A.N: SPOILERS!!! Harbingers in the Fountain SPOILERS....
Now that's over and done with... First time I've managed to pause and write for quite a while, not quite sure what to make of it, but I wanted to get it out (Hopefully first one!!), so I'd love some feedback. Inspired by the ep, and by Pink's amazing Crystal Ball. Enjoy!

Pennies in a Well.


"I can't believe I was so stupid!" He growls, sending another coin skipping across the reflection pool, glad for the desertion the late hour brings. Hands run through already dishevelled hair, thrust into purposefully empty pockets in a vain attempt to curb his restless, undeniably damaged brain.

His shoes crush the grass as he paces, the nearly limitless space of the mall lost on his agitated psyche to thoughts of the mistake that he nearly made.

A chuckle escapes from his throat at the thought of the damned psychologist who was far too obvious in his attempts at matchmaking before his brains were jumbled about suddenly doing everything to make sure it didn't happen.

He really wanted to punch him.

Or better yet, the clown.

The clown whose mere presence had brought the rest of his life, their life to an abrupt and honking halt, the sudden shock of reality just as cold as the squirt gun hitting him in his face. All of a sudden, he couldn't take that step. Even if the last time he kissed her it felt like the most amazing thing to ever hit his soul, even if the feel of her in his arms had haunted him for the last four years, and even if the connection he had with her, and had possessed for so long it was as integral a part of him as his bones, was beyond anything he'd even dreamed possible, that damned clown had put a nail in the door he'd finally decided to open.

And to have kept so much under lock and key for so long, then being allowed to live something he'd never permitted himself to contemplate of course was going to screw with his head. Pretty pictures did not a life make.

Yet he'd held back. He wondered how long it'd be that his brain scan showed this, how long it would be considered "abnormal"...Weeks? Six already felt like more than enough.
Months? Time enough to regain his footing...And time enough to become settled into their little rut/niche again.
Years? Her biological clock had already gone off once, and the only children he ever could imagine her with were an amalgamation of the two of them, and God only knew what could end up happening in the field in the meantime. Finding her stabbed in the delinquent doctor's offices had been bad enough. Or would it finally come, years down the track having been best friends for a lifetime that it finally becomes obvious that it was more than just screwy chemicals in a damaged shell? That the life they'd shared was far more than the mere parts could ever be? A deathbed confession and a life of joy wasted...

A sigh slipped past his still chapped lips, long fingers turning a coin over and over, weary eyes tracing the glitter of the Memorial's lights reflecting on the shining surface. With a moan, his slightly weaker than usual arms fling it out into the water, watching the ripples spread, eventually fading to nothingness...

He just hoped that the ripples that he'd caused for them would eventually do the same.


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