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Even though Gibb knew the only chance to get away semi-unharmed was with the car, he wished there was another way. After Maddie was in the vehicle, Gibbs threw the car in reverse and accelerated. Too late did he realize the car wouldn't stop in time and then they were in the air.

Plunging into the murky water, the car dove into the depths sending Gibbs into a rush of actions. As cold water began plunging into the vehicle, Gibbs noticed terror gripping Maddie and reassuredly said, "Stay calm, Maddie." While she nodded jerkily, Gibbs alternated between unbuckling her and trying to force his door open.

After Maddie was free from her seatbelt, her focus on Gibbs faded into black as she lost consciousness. Gibbs kept trying to get out from underneath the jarred steering wheel, but he was stuck. Taking his last breath before the car filled all the way up, he frantically searched for a way to save Maddie. The recurring though pounded in his head, "Maddie could not die young like his Kelly."

Noticing a rush of bubbles scattering through the water, Gibbs strained to see out the windshield. Relief flooded him as Tony swam toward him. After Tony tried yanking Gibbs' door opened, he moved to the windshield cracking it with his fist and sliding it away. Quickly, Gibbs pushed Maddie to Tony and saw him carry her toward the surface.

Helplessly, Gibbs watched Tony disappear in the dark green water leaving him stuck alone in the sunk vehicle. His earlier relief was replaced by past regrets. Feeling his lungs burn as the last oxygen began leaving his breath, memories bombarded him with all the things he left unsaid to the people he considered his family.

The most vivid regret clenched his heart. He had never built the courage to tell Tony, his senior agent, that he was proud of him and considered him a son no matter his goofy flaws. The last thought before his vision blurred to black was the prayer that Tony knew his worth and the whole team knew that Gibbs really did love them.

Gibbs' eyelids twitched and he forced his eyes open to take in his surrounding, knowing he was dead. Instead, he looked into Maddie's sweet face looking back at him. With all his energy, he reached over and squeezed Maddie's hand before his eyes moved to look at his soaking agent kneeling next to him. Tony was breathing heavily staring up at the blue sky.

Gibbs moved to sit up, but felt a strong hand on his shoulder, "Catch your breath, Boss." Tony sucked a breath of his own before continuing, "I'll find a phone and get my car to take you both back to headquarters."

"Have the team bring us clothes, we'll stay until the crime scene is investigated." Gibbs gave Tony a look warning him no to argue.

Standing up, Tony replied, "Fine, but don't move. I'll be back." Without waiting for a reply, Tony jogged into the large building. Gibbs decided to obey the younger agent since he had saved them. In a matter of minutes, Tony was back with the car. He had managed to open the side gate and pull the car to where it wouldn't ruin the crime scene. Lifting Maddie into the car, Tony wrapped a towel around her that he had found in the garage.

Gibbs let Tony help him up and accepted the towel he tossed him. At the car, Tony pulled a dry change of clothes out of his bag and rushed off to change leaving Gibbs smirking. He recalled multiple instances that had led to Tony always having a spare outfit in his backpack.

After a moment of stillness, Gibbs got out of the car and opened Maddie's door. She stood up and fell into Gibbs' strong hug allowing him to whisper in her ear, "We're okay." Kissing her on the temple, Gibbs said, "Maddie, you were my daughter's best friend. Now I consider you my daughter so if you ever need anything, call me. Thanks for…" Gibbs hesitated to say the tender words that brought tears to his eyes. He took a breath and continued, "Thanks for reminding me that Kelly had a life no matter how short and for letting me help you. You can't replace Kelly, but you're like my daughter and always will remind me of her."

Maddie looked into Gibbs' fatherly eyes and replied quietly, "Thanks for sharin that with me and for helping me. Thanks for letting me be your daughter's best friend and now considering me your own daughter. It…" Maddie paused to swallow and blink her tears away, "means a lot that you care about me."

Gibbs held Maddie securely in his arms as she sobbed silently. The shock of the events of the day and the pain from losing her best friend sent tears streaming down her cheeks as Gibbs held her in a fatherly embrace.

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