~: Prologue :~

I laid back against the rocks and waited for the sun to come up. Gradually my hair dried, and I idly picked at the stiff, salted folds of the tuxedo jacket in my lap.

Tonight's adventures had been seriously disturbing, to say the least. I'd been scared, shot at, and chased. Chased! It was quite a bit to pack into a single evening.

As I waited, I thought that while I didn't need recovery time per se, I did need time to think. His jacket had held everything I'd expected, as well as three things that scared me and one that had me disturbed because it was just so . . . odd.

The keys and the cell phone I had fished out of his pockets had been summarily lobbed away into the water. No need for those, not on my end of things. The money would come in handy. The three little vial darts I had held up individually, suspiciously, and carefully. Why would he carry these around? They frightened me, but I didn't want to leave them behind, either.

The picture, on the other hand . . . .the picture was strange. It was obviously special to him, worn, folded, and wrinkled even before it had been wet. Yet despite the dampness and the dim light, it still looked like me.

Staring at it, I saw my same smile staring back at me. The very same smile I saw in the mirror in the mornings was right there, only bigger. Family? Some sibling of mine, perhaps? It could be my twin, but it couldn't be me.

First of all, I was never that happy. Secondly, until the Volturi had approached me to approach him, I had never been with him. The girl in this photo was practically glowing in his casual embrace.

Sighing, I put the photo back in the jacket pocket with the vial darts and the money. I needed a new plan, a new tactic, a new . . .life. Something was going on in this one that I didn't like, and I needed to figure out what it was and how to fix it before someone else set me up to die on their behalf.