This fanfiction contains scenes suited an adult audience. If you are not of age, please be warned that this fiction contains sexual themes.

Also, double penetration. If that is not your kink, feel free to go back and look through the rest of the archiv until you find something suitable for your tastes. I'm sure it's out there. :3

On one last note, this is unbeta'd. I hope you'll still enjoy it.

Feeling Good

They were going to devour him. They were already tearing him up and apart with their heated glances, the fleeting touches. Yes, they were going to eat him up and make him part of them.

But Austria didn't really mind. He wanted them to touch him, ensnarl him in their little lies. The false sense of security he had longed for. He was a man that lived with alliances and marriages, siding with who he thought would win. And in this case, it was Germany and Prussia. Hungary and Italy had both wanted to talk Germany out of it, he knew. But all nations had to listen to what their bosses said and Germany was no exception. Once a loyal dog, always a loyal dog.

So now he sat with the two brothers, enjoying a quiet dinner. Austria had been the one to cook since he abhorred the food Prussia cooked and while he did enjoy Germany's meals, the other man had been too busy to make dinner himself. In the end, the Austrian had been the one to pick up the apron, grabbing whatever he needed as he searched the cabinets. He had tried to make Prussia leave the kitchen but the other had just grinned cheekily and said something along the lines of "My awesomeness will make this food even better." By the time Germany returned, the kitchen was a mess and Prussia and Austria had taken a shower. But at least dinner had been ready. So while Prussia set the table, Germany cleaned the kitchen. And Austria? He watched them both.

And up until now, dinner had been a pleasant and enjoyable affair. Germany had complimented Austria on the food while Prussia just shoveled it into his mouth. Which meant that he liked it as well. Somewhere inside Austria, a tiny little voice said: "See? They do appreciate you. You're needed." So Austria smiled quietly to himself and continued to eat.

Until Prussia had thrown his fork down, glowering at his brother. "West, how long do will we have to keep waiting? He's been here long enough and you haven't claimed him like that yet! You promised me that I could join!" Prussia sounded like an impatient little child, Austria decided but then turned to face Germany, quirking an eyebrow. "Like what?" Germany swallowed nervously and coughed. "You see, Roderich… Prussia told me about how you… claim someone. Or at least how it used to be done." What was he-? Oh. Austria blushed but turned to face a grinning Prussia. "You told him about those times? Prussia, that was ages ago and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't fill his head with such nonsense." "Hey hey, West liked the idea! He's secretly- mmmph!!" A gloved hand had covered the Prussians mouth. The owner of said hand glances nervously at the Austrian member of their household. "I told him that it would take time and that you might not want him to join since I know that you and he don't get along and-" Germany was starting to babble. Honestly, that man spent way too much time with Feliciano, the endlessly babbling ray of pasta eating sunshine.


Germany stopped upon hearing that single word and gave the bespectacled nation a shy look. Prussia ceased his struggled as well and glanced at the blushing Roderich.

"…I'm not sure what Prussia really told you. And I don't think you're technically old enough for that yet."

Germany opened his mouth to protest and even his brother looked angry, already opening his mouth to complain but Austria raised a hand, efficiently silencing them both.

"But if you are sure…" Austria trailed off, playing with the hem of his sleeves under the table. "I'm willing to… indulge you."

For a long time, silence reigned in the room. Until Prussia started to crackle, grinning from ear to ear. "I'm calling dibs on your ass, Specs. It's been a while since I've been able to enjoy you." Austria scowled. "Prussia, Germany is the one that I joined, not you. If anything, he should be the one to-"

"I read…" Germany cleared his throat while the other nations ceased their banter and turned to face the younger male. "I read that it's possible for someone to get claimed by two. At the same time."

"West, are you implying that-?" Prussia trailed off, apparently mulling his brother's words over. Then his face split into a wide grin. "I think I'm going to enjoy that, hearing the sissy moan and mewl as we both take him…"

Austria suddenly wondered what he had gotten himself into. But before he could take his words back, Prussia had sprung into action, leaping over the table and cashing his lips against those of the Austrian.

Behind him, Germany made a choked noise as he watched his brother devour Austria's mouth. The way Austria's cheeks flushed and how his hands came up to tug at Prussia's shirt to pull him away but only ended up tugging him closer… And how his brother, his beloved brother ran his hands through Austria's hair, tugging here and there, eliciting a sweet moan from the brunet nation... Ludwig could see just how much Austria wanted them. Wanted them to devour him. Claim him.

Germany could feel his pants grow tighter and was suddenly glad that he had stored some lotion in his bedside table. They were going to need it.