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Chapter 3: 'Talking skills. Screaming insults.'

When you are reborn as a pokemon, the first thing you will notice is how different the world looks, smells and sounds from back when you were human. The second thing you'll notice is that you now have a much higher threshold for pain.

I realised this back when I was with Papa Bear. When those few newbie trainers that didn't run away immediately sent out their pokemon to attack, I learned that even though I could feel the pain, very rarely (and only if I had a lot of damage) would the pain overwhelm me or hurt so much I couldn't move, something that would have happened with far less injures when I was human. Plus you can heal from most of the less serious injuries in less than a day.

Healing is even faster in a pokeball.

Despite this little fact, when red-head caught me, I quickly realised that being stuck in a pokeball was not for me.

Why, you ask? Well for one thing, everything you see in a pokeball, the so called 'simulated environment' is so dull, boring and fake it's a wonder why the pokeball designers even bothered in the first place. Second there is no one to talk to and the third and final reason is that not knowing what was going on outside in the real world was driving me crazy! Being in there to me was almost as bad as being in the nothingness, minus the feeling of being drugged and the insane legendaries on sugar.

Glaring at the badly animated forest around me and then at the annoying grey dome that was the sky, I was about to try and break out of the goddamn prison myself when everything lit up and I felt myself being shoved out.

Blinking back the blindness from my eyes, as the light from the pokeball faded, I waited until I could see properly before turning my gaze towards my new trainer.

Red hair glittered in the sunlight and silver eyes looked at me coldly, before the fourteen year old they belonged to, nodded at my condition and began tampering with his pokedex.
As he was doing that and I was trying not to have nose-bleed from being around someone so amazingly handsome (I have a weakness for cool hair and eyes, alright?), I almost fainted when something tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hi there! That was a great battle back there! Have you been human owned in the past? 'Cause I've never seen a grass type move like that! Your old trainer must have been really talented!" Turning to face the Totodile I had fought just moments before, I gave the blue reptile my most charmingly evil smile.

"Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm completely untamed." Inwardly I seethed at his words; honestly, I WAS a human once, why the hell would I need to be taught tactics?! Besides, assuming things like that was just rude!

"Oh yeah... Sorry about the whole ambush thing; Silver said we couldn't run the risk of letting such a rare pokemon like you get away. My name's Raven and our human over there is Silver. Sorry about the late introductions and assuming stuff and all... I wasn't trying to be rude." I blinked for a moment then giggled as the Totodile blushed and rubbed the back of his head with embarrassment.

Oh boy... There was no way I could stay angry at someone with a face like that. Honestly, this Totodile was almost as cute as his trainer!

"That's ok, you're forgiven. I just needed to blow off some leftover steam from earlier. Getting my butt kicked like that really got to me." I flicked my head leaf to the side and began absorbing sunlight to restore my strength. "My name's Chigusa, but you can call me Chi. I hope we can be friends!" I held out my front paw for to him to shake but ended up blushing madly when he grabbed and kissed it instead.

"What the-?!"My yelp of surprise cut off when the Totodile then kneeled in front of me and flashed me a toothy grin.

"Forgive me, Miss Chi, but you are just simply too stunning for words. I hope you don't mind my forwardness but you really are cute! Be my girlfriend, pretty please?!"I stared at Raven for almost 10 minutes before I burst out laughing.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry... It's just, the way you said that, and tried to act all cool and fancy and stuff was hilarious!" Seeing the Totodile's hurt expression I tried to muffle my laughter with my head leaf but this only made it harder for me to breathe. Finally calming down, I tried (and failed) to look apologetic.

"Sorry... I wouldn't mind accepting your offer, but really, I don't know if I'm old enough. I only hatched from my egg about three months ago and I have no idea how fast Chikorita age so... How old do I have to be for this sort of thing anyway? A year? Six months? Is asking me out on a date now paedophilia? Am I even old enough to know what that word means?"

Raven's eyes bulged as I continued to shoot off random questions. When I finally paused, the Totodile stared at me in shock.

"You're only three months old?! I mean...I thought you were a little small but... Where'd you learn to fight like that- no, even more importantly, how can you eat solid food yet?! Most Chikorita your age are still learning how to walk, how does that work? I thought you were older than me!" Raven babbled rapidly as I wrapped my leaf around my ears to cut the sound out.

Deciding that talking to the Totodile right now was a waste of time, I turned around and watched as Silver tampered with the pokedex and swore under his breath as the pokedex failed at whatever it was he was trying to get it to do.

It seemed, despite being very talented battler, Silver was still a newbie. After all, these days only amateur trainers didn't know how to work a pokedex. Honestly, with the amount of things you had to use them for, you couldn't afford not to know.

"Then again, maybe he's just not good with technology. I was always crap at using phones and stuff so why can't he be?" I sighed as my trainer groaned and glared at the pokedex in rage. "Honestly though... you'd think he would have pulled out the instruction manual by now. Is he one of those stupid annoying guys that are too proud and stubborn to ever admit that they're wrong? God, I hope he isn't. I can't stand that type! Having a trainer like that would drive me nuts."

As thoughts of how horrible my trainer could be began to swirl about in my head, I suddenly noticed the lack of noise behind me. Glancing back I froze as I saw Raven staring at me, a hurt puppy-like expression on his face.

"You didn't have to go and ignore me like that, Miss Chi. I was just curious... How did you get so strong and stuff while just being a kid? Please tell me; I promise I won't tell anyone else, I swear it on my pride as a Totodile!" Seeing those watery eyes, I felt a stab of guilt and sighed.

"What would you think if I told you that my parents abandoned my egg long before I hatched and I probably would have died if I hadn't been taken in and cared for by a twelve-foot tall Ursaring?" Raven paused thoughtfully and placed a claw under his chin.

"Well... I'd say that your luck sucks, your parents were jerks and I want to meet that Ursaring dad of yours; he sounds awesome!"

I winced slightly at the bluntness of his words. Well, if he wasn't bothered by that then maybe...

"Well then... what would you say if I told you I was once human, got stabbed and died, got reborn as a Chikorita and I really, really hate pokeballs?" I watched him with a hopeful expression. It wasn't very likely, but maybe he'd believe me. Papa Bear had, but then again Papa was unique. I couldn't expect everyone to simply accept things the way he did.

"I'd say... Wait? Human? Stabbed? What are talking about here? Some sort of horror movie?" Raven looked at me confused as a sweatdrop formed over my head.

Ok... Maybe asking him to believe all that in one go was a bit too much.

"Never mind. It wasn't important anyway..." I was saved from having to explain any further when a loud 'BEEB' buzzed out from behind us. Turning around, I spotted Silver pointing the pokedex in my direction.

'Yay. Looks like he finally got the damn thing to work.'

"Chikorita, the Leaf pokemon. Is well known for being able to use the unique aroma of its leaves to calm raging pokemon. This one is female and seems to be of the 'Docile' disposition." I glared as the machine began listing my 'personality'.

What the hell?! Docile?! I wasn't docile! I just don't like arguing when I know I'm going to lose! Any stupid talking machine-thing that says anything otherwise deserves to die!

Raven's claws gripped my shoulder as I readied my Razor Leaf.

"Don't worry about it. All pokedexes are like that. When Silver scanned me for the first time, it said I had a 'Jolly' nature. We Totodiles are all fun-loving and easy going by nature so I think it's a bit of a biased judgement but, well, it's not like we can argue. Besides, Silver's just using that thing to check your attacks and stats and stuff anyway." The Totodile shrugged then looked back towards Silver.

"Oh, it's listing your attacks now- Wait! You know Leaf Storm? That's awesome! And Leech seed and Grass Whistle too?! Wow! I didn't think Chikorita learned those attacks; that's so cool~ Oh!" I nodded slightly as Raven continued to 'Ohh' and 'Ahhh' at my various attacks. And though I did a pretty good job of hiding it, I was pretty surprised too.

Sure, I'd known about my Vine whip, but Leaf storm is a really powerful attack! I'm not supposed to know attacks like that until I'm Lv.50 or something. And Leech Seed has to breed into a Chikorita through one of the Bulbasaur evolutionary line. Maybe Mew and Celebi had pulled a few stings for me?

Soon the pokedex began to list my level (which was Lv.17) and my base stats. I stared at the machine longingly. 'Damn. I have to get me one of those. Preferably a purple one.'

Finally the machine stopped and I found myself looking up at my new trainer nervously.

Sometimes when a trainer is looking for a pokemon to raise into a strong fighter for his team, the trainer will head out, catch a pokemon at random, check its condition and will then decide whether or not the pokemon is worth keeping. And judging by the way Silver was going over the results a second time (this time reading them on the screen rather than listening to that stupid automatic voice) it was obvious he was only interested in raising a truly powerful pokemon.

I shifted uncomfortably.

I had already befriended Raven (well... been hit on anyway) and the thought of not travelling together with this group suddenly felt depressing. I froze when Silver's cold eyes fixed on me.

Agghh! He's scary... Can this guy be any more intimidating right now without evolving into a Gyarados? He didn't look anywhere near as creepy a few minutes ago. Is he trying to freak me out? I glared at him defiantly and swished my leaf arrogantly. If that's the case there was no way in hell he's going to scare me! If he doesn't cut this out soon I'll show him how scary I can be!

There was a flicker of ...something... in Silver's eyes for a moment then what looked like a tiny smile appeared on Silver's face.

"Well it seems you might be good enough. Do you want a nickname or should I just call you Chikorita?"

I grinned as Silver watched me closely. Great! A trainer who asks his pokemon's opinions. Maybe I really did have a chance of being on a winning team. Well if he wants a name...

"Chi! Chi, chiko Chiko-ri-ta!" Silver gave me a blank look as I blushed.

Crap! I'd forgotten I can't speak human!

I waved my leaf nervously for a moment then groaned at how stupid I had been. Mew and Celebi had told me not to write about my human self but I could still write my new name, right?
I pressed my front paw against the ground and slowly began to write my name, ignoring the startled looks that Silver and Raven were giving me.

"C-H-I-G-U-S-A... There! That's my name right there, Silver! I hope you can read though, 'because otherwise all of that would have been a waste..." Realising he wouldn't understand a word I was saying, I paused and glanced up at Silver, his face both thoughtful and tense.

"A pokemon, who can write, has good attacks and is incredibly rare in the wild. I would have been thrilled if this wasn't so suspicious. Well, if there is someone after us, I'll just finish them off with Scarlet." Silver's eyes went cold again as he reached for my pokeball.

As soon as the pokeball was in sight, I quickly used my vines to rip it out of Silver's grasp. Ignoring my trainer's shouts, I tightened my grip around the evil red and white torture device and threw it as hard as I could against a nearby tree. I then ran over, jumped on it a few times for good measure before running back over to Silver's side, triumphant grin lighting up my face.

Silver and Raven stared at the once shiny new pokeball before turning back to me.

"Wow... When you said you hated pokeballs you really meant it, huh?" Raven paused to whistle as Silver walked over to try and pull the ball out of the ground.

As soon as it was out, Silver shot me an angry glare. I whimpered and rubbed my head against his leg as an apology. My trainer glared at me for a few more seconds, glanced at the now dented pokeball in his hand and sighed.

"I guess you'll be staying outside of your pokeball for a while. Fine, I don't care. Just don't wander off, alright? I don't want to waste time looking for you."

I gulped and nodded as Silver fixed me with yet another of his stares before walking towards the nearby path. There was another tap on my shoulder, and I turned to see Raven hop past me.

"You might want to hurry up Miss Chi. Silver is rather absentminded and has a tendency to not notice if someone slips behind. So... wanna race?!"

With that Raven charged forward. Laughing, I chased after him.

This was going to be fun~

Not far from where Silver and his pokemon where, a small blue bird perched on tree branch shivered, as yet another cold breeze blasted against its soft feathers.

Finally, as the wind began to die down, the Taillow took one look at her now tattered and ruffled feathers, and sighed.

'God! Why the hell is Johto so damn cold all the time? Just because I happen to be a small blue bird with a susceptibility to cold?! Dammit! If I knew it was going to be this cold, I might as well have stayed in Hoein...' The Taillow froze at her trail of thought and shuddered a second time, this time a reason far from the cold.

"Nope. Don't mind the cold. I don't mind the cold. No way. I'm just a little worn out from all that flying!" The Taillow winced at the insincerity of her own voice. "And I don't mind not having any friends here either! I mean... I wouldn't have minded if someone from the flock had decided to come with me but with the way they acted, I should have killed one of the fucking bastards before I left! I mean seriously, who the hell leaves a baby Taillow like me to go half way across the world by herself?! Fucking Arseholes! And what was with that whole 'she's not like us anyway' speech?! Just because I'm a little different, doesn't mean I can't kick their tail holes! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" The Taillow spun around and screamed this last part into the face of the Cyndaquil who had slowly but surely sneaking up behind her.

Spotted, the Cyndaquil let out a shrill squeak and tumbled backwards, his eyes wide. Annoyed, the Taillow grimaced.

"Figures... The one nice warm pokemon that might have kept me from freezing to death is the one that overhears my psychotic ranting. Just great. You probably think I'm in need of a shrink or something too. Well, sucks to be you, because I'm leaving now and you miss out on your free entertainment. Goodbye pip-squeaky!" The Taillow spread out her wings and was about to fly off, when a thought shot through her mind. Turning back to the Cyndaquil, she lifted an eyebrow.

"Hang on a minute? You're a Cyndaquil right? Aren't Cyndaquil supposed to be like, super rare in the wild and the only ones you'll ever encounter in your life are ones that are trainer owned, who's trainers will probably be nearby-"The Taillow glanced to the side as the pokeball flying towards her seemed to move in slow motion. Knowing that there was no way to dodge the incoming missile, the Taillow did the only thing she could of.


As the pokeball clicked shut over the Taillow and dropped to the ground, a boy with black hair and shining golden eyes stepped out of the bushes as a Glameow sat calmly next to him cleaning her paws.

Waiting until the ball had stopped rocking and gone still; the boy picked it up calmly then walked over to the tree. The Cyndaquil, sensing his trainer, grinned and jumped down to land on the boy's back.

Immediately the boy's face broke into a smile.

"Great job there, Explotaro! I can't believe we caught that thing so easily; you didn't even have to weaken it. Oh well. I still don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure it'll help you find your buddy. So guys? Want to go into town and order the biggest order of berries and pokeblock you've ever seen in your lives?" The boy's offer was met with enthusiasm as both the Cyndaquil and Glameow's mouths began to water. "Ok then. Everyone follow me!"

The boy marched ahead, his pokemon following him close behind.

Now Gold had three.

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