I had this thought a couple of months ago and it's stuck with me. Just a short story but hopefully a cute one.

"When is that mongrel going to buy a decent car?" Rosalie asked to no one in particular when they heard the Rabbit pull up out front.

"Aunt Rose, that isn't nice. Jacob built that car from the ground up with almost no money. It's important to him." Renesmee said.

Emmett shrugged, "I've got to hand it to the kid. It is impressive to actually build a car with scavenged parts."

Rosalie growled at her husband, "I could do it. I mean really I fix all the cars around here anyway."

Emmett nodded, "I'm sure you could. But we've never worried about being on a budget. It's one thing to take brand new parts and make them work. It's a whole different ball game to take parts that rusted and broke and make them work."

Jacob walked through the door and immediately came over to give Renesmee a hug. Then notice Rosalie glaring at him, "What's up Blondie?"

"There is no way you are better at building cars than I am!" she said through gritted teeth.

Jacob looked around in confusion, "I've missed something haven't I?"

"It's not the first time!" she said.

Renesmee looked at him, "Aunt Rose doesn't like your car because it isn't new. I told her it was special cause you built it yourself. She thinks she can build a better car than you can now."

Jacob laughed, "Oh, you are SO on, Blondie. This is one bet I'm going to win. You have one year to build a car on less than two thousand dollars. One dollar over or one day late and you lose."

Rose scoffed, "Is that what you paid total for that rat trap out there."

"Nope I paid less than that. But I had to do some things that I wouldn't even ask you to do so I'll give you some padding. But you have less time than I did to make up for it. Good luck!"

Emmett looked at Jasper, "I got a hundred bucks she'll do it."

Jasper looked at Alice, "What do you think?"

She whispered in his ear and he turned to Emmett, "I got two hundred that says she won't."

"I'll meet that," Emmett said with a chuckle. "There are way too many decisions to be made for the pipsqueak to know the answer this soon."