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Play One Act One: The Book






"The four directions of the sky, by using the way, mind and goodness, please tell the protector of the chosen ultimate. Now I will complete the words. From the sky to the earth, come to us physically through the four ultimates. Please, make extinct every kind of evil by using your godly power to protect us. Only one wish, please listen to this. Please, come down to us from the sky!"


"Do research and please do your homework, too." The teacher instructed his students as they started to keep away their things onto their bags and chatting to each other to prepare to go home.

A young boy of fifteen by the name of Sawada Tsunayoshi slumped into his desk and sighed.

"Are you okay, Tenth?"

Tsuna looked up from his position and smiled. "Yes, I'm fine, Gokudera."

Gokudera frowned, not completely convinced.

"Now, now, Gokudera. Tsuna said he's fine, so he's fine." Yamamoto acceded, with a smile and a pat on Gokudera's shoulder.

"Don't touch me, baseball-freak." Gokudera snarled, which led to the usual argument between them. Tsuna smiled and straighten up from his spot and stood up with a sigh. Upon his standing, Gokudera and Yamamoto stopped their banter and looked at him, in which he smiled and said, "Let's go home." And walked away with the two on his side.

Along the way towards the Sawada household, they've started to talked about their teacher's given research homework about the Chinese star Constellation and their parts on other culture history.

"I wonder why we need to study this on our Japanese subject." Yamamoto wondered aloud.

"Idiot," Gokudera alleged, "Here in Japan, those star Constellations has something to do with the Japanese myth of the four Gods."

Tsuna and Yamamoto looked at him in wonder.

"Seiryuu, the blue dragon of the East; Genbu, the black tortoise of the North; Byakko, the white tiger of the West and Suzaku, the vermillion bird of the south. It is said that those four were the sacred beast that protects the four ultimates of the Earth."

Yamamoto whistled. Tsuna hummed.


An explosion occurred inside a modernized Japanese house of, supposedly two now six persons. At the direction of the room of then only child of the family, at the remains of the left portion of the room lies a coughing Tsuna with a black smoke.

"You're... going... overboard... w-with the dynamites... today, Reborn." Tsuna coughed out.

"Of course not." Started Reborn, who was sitting a few meters away from Tsuna on the bed with the dynamite-bombs' diffuse boxes. Six of it. "You just answered wrong."

Tsuna grimaced. It always happens when Reborn was tutoring him; he, along with the presence of multiple ammunitions on his side, said that it will make him more persevere that before. 'Who wouldn't?' thought Tsuna, dejectedly. He felt more like being tortured than being tutored. Tsuna sighed, 'The things Reborn outrageously do.' And shook his head. He really wished a normal life or something that is not this. He sat back and Reborn spared him a glance and resumed his tutoring.

Four explosions, six coughing fits and half of the room charred later, Tsuna was taking a bath, with Reborn on his floater, enjoying the pleasure of soaking on a bathtub with his eyes closed. Then, he remember his research assignment and his visit to the library with Gokudera and Yamamoto. He asked Reborn for a permission.

"That's great, Dame-Tsuna. You're getting serious on your studies." Reborn commented, Tsuna gave him a sour look. "Just remember: you have to be here before nightfall, we'll have to study."

'So much for wishing a normal life.' Tsuna let out a breath of resignation.


Tsuna browsed the Mythological section of the library, looking for a book that would give hi enough information about his homework. On the other side of the section, he could hear Gokudera cursing Yamamoto. Loudly. Twice, the librarian asked them to be quiet and when the third time came (Yamamoto foolishly wondered about something Tsuna couldn't quite remember what but it made Gokudera's stormy temper flare off), Tsuna quietly snuck away and browsed by himself. He found three books by the time Gokudera noticed that he was missing and started to look for him. When he was found by his friends, Tsuna's books was snatched off by Gokudera, who carried the three books to the take-out desk with Yamamoto on tow and Tsuna on the rear, when Tauna saw silhouette of something he couldn't comprehend. Curiosity got the better of him; he went to see what it was and when he turned a corned, his right foot stepped on something. He looked down and saw an old red book. Upon holding it, he felt a sudden urge to read it but the thought of having Reborn's wrath on his back if he didn't get back on time, stopped him. So, deciding he'll just borrow it and read it at home, he went to find Gokudera (who noticed he was missing. Again.) and Yamamoto (who was trying to calm Gokudera down) at the take-out desk.


After dinner, where nearly all of his food was stolen by Lambo and Reborn, Tsuna sat on the chair of his study table with one of the three books he found (the other two was with Gokudera and Yamamoto) and the one he accidentally stepped on. He stared at the books and sighed, whether he liked it or not he must do his homework or face Reborn's punishments. And doing it as soon as possible would lessen his work. He picked up the former book and browsed through it but his eyes always wanders back at the latter one; sighing, he bookmark the page of the book and put it down. He stared at the old red book and when he started to get hold of it, Lambo and I-ipin burst through the door, chasing each other. Tsuna breathe out wearily and led them out.

'Just a simple day, please...'

He opened the old book and read the introduction:

"Herein contains the tale of a young one and the young one's quest to gather the seven Constellations of the chosen God together. And if you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story's end, the spell contained within this book shall bestow upon you the powers of the chosen one, and grant you your wish. For indeed the moment the page is turned, the story will become reality."

Then, the page where he was reading at, glowed.

Tsuna blinked.


Reborn ascended the stairs at a leisurely pace when he saw a dim light coming from Tsuna's closed room. He oponed the door and was met by a bright light. Blinking, reborn saw an old, worn-out red book lying on the floor, pages flipping even though the window was closed and no air to turn it. Wondering where his useless student run off to, picked up the book; pondering on what kind of book Tsuna would read willingly, Reborn read the first paragraph:

"Upon opening the book, the young one was suck into it to be part of the legend. And thus, the chosen one of the legends opened the door to another world, and likewise began our tale."

Reborn frowned. He got a bad feeling about this. However, he continued, "The chosen one opened those caramel eyes..."


Tsuna woke up into a place where he deemed that is not part of the room. Alarmingly, Tsuna stood up and wandered those caramel eyes.

"Where am I?"


"The young one wandered those caramel eyes to a place where the young one deemed as a place of nowhere." Reborn read aloud, frowning. "'Where am I?' The young one asked and was met by silence and the hissed of the wind. The young one has a hair that is as brown as the lands of Konan and eyes that is as caramel as the teas of Kutou." Reborn gripped the book hard. "The young one stood up and started to wander."

Reborn snapped the book shut and looked down, fedora blocking his eyes.

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