Title: Once Was Enough

Series: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Rating: T+ (so far)

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Literally...nothing. I'm broke...will work for food. And money, can't forget money. The characters and wonderfully written show belong to Dick Wolf.

Summary: Once was enough for Alex, and Bobby would not let her fall to pieces again.

Running to the bathroom at first light of day and hurling her guts in to the porcelain god is maybe the tenth choice on her list of how to wake up in the morning. Tasting the bitter bile as the last of last night's dinner made its way out of her mouth, she grunted. Yup, definitely not the time to get sick. Maybe the flu bug her sister had finally struck her. Hearing the soft shuffling of her husband's feet, she turns around as best she can with out causing her stomach to rebel again.

"You okay Alex?" Bobby asks her, yawning and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Does it look like I'm okay?!" she snaps, then softens. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you."

Bobby shakes his head. "It's understandable. I doubt I'd be happy waking up and the first thing I do is puke my guts up, not having the benefit of drinking the night before."

"Don't make me laugh, I might hurl again. Say, you think it's the flu bug my sis had the other week?" she asks him.

"Hmm...logic would dictate yes. Remember we have been more active in our 'extra-curricular' activities lately. I suggest we stop by the store and pick up a test either on the way to or from work." he stated.

Alex stared at him for a second before realizing that he was making sense. Right now nothing was computing in her brain. It was far too early to any higher level thinking. She chuckled to herself, she might just have to ask Deakins for maternity leave in a few months. Hopefully Bobby will be more cooperative this time since it's their child she'll be out for. She remembers when she was playing surrogate for her sister Beth. Shaking her head, she recalls that those were tough times for him. He didn't adjust to his temporary partner at first, but then she had told him to give Bishop a chance and that not every one can compare to having herself in the dynamic duo.

"We'll get the test ON the way to 1PP. I want to know ASAP. I'll just pee on the stick in the ladies' room. I'll make sure the coast is clear for you to come in and we'll lock the door behind us." She says, waggling her eyebrows.

She can just feel it in her bones that today was going to be the day from hell. Yup, she had a knack of foretelling things like that. After she finishes her emptying her stomach again, she manages to lift herself up and throw her body in to the shower, hoping that a nice hot stream of water pounding on her muscles would make her feel better. Feeling only slightly less crappy, she shuts off the water and dries herself off. When she exits the bathroom she sees Bobby standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

"Um m...I fixed some toast for you, with a little bit of jam. A-a-also there's some apple juice for you to drink if your stomach can handle it." he informed her.

She sighs. She felt blessed with him as her husband. "Thank you dear, I'll eat as soon as I finish getting dressed. You go ahead and use the shower if you need to."

Nodding, he sets about jumping in the shower so they both can get a move on getting to work in a timely fashion. Traffic that morning was not bad and Alex was relieved, she was not in the mood to put up with a ton of people on the road this early in the morning. Crime scene techs might have had an early call out if there were. After a quick stop at the drug store for a very important test kit, the pair arrived a few minutes earlier than they usually would have, finding a space in the parking garage of 1PP was not as difficult as usual. Holding hands they walked towards the entrance and then the elevators riding on up to the eleventh floor. Upon entering the office the dynamic duo finds that it also was barren since others had not arrived yet. For Bobby, this means that he can make his way to the vending machines and there actually be some Skittles for his wife.

Alex looked up from the mountain of paperwork when she heard a thud on her desk. "Oh honey, you always know just what I'm thinking. How do you do that? Do you have some sort of special power that I should know about?"

He laughs. "No, I just know you and your cravings and moods. Especially now, since you're going to have a ton more than usual."

"Guess I have to put in a request for maternity leave some time in the next few months, eh?" she asks, bringing up the subject of her pregnancy.

Bobby ponders her question for a minute. "Hmm...well, after going to the doctor to make sure you're okay we'll get everything sorted out here. How long are you going to wait before going on maternity leave? I hope you don't wait too long, I just want you and the baby to be safe."

"Of course the doctor comes first, as I'm sure I'm okay. Then when I fill out the paperwork for the maternity leave, I'll make sure that I leave around 7 and half months. Is that okay for you?" she inquires, making sure to get his input to make him feel as much as part of this whole process as possible. She knows how helpless he felt last time she was pregnant.

He nods in agreement with her. "That sounds perfect. Now, to make a dent in this mound of torturous case forms." He digs in to filling out everything, wrapping up each case to get it closed as soon as possible.

A few hours in to the work day, Alex crept silently to the bathroom motioning silently for Bobby to follow after a minute. Looking inside the ladies' room to make sure there was no other person in there the pair went in and locked the door behind them. Bobby looks towards Alex and she nods her head to agree that she's ready to take the test. She goes on the stick and then comes out of the stall and sets the stick on the sick to sit and wait with her husband. Alex is trying to look every where but at the offending object on the sink and Bobby is fidgeting nervously. When his watch beeps to signal that the waiting time is up, both creep towards the stick. A pink plus sign burned an image in to their eyes as both jump for joy and embrace each other. This was the highlight of the day for them, and Alex felt that it would be the only upside to today.

Surely enough, they are thrown in to a hectic day of a tough case. A professor had murdered one of his students because he thought the student was going to take his place in teaching as the student had scored extraordinary marks in his class. Alex shakes her head at the stupidity she sees most of the time in the major case squad. It's unbelievable (but still believable at the same time) how petty the reasons are for people to commit the crimes they do. While Bobby was finishing up questioning the professor, she has this undeniable urge to run to the bathroom and puke again. Yup, this schtick is getting old...fast. She makes sure to wash her mouth out. The last thing she wants is vomit on her breath if she tries to kiss her husband. Making her way out of the bathroom she looks around for said husband. She finds him at his desk filling out her paperwork along with his. It's amazing how thoughtful this man can be. Alex doesn't even have to say anything, he just knows what to do instinctively.

Alex reaches for her purse, searching for her compact and lipstick. Bobby has told her on numerous occasions that he finds her just as sexy if not sexier when she has no make up on. As she is finishing up applying her lipstick, her cell phone begins ringing. Normally she doesn't take personal calls while at work unless they come through the department phone. Seeing that it is her sister Beth calling her she picks up the phone after the fourth ring. Mentally she cringes because she has a bad feeling about what Beth wants to talk about.

"Hi Beth. What's up? Is everything okay with Nathan?" Alex asks.

"Oh, everything is okay sister. We were wondering if you were free later this evening?" Beth asks, a pleading sound in her voice.

"What time would you want us there?" she asks, "We're about to walk out the building since the Captain is letting us go early. Want us to head right over?"

"Us? Who would you be bring?" Beth asks harshly.

"I'll be bringing my husband. You do remember I have a husband, don't you? Bobby and I are married now, remember?" Alex snidely asks her sister.

"Oh yeah, you are married to your partner now." Beth states, emphases on partner. "It's still against department regulations though. Doesn't make it right."

"Beth!" Alex almost shouts in to the phone. "I'm not getting in to this now. If you want me over there, Bobby will be there too. We'll be over in a few." She says irritated, violently hitting the 'end' button to terminate the call.

Bobby quirks an eyebrow at Alex. Whatever her sister said has her upset and flustered. "You okay sweetie? What did Beth want?"

Alex huffs in frustration. "Beth is being...well, Beth. She wants me over there to talk about something. Oh, and she also had some snippy comments about us being married. She just can't seem to get past the fact that we're partners AND married...she sees it as this huge grievance to the department rules. I told her that we'll be over there in a few."

"What do you think she wants to discuss with you?" Bobby inquires.

"I have no idea, but it can't be good because she had a begging tone to her voice. When she has the begging tone in her voice that means she wants something and she is not going to take no for an answer. With how I've been feeling today, I am in no mood to listen to her try and get her way with things." Alex says, slightly irritated.

"It'll be okay Alex. I'll be there with you to prevent her from getting her way." he reassured her.

On the way to Beth's place the ride was fairly quiet with it only being interrupted by Bobby whispering reassurances to Alex. They pulled in to the driveway and Alex shut off the engine. She starts taking deep breaths to calm herself and prepare herself for what Beth wants to talk about. She almost jumps when she feels Bobby's hand on her shoulder. Glancing up at him, she knows that whatever transpires she can get through it because her endearing husband is always by her side step by step.

Tom and Beth are seated on the one loveseat, they motion for Bobby and Alex to sit on the other sofa across from them. Alex swoops Nathan up in to her arms before sitting down on the sofa next to Bobby. Bobby himself was shuffling his feet anxiously as he waited for Beth to explain why they are there. His hand unconsciously seeks out Alex's hand to grasp it in comfort. Both look at Beth and Tom impatiently.

Beth glances at Tom before looking back to the other couple. "Well, Tom and I were discussing the other day how wonderful it would be if Nathan had a playmate. I know that it would be a huge favor to ask of you, but we wanted to know if you will be a surrogate again for us."

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