"You still mad at me?"

She ignored him.

"Ziva!" he slammed a hand in front of her against the wall, blocking her path with his arm.

She glared.

"Good six months ago, you would have broken that off…"

"Kind of risky then… wasn't it Tony?" she used a biting tone as she spoke.

"Worth it…"

She dropped the glare for half a second in shock.

"You're in my way… Tony…" she spoke, somewhat more civilly.

"You still didn't answer my question… Zee-vah…" he smiled, cocky.

"I was never… mad… at you…"

He scoffed, "You could have fooled me…"

"I don't have time for this! We should be trying to find out who that army ranger is! If he even is an army ranger, and not some freak who just put the uniform on!"

"First of all Abby's running his prints, second, he's army, not navy… so keep it down, he's not really our jurisdiction, and third, then who the HELL, were you mad at?" he quirked an eyebrow at her, waiting for a response.

"MYSELF! Tony! Okay? I was mad at myself, no pissed… for being stupid enough to think… to think that I could have… I could have…" she sighed.

"Could have what? A boyfriend?" Tony spoke, genuinely confused now.

"No…" she sounded defeated, "to think that I could have someone who loved me for me, I was miffed with you because you told me what I knew but wouldn't admit, he was using me, I knew it the first time I slept with him…"

"Ziva…" his poor Ziva, she'd had her beautiful, strong little heart, broken to many times. "I'm sorry…"