie face to face with him. She had never looked more enticing, with her lips red and plump from sucking his cock, her hair in a wild jumble and her eyes glazed over in utter satisfaction.

His hard on raged at the sight of her, demanding its own satisfaction and a familiar voice growled, 'Be gentle', my ass! Take her! Now!

Marie saw the light in his eyes shift, taking on a steely glint, like moonlight on a gun barrel, and she knew the Wolverine had come for her at last.

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, searching one last time for even the smallest sign that she wasn't ready for the onslaught he was about to deliver. What he saw made his heart stop. Love, deep and pure, shone from her soft, brown eyes and right in the middle of it, surrounded by it, was his own reflection—the Wolverine in all his feral glory. He had his answer.

He came at her like the animal he was, like the predator she longed for. Slamming his hard mouth down on hers, he shared her musky juices with her as she opened herself to his voracious lust. She felt his thick cock poised at her center, ready to claim her once and for all.

"I can't hold it back, honey. I'm sorry, but this is gonna hurt!" His hips drove downward as he sank into her, his powerful thrust piercing the barrier of her innocence in one burning stroke.

Her eyes flew open and she cried out as the pain spiked for one blinding moment and then was consumed in the initial waves of her second orgasm.

In that split second, his gaze locked with hers as he began to move over her, inside her, drawing her climax out longer and longer until she was writhing beneath him and leaving claw marks on his back that would have done his own claws proud.

The Wolverine took her then, completely, thrusting hard and fast, driving for release. He pulled her hips against his and told her to wrap her legs around him. She matched his rhythm perfectly and he felt the first tremors of his orgasm spiraling through his body.

"Yeah, that's it. Oh, God, yes! Hold on, baby, hold on!"

Her fingers sank into his biceps. Her long legs tightened around his hips like adamantium bands as he buried himself to the hilt in her tight, wet core, again and again. His whole world was reduced to the sweet heat of her as her inner muscles clenched around him, wrenching from his body an orgasm so profound that it stole his voice, leaving him arched above her, every muscle taut as a bow string, his head thrown back in a silent scream.

A seemingly endless series of white hot spasms stroked her inner walls, sending another climax searing through her, this one reaching so deep inside her that she howled with the bone-crushing force of it.

Finally, he collapsed, miraculously remembering at the last second to brace himself on his elbows so as to not drop his entire weight onto her quivering body.

He lay there, unmoving save for the heaving of his chest. After a minute, his breathing slowed and he was able to gain the strength to lift his head, kiss her—gently, this time—and tuck a strand of white hair behind her ear. His smile lit up the room as he watched her eyelids flutter open and realized that she'd actually fainted from the intensity of their mutual climax.

"Welcome back, my love," he whispered as her eyes focused on his once more.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him like she thought he might disappear if she let go.

"Easy, darlin'," he soothed as he rolled them both onto their sides. He rubbed her back and felt her begin to cry against his chest.

So my little hellcat is really still just a kitten after all. Good.

"Oh, Logan, is it always so wonderful? It felt like the sun exploded and I was surrounded by billions of bits of light and the next thing I knew you were smiling down at me—"

"Honestly? I wish I could tell you it was always like that," he said, wiping away a tear with his thumb. "But this was…special…amazing. I hope to God you are never disappointed in me, but as inspiring as making love with you is, I can't promise the sun will explode every time."

"No, Logan, you could never disappoint me. Besides, I should think that would be hard on the universe. It wouldn't be fair for us to go blowing up the sun two or three times a day, would it?"

"Two or three times a day? Lady, I love you like crazy, but even my regenerative powers would be taxed on a schedule like that. How about once a day and twice on Sundays?"

"Hmm. Maybe." She grinned mischievously. "What day is it today?"

He gave her a roguish smile as his hips began a slow rotation, grinding against her still sensitive center, arousing her to fever pitch instantly.

"I do believe," he murmured, "it's Sunday."

"Hallelujah!" she sang out.

"Amen," he growled.

It was the last word spoken in that room until Monday.