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Hinata's Decision Revised


The wind rustled the hair of a woman, she was mid-height with raven-colored hair. It caressed her solid black dress giving it the appearance of dancing. The woman was in a clearing located in a deep forest. A kunai in hand she was surrounded on all sides by corpses, red eyes blazing. Her eyes were frightening, and chilling, yet at the same time a look of sorrow filled them.
"Hinata, it's time."
Hinata starts out of bed, sweat clinging to her now 20-year old body. The dream still fresh in her mind, while replaying the contents. Her chest had the urge to explode with her heavy, rapid breathing. Placing her hand on her heart, she inserted chakra to slow down her pulse to a somewhat normal speed. Hinata had changed so much from her 13-year old self. She had curves in all the right places, her hair had grown out, along with her ninja skills. After the chunin exams she spent most of her time practicing, and after seven years it paid off. Slowly turning her head, Hinata look around her darkened lilac painted room. It was the same as she had left it when sleep took her, yet she had the strange feeling of being watched.
Removing the covers from her body, she stands her full height of 5'2. Feeling a weight hitting her upper chest, Hinata fingers the necklace with the Uchiha symbol around her neck. A emotion close to longing fades across her face. He was the second person to leave her in the short life she now lived. Tossing these thoughts from her mind, she goes out into the hall and enters the kitchen. Reaching the refrigerator she opens it and gets a water bottle. Closing the door she turns around to meet the same red eyes, that haunted her dreams.
"Who?" Hinata says as fear enters her eyes.
"There is no time, you are to be awakened and your mark to be placed upon you," The unknown woman said, "along with the changes that your body will endure, but...first you must sleep."
With a speed unknown to Hinata, the woman's palm attaches itself to her forehead. And Hinata is thrown into the oblivion of darkness.

Okay, I am officially back, sorry for the long wait. I have been having terrible writer's block and with getting 2 or 3 years older from when I first started writing this story I found it had no plot and was kinda just thrown together. But, i am revising the story, and making it better. Some of the same aspects will be the same, while others will not. I will try to get each of the chapters written in a short time period while juggling school and the after school activities but I'll manage. I dedicate this chapter to my beta: Pyrite, I wouldn't have had the will or courage to continue writting without your feedback.