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Sora's POV

The five of us began to run up the stairs, and up to where the king was waiting. After awhile, I noticed something was wrong, where were Namine and Kristen? I looked into Kairi's eyes with a questioning look. She seemed to understand, and said with sadness in her voice," I'll tell you when we get up there, I don't want to talk about it right now…" I left it alone for now, and we reached the library. We all stood at the top of the steps in need of air. "Some workout, huh?" Riku stated. After about thirty seconds of catching our breath. We stood up, and Roxas approached the door with haste. He opened the door and there was King Mickey. His eyes buried in a book, he looked up and saw us and smiled. The king put his book on the table and said, "Hi there everyone, boy we all have a lot to talk about."

Kairi's POV

"Take a seat everyone, make yourselves comfortable." He gestured towards the sofas. We nodded. I took a seat on the most comfortable looking sofa near Sora. He sat down next to me and took a hold of my hand and stroked it calmly. The king looked at me and began to speak," Before we begin, Kairi, I know this may be painful for you to do but before we get into explaining everything, I need you to tell us what happened at the world that never was. I know you don't want to talk about it but be brave, and talk." I held back the tears remembering Namine and Kristen. So I began to tell the tale of what happened in that castle. I told them about everything, him taking us, punishing us (decided not to write that down in the actual chapters before because I just forgot D: when I rewrite this I'll include that) the planning to escape, the actual escape, and the voice in my head that told me to use the screwdriver, and the note Namine had left for me within the machine. After I finished the story, everyone was quiet for awhile, Riku and Roxas looked depressed and I knew exactly why, Namine and Kristen had given up their chance at freedom to let me escape. I was surprised that they didn't hate me for leaving them there.

The first thing anyone had said within the first few minutes after I finished the story was Riku "So, Kristen and Namine are…?" He couldn't finish. I simply nodded and said "Still there, I'm sorry Riku…" He nodded and put his head down. It was Roxas' turn to speak next. "It's ok Kairi, we don't blame you, the only thing we can do now is work on finding these three crystals and try to rescue them." I nodded and looked at the King, "King Mickey what are these crystals?" The King looked towards me," I was actually looking for a book before you arrived, this is what I found." He stood up and walked toward the table in the center of the room, and grabbed the large book that was on top. He opened the book labeled "Old myths, legends and prophecies" and started flipping pages," Chapter nine, chapter nine … aha!"

He set the book back down on the table and turned it around for all of us to see. The chapter was called "Chapter 9, The Crystals of Heart". I looked up at King Mickey with a confused look and he gave us a wave to read it. "The Crystals of Heart," I began to read aloud," are three legendary crystals that can purge a certain evil that stalked these lands so many years ago. These crystals were made, In particular, to destroy a nobody named Nexus," I continued" Wait, Nexus isn't that?" The king nodded and I continued reading. "This was the man known for being the original organization member one whose spot was to be taken by the man known as Xemnas years later, the original crystals of heart were used by the three keyblade bearers whose names are unknown to this day. They fought against Nexus valiantly but to no success ; the keyblade bearers looked toward these three metalworkers known to most as fate, unknown, and twilight. The created the Crystals known today as the crystals of heart. These three metalworkers were also the men who created the Keyblades who choose their owners, (see chapter 12 Keyblades for more information) the Keyblade bearer's took the Crystal's of heart and fought Nexus with them. To no avail the bearers had only weakened Nexus; with one final act the bearers sacrificed themselves to trap Nexus away forever. Or so they had hoped. To this day Nexus still remains trapped in his cage according to legend. There is a prophecy foretelling the use of the Crystals of heart again and the escape of an ancient evil. No one to this day knows the prophecy except the descendants of those three keyblade bearers. If Nexus is to ever escape from his prison the new keyblade bearers must rise to the challenge and defeat Nexus. (Next chapter, Chapter 10, the legend of the ghost rider).

Sora's POV

We all looked up at the king in question, the first thing that crossed my mind I blurted out immediately," So, does this mean, that were supposed to find these so called 'Crystals of Heart?' seeing that Nexus is out of his cage?" The king looked at me and nodded. "But we don't even know where to start looking for them," Roxas continued. "And our only lead is the prophecy left by the three Keyblade bearers which we don't have," Riku interrupted. "Riku and Roxas are right," I stated, "Where do we even start looking for the prophecy and the crystals?" "If only we had that prophecy…" Kairi stated depressingly. The king looked at us with a large smile upon his face and began searching through his coat pockets "I know it was in here somewhere…" The king said to himself.

After about ten seconds, King Mickey pulled out a small, battered book. It was no bigger than my hand. The king opened it up and showed us. "This happened to fall into my possession a few years back, didn't think much of it at first. But, I know what it's for now. Why didn't I see it before?" The king questioned. "Um, excuse me for a sec, King Mickey, but what didn't you see before?" I asked. The king looked up with a smile, "This prophecy, this is the prophecy that the book talked about, didn't think much of it at first, but this prophecy gives us a riddle where all three crystals can be found!" He screamed happily, our eyes widened, "So the prophecy there can tell us where the crystals are?" Kairi questioned "Yes!" He replied. We smiled and gave him the go ahead to read it. "Ok, here goes," The king started.

Three Crystals to defeat an ancient evil

Three crystals encased in purity and light

Guarded by the bearers of the keys

If ever fallen into the wrong hands, the end of the world is nigh

The Crystal of destiny, designed by fate, placed before the doors wake

The Crystal of the forgotten, forged by the unknown, lies in the place long since forsaken by memories

The Crystal of truth, created by twilight, perched in the battle ground of a warrior that was once stolen by darkness.

All three crystals combined form the crystals of heart, and in the hands of men

Can save the world

Or bring it into darkness

Three Crystals to defeat an ancient evil

Three Crystals encased in purity and light

Three Crystals to bring them together

And defeat the darkness that drove them apart

King Mickey finished his reading and looked at us for help, "If these three crystals are where the prophecy says they are, we just need to figure out those three riddles and" Roxas started "And we can find the Crystals and kill nexus and rescue Namine and Kristen!" Riku shouted excitedly. "Now, all we have to do is find out where all of these crystals are, by the riddles, shouldn't be too hard right?" Kairi said. I paused for a moment and began to think. "Placed before the doors wake…. That sounds like a place I know." I stated.

Kairi looked at me with a confused look. "What place were you thinking of?" I looked back at my wife, "The secret cave." "You mean, back on Destiny islands?" Riku blurted. "What makes you say that the crystal actually is there?" Roxas added. I looked back at him, "Well, it says 'Designed by destiny' and 'Placed before the doors wake' it just makes sense if it was there and since we don't have any other leads on where the other Crystals could be lets just give it a shot." They all nodded towards me in agreement, Now we just have to get over there" Roxas stated. "Wait, Kairi, how'd you get here? You must of used something, right?" Riku prodded. Kairi looked at him for a moment and she started smiling deviously. "Yeah and you guys aren't going to BELIVE, how I got here."

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