The events and people in this story are not mine they belong to stephanie meyer and she is my idol mate!!

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sorry its not much of a story just a poem written by edward for bella

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this poem is dedicated to my bestfriend her fanfiction name is : 4evavampirexx

she is an amazing writter but hasnt written anything on here yet. :)

Bella, i love you

more than you know

even though you hate snow

and i have to live in cold places

so people cant see my family's real faces

somehow you saw us for what we really are

and shot across my sky like a flying star

im sorry i had to leave

please dont be too sad

i said i didn't want you anymore

that made me feel so bad

the hole time i wasn't with you i curled up in a ball

and thats when i heard of your fatal fall

i went to the volturi to die

little did i realise you were alive and thinking why

when i saw your face i thought i was dead

then you finally got through to my thick head

the volturi guardes came to collect us

i was really messed up

alice came to help

jane made me yelp

then we got let off

but i made a promise i didnt want to keep

i thought about it at your house while you were asleep

when you woke

you gave yourself a poke

it was your turn to think you were gone

because you saw me with loving in my eyes

i tried to make you believe that you were not dead

but it was too much for your breakable head

it came to you what happened but you werent sure it was real

so we took off to my house, a journey that would have once made you squeel

my family voted to turn you into one of us

you couldn't see why i was making such a fuss

i really didnt want you to lose your soul

but i felt like i was being dragged into a hole

now that your a vampire

i realised what i could see

us both vampires with child

is what was meant to be.

i love you so much

your husband, Edward, i love to feel your still soft touch.