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Play One Act One Scenes Four and Five: The Meeting






Tsuna felt that he fell from somewhere very high, considering he was sprawled on the ground and his whole body ached. He moved and opened his eyes to see a wooden ceiling full of spiders and their cobwebs. He frowned, where was he? He sat up and found out that he was actuaaly not on the ground but on the floor with a quilt under him and a blanket on top. He moved his eyes around: there was a hot pot on the center of the place which was on his left side, dishes on the right side of the said pot which has food inside –soup, perhaps?- , curtains dividing this place from another somewhere far from the left side of the pot. It seems to be that he was alone at this place.

Feeling disoriented and panicky, Tsuna crawled back from his position and bumped onto the wooden wall. He heaved a deep breath and started to think on what happened.

"Think, Tsuna, think! Think on what happened before you lost conciousness!" Tsuna closed his eyes and remembered. He was inside of his room, took interes on the book and decided to read… and… and he saw a light. Tsuna furrowed his brows more than he should. Yes, the was a light… a yellow light with a little red on it. It blinded him so much that he lost conciousness. And when he opened his eyes he was on a place he wasn't familiar with and took a stroll and ended up… falling on a precipice.

Heis eyes flew open. 'That's it!' He was so happy that he remembered what happened, he forgot to notice the bandages that was wrapped around his ankle. He happily jumped up and the pain roughly kicked him down.

"Ow!" he complained.

"You shouldn't be doing that with your condition, miss."

Tsuna jumped, startled that a voice – a man's voice- spoke to him. He, once again, crawled back onto the corner and looked at this fine man, who was pounding something with a mortar and pestle. The man glanced at Tsuna and he must have felt Tsuna's nervousness, he walked back a little and raised up his hands.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

Tsuna gazed at the man from head to toe. He has a moss green hair which, just like his, seems to be defying gravity, has a blue-and yellow bandanna at his forehead, an honest blue eyes, a gentle face, a muscular build body under that yukata-like robe. All in all he seems to be a very kind man, he doesn't looked like he's having a bad intention for him.

Yes, he's intuition tells him that this man is trustworthy.

"Dame-Tsuna, are you falling in love?"

Tsuna was stunned to hear that question. Is it just him or did just Reborn mock him? He looked around the unknown place, hoping to see Reborn to pop out anytime.

The man, seeing Tsuna glancing at the place as if looking for something (or rather someone) decided to speak. "You were all alone at the cliff. We saw you on the clearing, unconscious and has a sprained ankle. We took you here to aid you and stay for the night." The man flap up the curtain for him to see it was actually a door and it was already night time.

He was flabbergasted. 'Night? It was night already? Mother must be worried!' He was on the edge of panic that he missed the entrance of a young girl near his age who took amusement of his different facial expression. Until she laughed it out loud, Tsuna stopped and took in what he was seeing.

The girl has a twin bun hair on the either side of her fiery red hair, who looked like a Japanese like him and, the amazing of all, she was wearing a junior high school uniform.

The girl stopped laughing and gave him a welcoming smile. "It's okay, time is not a problem to our world, miss."

"What?" Tsuna seemed lost.

"I don't know how you came in here, I know that my brother was supposed to be reading this book – " She was cut off by Tsuna.

"You mean the 'Book of the Four Gods'?"

"Yes." The girl vigorous ly nodded her head.

"I found it on the floor of the library. I claimed it out."

The girl's eyes went wide.

"What a stupid brother." Again, Reborn's voice, he swear. "It is me, Dame-Tsuna."

Because of his relief, he shouted out, "Reborn!"

The man and the girl looked at him, perplexed. Tsuna looked back, anxiously.

"You're talking to someone from our world?" The girl questioned him and Tsuna was once again lost. "You could talk or connect to someone when you gave them a part of yourself or something that both of you has. What did you give this person?" She looked intrigued.

He doesn't remember giving Reborn something before this happened and Reborn didn't even gave something (aside from torture). So, what was something that Reborn and him have? Tsuna thought hard and the girl indirectly gave him the answer.

"You have a beautiful ring there, miss." She pointing to the Vongola Ring that was hanging from his neck along with the ring of Nuts. The Vongola Ring was shining like a true colored diamond with the help of the fire under the pot.

Yes, the Vongola Ring was a part of the Tri-ni-Sette which was created from the very same metal. His Vongola Ring of the Sky and Reborn's Arcobaleno Pacifier of the Sun was created from the very same metal.

"You're getting smarter." Reborn teased. Tsuna scowled. "You're rude, you know? You didn't even told them your name."

Tsuna hastily turned his attention to the two and apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't tell you my name!" he bowed.

"It's okay, miss. My name's Yuuki Miaka and this is Mitsukake." The girl – Miaka – introduced themselves.

"Ah! I'm Sawada Tsuna – hey, wait, why are you putting the word 'miss'?" For some odd reason, his intuition told him to dread the answer.

That question was answered by Mitsukake. "Because you're a girl."

And for the third time, he – or rather a she – lost consciousness.


Reborn called some of Tsuna's Guardians for a meeting. Gokudera seemed hesistant to go for his Juudaime won't be a part of it. Yamamoto seemed to sense some urgency to this meeting a nd volunteered to force Gokudera to attend. When he called the Sasagawa house, Kyoko answered and promised to tell her brother about the meeting. She also asked to let her come to the said meeting, Reborn let her do what she wanted, thinking that she may have a part to this affair. Reborn couldn't contact Chrome but he knows that she'll come when she's needed. And Kyouya doesn't like crowds, so he's surely not going to come.

After Reborn put down the Leon-phone, he resumed reading the book. He read it atop of his hammock where he left off.

"The chosen one found himself lying on an old quilt with an as old blanket covering him. He opened his hazel eyes –"

The story went well for Reborn, he was actually enjoying the book having his own student as a protagonist. He took time at reading till he forgot the time. Enjoying it until he read a part where he felt his heart clenched.

"The chosen one stared at the man whose looks made him stop. The man whose hair is as green as the forest, whose face is as gentle as a child and eyes as honest.

"The chosen one seemed to be lost under the stare of the man. The chosen on deemed him trustworthy at the very first meeting."

"Dame-Tsuna, are you falling in love?" he asked Tsuna, whom he knows would not answer. But the next passage made him have a second thought.

"Upon checking the looks of the man, the chosen one heard his tutor's voice inside of his head and made him search his surroundings for the said tutor."

Reborn raised his eyebrows at this 'Hmm… seems like I could communicate with him.' And resumed reading the scenario where the girl entered the place and their discussion between the characters of the book. Upon reading the scenarion, learned that the book was supposed to be on someone's hands not Tsuna's. And unknowingly gave a feedback on someone's recklessness and stupidity.

"What a stupid brother." He insulted. "Yes, it is me, Dame-Tsuna."He smirked when the book said that his student decided to shout his name inside the story, thus intoducing him as a part of the casts. The discussion between the three turned from how Tsuna went inside of the book to how the both of them could communicate. And read how Tsuna solved the equation .

He smirked and decided to tease him. "You're getting smarter." Which earned him a pout from the student, making his smirk much more wider. "You're rude, you know? You didn't even told them your name."

He really had a useless student.

He read as to how his useless student vehemently apologized for his rudeness. Reborn shook his head at this hopelessness. And the next passage made him more interesting at the story.

"The chosen one notice a word that seems to be a lot more disturbing that it could. And he askedMitsukake and Miaka about it.

"Hey, wait, why are you putting the word 'miss'?"

"Mitsukake answered. "Because you're a girl."

"Yes, I'm going to enjoy reading this book." Unfortunately for Reborn, Tsuna already lost consciousness at this point.

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