Fingers were shoved into his mouth and Austria could taste himself on them. Prussia, he thought and stared at the smug man. So Germany must be… Austria turned his head some more. Yes, Germany was the one preparing him, an open bottle of lube lying next to him. Austria moaned weakly and nuzzled the palm of Prussia's hand. He hadn't even noticed Gilbert taking off the shirt that had trapped him before. It must have happened when Roderich was trying to rest.

"You didn't really think we'd forget about this, did you?" Germany's voice was calm and controlled but his breathing was uneven as he watched the brunet nation squirm, a finger inside him. Ludwig could hardly wait to sink into the tight heat of Austria's body and if the other would keep squirming like this… Germany moaned breathlessly as he imagined Austria lying beneath him, fingernails digging into his shoulder and his sweet voice crying out for more, Ludwig, please more! as Germany filled him again and again and-

"West. Remember, sharing is caring!"

Gilbert had seen the way his brother way eyeing Roderich and he knew what his brother had been thinking about. He had been thinking about the same thing after all. But no, he would hold back for now. Austria was part of Germany now. Not Prussia. So Gilbert was patient, enjoying the noises Roderich made, muffled by the albino's fingers. The nation snickered and removed his fingers. Austria looked like he wanted to say something.

"P-please… ah…"

Yes, Prussia had missed that voice begging for more. He hadn't heard it too often. And Ludwig seemed captivated by it. Of course, Gilbert realized, his brother hadn't seen the usually composed Austria like this before.

Playing the piano, yes. Scolding him for attempting to throw his clothes away when there was only a little hole in them? Yes. But not like this, begging like this. Begging for Germany to fill him, own him.

"See? I told you that begging comes as an instinct to him. He likes this." Prussia moved to kneel beside his brother, watching as Ludwig's finger was swallowed again and again by Roderich's willing body.

"Don't worry about hurting him. He likes a little bit of pain…" Prussia bit down on hard Austria's shoulder, drawing blood making the man quiver and moan. Gilbert crackled and licked at the wound, enjoying the taste of blood. "You'll learn soon enough what he likes and doesn't like, West. You have an awesome teacher and a very willing sissy."

"Be quiet!" Roderich was glaring at the red-eyed nation, a soft scowl on his face. "I am not willing to be on the bottom all the time and before you say anything else, I do not act like a woman. Not am I one, as you should be well aware."

Germany couldn't help but roll his eyes as Prussia and Austria started to bicker and decided to shut the brunet up by inserting another finger, pressing the two digits against Austria's prostrate, making the man shudder and clench his fingers into fists. Prussia laughed and taunted Roderich but a glare from his brother made him shut up and sulk instead.

"Roderich, we need to change your position… I can't move my fingers like this."

Austria merely mewled, too caught up in his pleasure to really comprehend what Ludwig just told him. Gilbert snorted softly and pressed Austria's face down onto the mattress, tugging at his hips to raise them into the air. "Better, West?"

Germany shot his brother a grateful look and moved his fingers at a steady, slow pace. He didn't want to make Austria come yet; he only wanted to stretch him for the things that were to come.

Two fingers weren't enough to prepare Austria for the double penetration so once the man had loosened up and relaxed a bit, Germany shoved in another finger, making Austria tense up again.

"Slow down. I w-won't be able to handle this pace so easily…" He turned his head and gave the brothers a pleading look.

He looked so eatable, with his glazed over eyes and red, swollen lips. His hair was so messy and the glasses were giving all of it a very nice touch. He looked so shameless, sprawled out like that with his butt in the air, greedily swallowing what they were giving him.

He was only tempting them harder. Germany and Prussia both wanted to plunge right into him, fill him and make him theirs. Prussia licked his lips while Germany swallowed drily, suddenly feeling like it was too hot in this room. Germany wordlessly handed his brother the bottle with lube and the smaller male covered his fingers with it, shoving two of them in to join Germany's.

Austria threw his head back and sobbed. "Stop! Stop it! You're going too fast…" He could only moan afterwards, shifting his body so he could meet the thrusts and the fingers that were teasing him, spreading him open for them.

"You're begging us to stop and here you are, just taking our fingers inside like they belong there. You don't really mind, do you?" It was Germany who had asked this, Germany who was usually so shy about this. Prussia was crackling again, nudging his brother's side. "Didn't know you were into such things."

Roderich couldn't even answer; he just shuddered and shook his head, pushing back against the fingers. There were more pushing inside, making the Austrian sob and trash a bit but a sharp swat at his back made him stop. "Don't worry sissy, we'll be done here soon." Like that was really comforting but Austria appreciated the gesture. He had found out long ago that Prussia was just awkward when it came to words.

Finally they pulled their fingers back out, making Austria collapse on the bed. The brothers were sharing glances again, hushed German words were whispered and finally, Ludwig fell down against the covers, Prussia grinning like an idiot as he watched him. "Trust me, West. It's going to be awesome."

Gilbert picked Austria up, half dragging and half carrying him over to Germany. He let Roderich lean against him, spreading the man's legs and lifting him up. "Ready, Roderich?" Austria nodded and turned his head to press his lips against Prussia's forehead. Prussia merely chuckled and lowered Austria on Ludwig's strained erection.

The brunet shuddered and squirmed a bit, closing his eyes. But he didn't make a move to pull away, to run away from all this. And once he was seated, Austria opened his eyes again and looked down at Ludwig, who was hanging onto every ounce of self-control so he wouldn't just start thrusting up.

"West, make him move back up."

Roderich knew what this meant. Prussia was going to join his brother.
And before he knew it, something else was pushing inside him, making him tense and clench, closing himself to the new intrusion. "S-specs… Don't tense, you're only making it worse." Gentle hands were stroking at his chest and Austria looked down to Ludwig again, who wore a worried, gentle expression. "It's okay, we've got you."

The muttered words and gentle petting made Roderich relax after a while so Gilbert was fully sheathed after a bit more pushing and pulling. Harsh breathing filled the air and no one was moving for a while.

Austria had never filled this filled before. He had had his own share of male lovers but nothing had been like this. Neither Germany nor Prussia were small and Austria was surprised when they both fit snugly. The fingers had been good for something after all.

A groan filled the air.

"Damn it Specs, move."

Roderich didn't need to hear anything else; he carefully started to move his hips, clenching and unclenching around the brothers. Prussia's hands found his hips while Germany's fingers were wrapped around Austria's arms, helping him move.

And he needed the support because soon, he wasn't able to move at all anymore. With every thrust, pleasure seared through his body, making him mewl and whimper and arc his back. "Ahn… Ludwig… Gilbert…"

Ludwig was groaning and snapping his hips up as fast as he could, moving inside Austria, against his brother, causing delicious friction to spread through their bodies, making them tingle pleasantly.

The constant movement, the way their bodies were already sensitive from their previous activities sent them soon over the edge.

Austria came first, screaming and keening the names of his two lovers, clenching tightly around them. Germany groaned and bucked his hips, filling the other nation with his seed which sent Prussia over the edge, the albino nation biting down on Austria's shoulder, drawing blood once more. Austria fell down on top of Germany and Prussia soon followed, making the blond nation groan and protest. But they stayed like this a little bit longer, Ludwig patting Austria's back and sharing kisses with his brother over the brunet's shoulder.

Finally, Prussia rolled off of Austria and complained loudly about how everything could have been much more awesome but he was silenced by the two glares sent his way. Neither Ludwig nor Roderich were willing to listen to his complaints right now. Gilbert huffed and snuggled up next to his brother, a pout clearly evident on his face. Roderich slapped Prussia's shoulder and glowered at him but he felt so drowsy so he closed his eyes. Only for a few seconds, he told himself. Just for a few seconds and then I'll go and get up to clean the mess…

His body felt sore and heavy. Okay, maybe a bit more than a few seconds. Maybe a couple of minutes and then he would-

Roderich fell asleep, held tightly by Ludwig and one hand intertwined with Gilbert's.

Thaaat's it. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed writing it a lot, back when I filled it at the Kink Meme. :3 Also, if anyone read it there, I mentioned an Omake. No, I haven't forgotten about it, I'm working on it, actually. I should have in up in a little while too~ So please enjoy it as well, when I post it on here.