Alright, so I had a Rikkaidai drabble thing going on, but I got bored of it after three drabbles, so i deleted it. but I wanted this one to stay alive. I couldn't tell you why I like this one so much.

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Characters: Kirihara/Yukimura

Prompt: Pride

Yukimura Seiichi couldn't help but wonder about their Junior Ace. It had been a week into the start of a new school year, and a week since Kirihara had taken over as Rikkaidai's tennis Buchou.

"Is something bothering you, Seiichi?" Yanagi asked.

Yukimura blinked. "Just thinking about Akaya." He admitted.

"I'm sure the brats fine," Niou said. "Probably killed the entire club though."

"Killed?" Marui blinked.

"I think we should go and check on him." Yukimura suggested.

"Is it really bothering you that much?" Jackal asked.

Yukimura nodded. He was afraid the club wouldn't listen to Kirihara.

And so it was settled. Sanada insisted that since it was bothering Yukimura that they stop by the junior high.

"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." Yagyuu said as they entered the school's gates.

"I'd still like to check for myself." Yukimura responded.

As they approached the tennis courts they were shocked to hear laughter. Sanada cast a wary look at Yukimura.

Hiding behind bushes and tree trunks, the former regulars were shocked at what they saw.

"…And that's the story of the day we hid Sanada Fukubuchous hat." Said Kirihara, who was sitting Indian style in the middle of a group of yellow shirt clad tennis players, as if they were having kindergarten story time. "But," he suddenly stood up, his expression changing completely. "Because you've managed to distract me again…All of you 200 laps around the courts!"

Yukimura could have died laughing at the look on Sanadas face when various cries of "Hai Buchou!" came floating over. But he wouldn't. He had a reputation to maintain.

Marui was laughing. "Ne, Mura, I think he's doing just fine."

Yukimura's grin grew wide as a sense of pride filled his chest.

"Yes, Bunta. He is."