Susan Holmes was a very educated young lady. She attended Stock High School in Ohio. She then attended the University of Yale at the age of 17. She was the complete definition of the words "child prodigy". After Yale, she went on to study Biology under the great scientist Dr. Connors. Even though Connors had once transformed himself into a vicious, man-eating monster, Susan was not at all repelled from his great intellect.

One evening, Dr. Connors gave her a call. It was 2:00 A.M. in the morning and Susan was dreadfully tired. She felt like she wanted to die.

"Come quick, I have something to show you!", Dr. Connors eagerly suggested.

Susan lost all interest in sleep. When her mentor found something, he meant he FOUND something.

"I'll be there right away!", Susan replied, still feeling a bit woozy.

Outside, Susan was signaling for a taxi. She always hated doing so. It got her frustrated. As if she wanted something to chop her head off. It was dark, and no taxi would pick her up this early. After all, it was New York.

She thought she spotted something. Something red. It looked like a cape- no, not a cape, a shroud. It was too big for a cape. A voice filled the air surrounding Susan.

"Don't you hurt her!"

"Oh, Spawnie, why would I eva' do 'dat? Oh, right."

Susan felt confused, bewildered. Was it a mugging? A friendly bet gone horribly wrong? She was about to find out.

A big, fat, pudgy hand suddenly grasped onto her arm, then knocked her to the floor. There was a man in a black costume lying next to her. He was wearing the mysterious shroud.

A small, obnoxious-looking clown stood before them.

"Well, well. What've we got here? A lil' eavesdropper, I see.", the small man snorted.

The other man shouted ,"She's got nothing to do with this, you filthy vermin!"

"I beg to differ."

The small little man began to cackle insanely, as if he was on drugs or something. All of a sudden, his mouth tore open as a gigantic, jagged-toothed mouth replaced it. Susan could only think of one word that night, at that moment.