I stood in the shadows of the unlit kitchenette as I watched the latest conquest leave our flat. This one, a brunette – huh – looked grey and hollow. All the light had left those pretty brown eyes that Ichigo had fallen for. It was almost sad how easily this one had broken. At least the redhead had had the guts to come back, yelling and breaking shit. I wouldn't have minded letting him have a go at me; with that temper, he had to be great in the sack. He had passion.

That passion could be felt even after he had gone for the last time – storming out the broken door, punching walls and taking down framed pictures. The fire he'd left behind lapped at my insides. That only-just-restrained fury and violence throbbed in the confines of the small flat – burning, smoking, suffocating. It made me want. It made me need. Damn.

So this brunette left, tail between his legs – what a pussy – never once noticing my watching him. When the door shut softly behind him, I made my way to the bedroom. It was time to see what he did to my Ichigo.

The orange-head's snores met my ears and I instantly knew that he had come hard. The kid was an insomniac – barely ever slept, except after fucking. Unconsciousness aside, plenty of evidence was laid out in front of me. His ass sported large, angry handprints and his back a deep bite. Wait, is that bleeding? My cock twitched at the thought. Then I noticed the brunette's cum seeping slowly out of my boyfriend's abused hole, and I was hard. It only partially occurred to me that my arousal was totally fucked up. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that normal people didn't get hard at the knowledge that they were being cheated on. Whatever.

I reached out with one hand and roughly fingered the bleeding wound on Ichigo's back. He whimpered under my touch, but didn't wake. Grabbing his hips violently, I flipped my sleeping lover over and fisted his cock with long, even strokes. Awake or not, I hoped he had it in him for another round. I used my other hand to finger-fuck him; the little slut could never get enough of that. As I expected, he was rock-hard in no time, so I climbed onto the bed and straddled Ichigo's hips. With no prep, I lined his cock up with my hole and slammed home. The exquisite burn forced me to still for only a moment, and then I was riding my boyfriend like there was no tomorrow. I wonder if he'll wake up, I thought absently, my attention focused on finding just the right angle to – there!

I groaned, loudly. Eyelids heavy, they eventually fell completely, and I rolled my hips while fantasizing about the redhead. That hair – god, how I wanted to yank on that hair until he screamed – until he threw me down and maybe even…

"Grimmjow?" Well, that just ruined my fantasy. With Ichigo awake, I had to pray that he didn't go soft on me. His eyes were open to just slits, and I watched the confusion slowly give way to something between anger and lust. He really hated topping.

"Yeah, baby. It's me," I all but whispered in the quiet only interrupted by the rhythmic slapping of skin on skin. Just hold on a little longer, Ichigo.

"Grimm, st – ah!" Just as he began his protest, I clenched down, squeezing hell out of his dick, and I knew he loved it. He glared at me, to no effect.

"Just hold on a little – ah! – longer for me, baby. Just a lit – fuck, yes!" Every stab was hitting my prostate perfectly, lighting my body on fire, and I was so close. Without realizing it, Ichi had begun to thrust in time with me. His hands were on my hips. I grabbed my cock and a mere three pulls got me off.

"Are you going to finish me off or not?" Ichigo asked, obviously annoyed. I had no idea how long I'd spaced out, but, opening my eyes, I saw my cum drying on his stomach and chest and a glare that could kill at least a small animal. I momentarily toyed with the idea of letting him take care of himself, but dismissed it. I moved to sit against the headboard and motion for Ichigo to come sit in my lap, back to my chest. I wouldn't be able to fuck him; I was spent, but I had plenty of other ideas.

"Suck," I demanded, thrusting three fingers into my Ichi's mouth. He eagerly accepted them and began to coat them in spit. With my other hand, I shoved two fingers into Ichi's hole with no warning. Luckily that other guy, Shuu-something, had been kind enough not to use a rubber; Ichi was nice and slick for me. It wasn't long until I had a third, and then a fourth finger pumping in and out of my lover as he whined around the digits in his mouth. I started to growl and filth spouted from my lips.

" I betcha want me to get my thumb in there, doncha, Ichi? You fucking whore, you'd love it if I fisted you, got my hand elbow-deep in your ass, wouldn't you?" I could barely believe what I was saying, but it wouldn't stop. "You love to be filled to the brink, doncha?"

He moaned, shuddering so sweet in my arms.

"You want something else in your ass, doncha baby?"

A nod. A groan when I bit his neck just hard enough to bruise.

I none-too-gently pulled my fingers from Ichi's hole, reaching blindly into the bedside drawer for his favorite toy. I rather like it too... Cock starting to stir, I ground my hips into that delectable ass.

"On your knees, bitch," I growled. Ever the obedient servant, Ichigo hurried to comply. I spit on the flesh-colored dildo – it measured over an inch-and-a-half in diameter, and no amount of prep would help my little orange-head without some lube – and touched it to his entrance.

"Grimm, please," he said, voice cracking.

"Please, what?" Ain't I a tease?

"Please, please, fuck me. I need it inside me." Begging now. I loved it.

I let my voice turn to a whisper. Soft, but stern. "One more time, baby. Say it one more time."

The orange-head turned so I could see his chocolate eyes. His reply was soft, filled with need. "Please fuck me, Grimm. I want to be filled up." Who am I to say 'no' to a face like that?

I slammed the dildo home, dick growing completely hard as I watched my boyfriend's hole twitch, trying to swallow around the intrusion. Pulling out, leaving only an inch or so inside, then shoving back in. I repeated that move over and over, never once hitting Ichi's prostate, though I knew just the right angle to get it. I planned to make him wait.

"Oh God! Grimm! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Please – pl-please, I need to – I need to – ah! - cum!" The last word a long, drawn out moan, Ichigo begged me – he was very good at begging – to finish him. I refused to give him what he wanted. At least, not until I'd had my fun. I could tell him it was punishment for cheating, but he'd probably love it. My little pain bitch.

I grinned, some might say evilly.

"I don't know, Ichi. Do you deserve to cum?" I asked sweetly. The only response I received was a low moan, followed by a much louder curse. I began to pull the toy out, the whine Ichigo let out going straight to my groin. I hissed – my cock couldn't help but love the sounds my long-time boyfriend made in the heat of the moment, and bobbed in time with my pounding heartbeat. I stopped when only the "head" of the fake cock remained inside.

"Come on, Ichi. Tell me what I wanna hear," I coaxed. I teased his hole, rotating the toy in small circles, still not pushing back in. I waited patiently for the answer.

"Ma – Master, please let me cum. Please let Your slut cum," Ichigo begged in his most submissive voice; slightly higher pitched, but raspy and sexy as hell. I groaned deep in my throat, then pulled the dildo roughly out of Ichigo and threw it aside as he whined at its absence.

Then I slammed into him.

He screamed.

I thrusted.

His passage tightened around my dick as I nailed his prostate one, two, three times in a row.

I came inside my boyfriend, and we lay together covered in our own sweat and cum. I felt myself grow soft inside him and slip out just before I fell asleep.

I dreamed of long red hair and bold tattoos.

When I woke up, Ichigo was gone.