Author notes: I was inspired to write this after reading another FF story (sorry but i dont remember its name, but thanks to the author), also the characters appearing are heavilly inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Words in Italic, are thoughts.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything, DC Comics does.

Staying with Batman for a day after being released, the Titan's learned that Crane had been caught only a day after herself, almost without a fight. Batman theorized he had wanted to study the effect his latest concoction up close. Raven had mentally sworn Crane would be left with no mind if he ever tried to use her as a guinea pig again. Finally returning to the Tower, Raven could finally changed back into her leotard and cloak. Noticing for the first time, that it was a bit chilly around her bare legs. After reviewing the surveillance tapes alone, she decided it might be good for the others to see what she had been up to, when she had been governed by Rage and Happy. The others found it frightening so see her brawling with a dozen guards, but humorous when she had literally been crawling over Croc's massive body to get to his bowl. Robin, to say the least, was terrified, Beastboy and Cyborg where slack jawed, Starfire looked overjoyed when they saw Raven under Happy's influence, laughing like a maniac when not smiling broadly dancing around with the Joker and Harley in the mess hall. Raven gave them a fair warning before she let the video of the party night play over the screen. When it finished, Raven noted Beastboy looked sick; the other three looked like they were carved in stone. Raven got a satisfying sense of terror from them when she let the bloody smile appear on her face.

To Robins satisfaction, Raven began to take his combat lessons more seriously, becoming decent in it according to Batman who had requested to be kept informed on Raven, in case Arkham had left a lasting impression on her. Decent to Batman, would mean quite skilled to anyone else. But to both Batman's and Robin's dismay, Raven would occasionally return to Arkham to visit Croc and Bane. They had both thought she had presented a fa├žade to the pair to survive.

Whenever the Titans would try enjoying a normal day as normal teenagers, Raven would occasionally wear the asylum shirt, earning her many stares but keeping people away from her, as she preferred them. Whenever she felt like it, she could scare them away with the bloody smile she could have emerge at will.