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Kirk shuffled several PADDs detailing ships' functions and activities set out for the day on his lap, Spock stood at his elbow adding comments when needed, per their routine. He was expecting the new Yeoman any minute and, judging from the way the rest of the bridge crew kept glancing at the Turbo lift doors, he wasn't the only one.

No one knew the details. He'd been sure of that. But the girl's name was public knowledge and after that leaked out, rumors had spread like wildfire. Everything from 'she's an estranged relative who grew up off-planet and is vying for Starfleet Command track, hoping to get a leg up' to 'she's just an acquaintance that Starfleet is forcing the Captain to take in' was circulating through his crew.

Kirk, for his part, did his best to quell the rumors or, since that seemed an impossible task, at least not add to them. But when the Turbo lift doors finally hissed open at 0805 that morning, and he caught sight of his new Yeoman out of the corner of his eye, he knew it had all been for naught.

"I assume your Starfleet uniform hasn't arrived yet?" he said with a raised eyebrow, still focusing on the PADD in his hand.

The Yeoman stepped off the lift and took a small, almost hesitant step onto the bridge, her arms folded protectively over her chest. The short denim skirt was something that would have been popular over a century before, the black boots had to have been too big for her and the chains dangling from them were certainly unnecessary. Her white tank top was a nice canvas for her outlandish Ksharti Jewelry but none of it could be even remotely considered Starfleet issue.

"Oh, no. It arrived," the girl, no more than seventeen, replied haughtily. She flipped her asymmetrical blonde hair off one shoulder and shrugged the other, "I just didn't feel like wearing it."

Kirk looked up slowly from the data pad in his hand to the sleek metal floor directly in front of him and forced himself to take a deep breath, quelling impulses that he hadn't acted on in nearly a year since taking command of the Enterprise and clenched his jaw.

This was not how he'd hoped to start the day. Or the yearlong stint with his new Yeoman.

The girl raised a challenging eyebrow coupled with a cocky smirk that he would have sworn he used to (and sometimes still did) see in the mirror, "what, Jim? Cat got your tongue?"

Kirk heard a slight gasp echo around the bridge, could almost feel Spock's raised eyebrow and Uhura's penetrative gaze. Sulu and Chekov's shock was visible; both their chairs were swiveled around backwards and staring openly at the pair.

It wasn't unheard of for someone to disrespect their captain, he was the youngest and, for that very reason, one of the most disliked, captains in the fleet. But he was also one of the best Captains in the fleet and it took a special person indeed to disrespect him on his own bridge and live to get away with it.

"Yeoman McCoy," Kirk said in a tone that made everyone on the bridge straighten in their chairs. He still did not look at her, the muscles in his jaw flexing beneath his skin, "my ready room. Now."

With a heavy sigh and an extravagant roll of her eyes the girl stalked to the door on the other side of the bridge, head held high. Kirk took another deep breath, wishing to calm himself before he stood from his chair and, avoiding the gazes of each member of the bridge crew, turned to follow.

"Spock, you have the Con," he snapped, and disappeared into the small room off the bridge just as a dutiful 'aye captain' hit his ears.

On the other side of the door the girl was leaning all too casually against his desk.

"So what's this? Starfleet's version of a principals' office?" she asked in a bored tone.

"No, Joanna," he said, taking a small step forward, his temper getting the better of him as his whole face flared red, "this is me two seconds from jettisoning you onto the nearest M-Class."

She straightened, her face betraying confusing and hurt for a moment before falling back behind an impassive mask, "who the hell do you think you are?" she asked, her voice rising with unbridled indignation.

"I think I am the Captain of the Starship Enterprise. I think I earned the right to wear this uniform and be a part of this crew," he stopped and took a small step backward, clasping his hands behind his back, "That's a priveledge that has been given to you, albeit temporarily. But you will respect it, myself and my crew while you are on this ship."

"Or what?" she spat, a fire in her eyes that he recognized, "you'll jettison me onto the next M-class?"

He clenched his jaw and moved to sit at his desk, looking up at her but keeping his face carefully stoic, "No," he said as calmly as possible, "but you were given a choice, Jo. Three years in the Juvenile Detention System, or a year aboard a Starfleet vessel. You chose this. And if you're hoping that if you push me hard enough I'll drop you off at the nearest space station and you'll be on your way home…you're gonna be real disappointed." The girl shifted a bit and he knew he'd hit home, "Because I intend to make sure you go through with your year aboard a starship. Now, whether that's spent as a cohesive part of my crew or staring at three walls and a forcefeild, is up to you."

She held his glare stonily for several admirable moments. Met it head on, a glare that often sent junior officers scurrying in the opposite direction, had been known to make or break diplomatic negotiations and had on more than one occasion outmatched a particular Vulcan's raised eyebrow, made no visible impression on the girls' cool blue eyes. Still, she broke first.

She stood straighter and looked straight through him with her father's eyes, "fine. Are you going to show me the way or should I wait for Security?"


McCoy strode at a half jog around the E-deck of the Enterprise, the fury on his face clearing a path through anyone that happened to be milling about. He wasn't sure who he was angrier with, Joanna for getting herself thrown in jail (again) or Jim for putting her there.

'Please provide name, rank, and reason for entry request.'

The disembodied voice of the aggravatingly polite computer chimed around him as he tried to gain entry to the Brig.

"McCoy, Leonard. Chief Medical Officer. And I need to talk some sense into my damn kid." He snapped, glaring at the sealed doors in front of him.

'I am sorry. That is not a valid reason for entry, Dr. McCoy. Your request has been denied.'

McCoy made a noise somewhere between a growl and a curse and slapped his hand against a communications panel to his right.

"This is the bridge," Uhura's voice replaced the disembodied one of the computer but it didn't do anything to improve his mood.

"Uhura, put Jim on," he didn't wait as his request was put through, "Jim the damn computer won't open the doors to the Brig so I can see my hotheaded daughter who you put in the goddamn brig you sorry son of a-" his rant was cut off, thankfully, by the swish of doors beside him and he let go of the button, choosing not to sign off 'per goddamn protocol'.

"Jo?" he asked, once he was a few steps inside some of his temper seeping out of him as the gravity of the situation set in. The brig was really just a large room lined with darkened 10x10 cells that were open on the one side facing the console in the center, where a forcefield would be raised once occupied, making the entire round doorway glow in an unearthly white. Like the cell directly across from the door where Joanna was sprawled on the bench/bed with her legs crossed at the ankles, her hands folded over her chest as she stared up at the ceiling.

Seeing her seeming nonchalance set his anger off again and he let it out the least destructive way he knew how.

But sarcasm never really worked very well on Joanna.

"I thought you joined Starfleet in order to stay out of jail."

She didn't even turn to look at him. "Nice to see you too, dad." Her voice was flat and didn't betray the excitement that still fluttered in her stomach at hearing his voice in person for the first time in years. She wouldn't give him that satisfaction. "I'm fine, by the way, thanks for asking."

Immediately he regretted his choice of words, "Joey I just meant…"

Suddenly Jo was on her feet, inches from the invisible force field, pointing one black-tipped finger at her father, "don't call me that. You haven't even begun to earn the right to call me that. Okay?" She pursed her lips and let the acusitory finger drop down to her side again. If she was surprised by her own outburst she didn't show it.

But Bones sure was.

"Jo, I-" he tried , but again was cut off.

"Whatever," she glanced away, pushing the long hair on the right side of her head behind her ear, and breifly touching the close shaved left side with her fingertips, "anyway, I didn't join Starfleet. I joined this ship and its crew. Unfortunately, I don't play well with others. A trait some might say I get from my father." She said, crossing her arms tilting her head to one side, deliberately provoking him.

He took a deep breath, rubbing his face. He'd just gotten off a twelve hour shift in sickbay and it showed, "Jo, this is ridiculous. You're too young and too smart to keep landing yourself in trouble like this. You're acting like a child and I've had just about enough of-"

"Hey!" she stepped toward the forcefield, the chains on her boots jangling loudly, "Don't presume to think you can tell me who I am or what to do. I'm seventeen years old. Those days are over and you missed them. If you cared so goddamn much about what became of me, maybe you should have been there!"

McCoy stared at her, but the tongue-tied feeling only lasted a moment. He raised a finger to point at her, "you see here Joanna McCoy I am not about to-", he was cut off from finishing when the electronic chime on the wall alerted him to being hailed through the ships communicator system. He clenched his teeth and stalked over to the panel on the wall.

"This is McCoy," he barked.

"Doctor, this is Nurse Chapel," she seemed unphased by his short tone, "Leutinent Marks is waking up, you said you wanted to be alerted as soon as he did so you could finish-"

"Yeah, I remember," he reached up and rubbed his eyes, they were still closed when he dropped his hand back to his side, "okay. I'll be right there."

He sighed in frustration and closed his eyes briefly before turning around.

"I have to go, something has come up," He said, truly regretting the fact. He opened his eyes to look at his teenage daughter. A woman he barely knew. Defiance and anger written in her body language and he wondered if bringing her to the Enterprise had been the best choice.

Joanna grinned sarcastically to mask the sinking feeling in her stomach, and shrugged. "Of course, wouldn't want to keep the Leutinent waiting." He hesitated and she dropped the smile and moved her eyes to the wall.

"Just go," she said, her voice flat and as emotionless as her carefully arranged expression.

McCoy looked as if there might have been something else he wanted to say, and she held her breath as she waited, but nothing came. He nodded once and mumbled that he would come back later and turned to leave.

After he'd gone the façade faded and Jo turned away so the security guard wouldn't see her disappointment, "good to know some things will never change no matter how far you are from home."