A/N: I just had to write something for Kakashi's birthday. (Yes, I know it was yesterday.) I'm thinking this might have three chapters? Yes, probably. Review, please!!

Kakashi's birthday was not a day that he particularly loved, nor was it one that he really hated. Minato always gave him something, even if it was small, and the rest of the team was forced to as well.

"Sorry I'm late!" Obito apologized, running down to the field.

"What lame excuse do you have today?" Kakashi asked.

"Today it's not lame," Obito pouted. "I had to get you a present."

Kakashi shrugged. He didn't have to comment on Obito's constant tardiness. To tell the truth, he didn't really care much.

"Here Kakashi," Minato grinned, throwing him a package. "This is from me and Kushina."

Kakashi nodded in thanks before tearing the brown paper off in one swift motion. He turned the object over in his hands and his jaw dropped.

"An Icha Icha series book?" he inquired in disbelief. "I don't think I'm legally allowed to read these."

"That's why I thought I'd get you a real copy," Minato chuckled. "And not those crappy fake ones you tend to read."

A slight pink color settled into the tips of Kakashi's ears, but he still tried to stare his sensei down. The blonde man simply smiled back.

"Thanks," he muttered, trying to avoid the glare of Minato's white teeth.

Rin came forward, offering him a small box, a shy smile spreading across her face.

"Happy birthday Kakashi," she sang. "Here's my present."

"Thank you," Kakashi said.

He opened the box to find a necklace, charms with letters hanging off.

"What's this?" he asked, confused.

"It's a good luck charm," Rin explained. "See, it has our first letters on it, M for Minato-sensei, O for Obito, R for Rin, and K for you Kakashi."

"I don't believe in luck," Kakashi told her bluntly. "But it was nice of you."

Rin looked down, but she was still smiling at the tiny compliment.

"And what about you?" Kakashi queried, turning to Obito.

"Oh you're going to love this," Obito assured him with a cocky grin.

The Uchiha youth pulled a bag from his pocket and shoved it toward Kakashi.

"Should I be ready for an explosion of some sort?" Kakashi raised his eyebrows, examining the bag.

"I'm your teammate," Obito laughed. "It's just a birthday present."

Kakashi shot him one last suspicious look before carefully opening the bag. He reached inside to pull out something that made him frown in disgust.

"What is this thing?" Kakashi inquired, holding it between two fingers.

"Well since you wear a mask, I thought I'd get you a new one," Obito smirked. "Since yours is a little boring, you know?"

Kakashi stared at the pink, yes pink, mask, dumbfounded.

"Idiot," he growled. "I can't believe you got this for me."

He was about to demand a fight with Obito, when he heard Minato start laughing.

"That was fun, kids," Minato shrugged. "But we've got work to do. Kakashi, I want you to go leave your gifts at home."

"Some of them are going straight in the trash," Kakashi retorted, his eyes shooting daggers at Obito.

Kakashi hurried home to put all the things away, and surprisingly, he did so with the utmost care. The necklace he quickly fastened around his neck, though he made sure that it would stay hidden under his clothes. The Icha Icha book was quickly stowed under his bed, for late night reading. Kakashi wondered for a minute what to do with the pink mask, and ended up putting it away in an empty drawer. Perhaps one day he would feel inclined to wear it.

He stole a glance at the sole picture in his home before leaving. Obito was grinning like an idiot, Rin was smiling awkwardly, Minato was laughing at his team's antics, and Kakashi was standing there emotionlessly. He couldn't help but smile a little bit.

His birthday this year hadn't been a day he had particularly hated.