Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me

Both boys finished the video in silence, except Sora wasn't paying that much attention on the video. He was paying attention on Roxas. Roxas looked from the corner of his eye at Sora and him looking. This made him blushed.

Finally, the song ended and Sora turned the T.V. off.

"Rox?" Sora began.


"Why do you like that song so much?"Sora asked. Roxas felt his cheeks burned and hid his face in embarassment.

"Come on, Rox. Tell me, no secrets right." Sora playfully punched him in the shoulder. "I mean we are twins after all."

Roxas sighed. "Well that song reminds me of my special someone and my status in life. You see, I really really like this person but that person doesn't notice it.

"I wish that one day that person wakes up and finds out that I've always been here for that person the whole time." A tear rolled down Roxas' face.

Sora moved closer to Roxas' and wrapped his arms around him. "May I know this person's name?"

Roxas shook his head. "Come on!" Sora poked Roxas' side.

"Alright, the person's name starts with 'S'."

"Okay." Sora said as he started to list all the names of their friends. "Hang on, how come you never refer to that person as a she?"

"Because she's a he." Roxas breathed and turned away from Sora. Sora was shocked at first but then he decided to confront Roxas.

"So what if you like a guy, no big deal. I'll accept you for who you are even if it mean being gay."

"Thanks Sor. But I'n not that gay, I'm Bi. You see, I maybe in love with a boy but I still have my masculine side." Roxas sobbed.

"Oh… Anyway, I've listed all of our friends, more specifically boys and none of the—" Suddenly, realization hit Sora. "Do you like me, Rox? As in like like?" Sora moved in front of Roxas and lifted his head.

"What if I do Sor? What will you do about it? Will you hate me for it?" Fresh tears started to roll down Roxas' face. Sora wiped Roxas' face and shook his head. "I can never hate you, Rox. You're my twin and I love you." Sora said his breath becoming harder.

Roxas looked directlly at Sora's eyes and asked, "As what? As a brother? As a twin? What?"

Sora sighed and wrapped his arms around Roxas. "I love you Rox. More than a brother should."

At this point, Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora's waist. "I've waited for this day, Rox. To be able to tell you my feelings and know that you felt the same way too."

"You waited? How long?" Roxas released himself from Sora's hug and looked at him in shock.

"Since Kairi and I started dating. No, I think even before that. Maybe that's why things don't work out with me and Kairi."

"Sora..." Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora's neck by surprised which caused them to fell on the bed with him on top of Sora. He leaned in and crashed their lips together.

Eventually they needed air, so they parted. Roxas said, "I love you, Sor."

"More than a brother should?" Sora asked innocently.

"More than a brother should." Roxas assured him and gave a peck on the lips.

"I love you too, Rox." Roxas lay his back next to Sora and Sora snuggled in Roxas's arms.

"Don't you want to have dinner Rox?" Sora asked.

"Maybe later." Roxas said as he brushed his hand on Sora's hair.

"Alright." Sora said. Both boys held each other that way until fell asleep without even thinking about dinner. It's a good thing their parents won't be home until late in the night. Even if they come home early, they won't be able to enter Sora's and Roxas' room, 'cause Roxas locked it earlier.

"Rox, you belong with me." Sora said although he was asleep. Roxas heard this and said, "You also belong with me, Sora. Forever." With that he kissed his cheek and fell asleep.