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Chapter 1 - Unlucky In Love
Bella Swan

Dear Bella,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over three years. I'm ready to settle down and start a family but every time I ask him about it, he runs away.

How do I get some answers from him? Is this relationship worth it?

Unlucky in love.


Dear Unlucky,

Your boyfriend sounds like he might have commitment issues. This may sound rash to some, but if you're serious about getting some answers, talk to him somewhere where he can't run away, an elevator on emergency stop or a less drastic option would be a public place where he won't be able to run away, like a restaurant. If you discover you want different things in life, make sure he knows your desires and if he can't compromise then it's time to move on to someone worth your time. The break might even make him realize that he does want to settle down.

Best of luck,


"You all done with those letters, Bella?" My editor, Esme, questioned as she poked her head into my office.

I smiled triumphantly up at her. "I just finished the last one now, it's at the printer."

"Great," she yawned. "I'll edit it tonight."

I waved her off dismissively. "Don't worry about it; it'll be there in the morning. Go get some rest and send my love to Carlisle."

She smiled at the mention of her husband. "Will do, dear, are you going to be here much longer?"

"Just a couple more minutes, but you go on ahead." I removed my glasses and placed them in my handbag.

"You sure?" she verified and I nodded. "Okay then, see you tomorrow."

"See ya." I started cleaning up my desk, rearranging all the papers into a neat pile and placing my pens back in the drawer.

I flipped off the lights as I exited, shivering as the cold evening air hit my skin.

I walked home every night in Port Angeles to my apartment, never this late though. I'd taken the weekend off to spend some time with my newborn nephew, Samuel Banana-hammock...just kidding! Unfortunately I'd gotten the flu and wasn't allowed near the baby, my best friend – and sister in law – Rose and my brother Emmett were concerned about him getting sick seeing as he was so young.

My nephew's name is Henry Charles Swan; the 'Charles' part was taken from my late father, Charlie Swan, former chief of police in Forks. He passed away two years ago from a heart attack. I'd just started at the Sunday Times and then had to take time off.

Everyone had been very supportive and my passion for helping people only seemed to grow from the whole experience.

"Evening, ma'am," A street vendor greeted me, holding out one of the red roses he was selling. "A beautiful rose for a beautiful girl like you?"

I smiled and nodded, taking the rose from him. "How much do I owe you?" I took out my purse.

He grinned, showing off a gap where his two front teeth should be. "No charge. I'm a sucker for the pretty ones,"

I laughed. Thank goodness it was dark enough that he couldn't see my blush. "Thank you,"

"Have good evening,"

"You too," I called back as I continued my walk.

As I rounded a corner down a dark alleyway the heavens opened and rain began to pour.

Great, just fucking great, I thought sarcastically. My white silk blouse was now see-through against my black bra. The streets were eerily quiet; the only sound was my heels clicking and the rain pelting on the path. A loud splash behind me made me jump, I glanced back to see a tall dark silhouette approaching quickly.

I felt my heartbeat pick up as the feeling of fear sunk in. I quickened my pace to a swift walk.

"Miss?" The man called his voice a little too loud.

I whimpered and walked faster. Curse you, Alice Brandon, for talking me into buying these stupid heels.

"Hey, stop!" he shouted, running now. He was only a few feet behind me and my apartment was in the next block.

Something wet grabbed my arm, yanking me back. I screamed and thrust my knee into him where it would hurt the most.

The man doubled over, groaning from the impact. "You left your purse." He wheezed holding out my black purse.

"Oh my god," I started to apologize. "I'm so sorry."

He laughed, gruffly. "It's just not my day." He looked up at me then, flashing a set of white teeth.

I bit my lip, feeling really terrible for hurting him. "I'm really sorry."

He sucked in a ragged breath and stood straighter. "It's no problem, really. I'm fine."

I couldn't see his face properly in the darkness or the rain but he looked relatively attractive. "My apartment is just around the corner; can I make it up to you?" I realized what this probably sounded like and blushed. "For coffee, I mean."

"No, I'm fine," he declined politely. "I wouldn't want to intrude on your evening."

"Oh, please. I practically assaulted you, it's the least I can do."

"If you're sure..."

I grinned and grabbed his hand, a little shocked my boldness. "Come on."

We half-ran through the rain to my apartment door, I fumbled a little with the key, my body shivering from the cold.

I flipped on the lights and grimaced a little at the mess my roommate Angela had left, all the clothes she'd thrown around in her attempts in finding something suitable for her date with Ben, her boyfriend.

My apartment was small and cozy, the living room open plan with the kitchen, both painted a warm chocolaty color.

"You have a beautiful apartment," the man murmured and I turned around to see his face in better lighting.

I had to cover up my gasp with a cough, the man was a god. No, not Buddha. A Greek god.

I couldn't see the exact color of his hair, since it had been darkened by the rain, but it appeared to be a weird shade of brown, some coppery streaks highlighted in the light.

His features were strong and chiseled the way most male models would kill for. Hell, I was ready to tear my underwear off just at the sight of his face.

I noticed his eyes, a dark mint color, raking up my body and suddenly remembered what I was wearing was now see-through.

I cleared my throat. "Um, thanks. I'm just gonna change into something that's not wet..." I noticed the amusement dancing in his eyes. "Um, clothes, I mean."

He smirked. "Go ahead."

I closed the door to my bedroom and practically ripped the vicious red heels off my feet before taking off my clothes. They landed with a splat on my wooden floor and then I faced a dilemma. What do I change into?

I pulled on a black band t-shirt that was a little baggy and a pair of booty shorts.

Next I decided to fix my hair, putting it back with one of those big clips no one really knows the name of.

My make up looked okay still, who knew waterproof mascara and eyeliner were actually waterproof, I always thought it was a marketing scheme.

"So, I just realized I don't know your name..." I started as I walked into the living room, after tossing my clothes in the hamper in the bathroom.

He smiled crookedly. "Edward, and yours?" I noticed he'd started a fire in the small fireplace and was warming himself up. His clothes were relatively dry thanks to the big jacket he'd been wearing.

"Bella," I replied. "How do you like your coffee?"

"Your name suits you," he smiled. "Um, you don't happen to have any tea, do you?" he asked, brushing his hand through his hair.

"My roommate is addicted to it, so yeah. Milk and sugar?"


We were both silent as I made the tea, but I could feel his eyes watching me and it made me a little self conscious about my actions.

"So, what's a gorgeous woman like you doing walking around the streets of Port Angeles this late at night?"

I blushed. "I'm an advice columnist and some of the letters take a little longer to reply to than others, but I walk home every night."

"Doesn't your boyfriend worry about your safety?"

I arched a brow. "You seriously think I'd be bringing an attractive man into my apartment if I had a boyfriend?"

"You think I'm attractive?" he teased.

I rolled my eyes. "I thought it would be polite to repay you for your compliment."

"Mmhhmm, sure." He took the tea mug from me slowly, brushing his hand along mine. "Thank you."

"What do you do?" I asked.

"I'm a...handyman," he frowned slightly and removed his eyes from mine.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with a man who knows how to use his hands," I winked.

He barked out a laugh, almost spraying his tea everywhere. "I actually used to be a counselor for children whose parents had recently separated."

"I had to go to one of those," I told him.

"I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say your parents divorced?"

"Yep," I sighed. "But it was for the best, they weren't happy together anymore."

"Is that what inspired you to give advice to others? I must say you look a little young to be a columnist..."

"I only have my bachelor's degree in psychology. I studied for four years and then found this job."

"Don't you find it tiring?"

"What, giving advice?"

He nodded, taking the last sip from his mug before taking mine and placing both in the sink.

"I get stuck with questions sometimes and put them off until I find the answer, but I love what I do."

He smiled sadly after he glanced at his watch. "I'm afraid I have to get going."

I felt my expression drop into one of disappointment. "Okay," I sighed and followed him to the door, resisting the urge to drag my feet like an immature child.

He turned to face me, those green eyes shocking me with their intensity much like before. "I had a lovely time with you, Bella." He held out his hand for me.

I placed my small hand in his and tried to hold in my sigh as he pressed his lips against the back of it. God, they were so soft. His green eyes locked into my brown ones, never breaking contact.

When he straightened up I felt him tug slightly on my hand, pulling me forward. I licked my lips in anticipation. His eyes moved from mine to my lips, darting between the two.

I nodded a little, to show him I wanted this and he needed no further encouragement, leaning in closer and closer. His hot breath fanned against my skin.

Our lips hovered inches apart from each other before finally connecting. He held still for a moment before biting down lightly on my bottom lip and pulling it into his mouth.

My arms moved from my sides and wrapped around his neck, his hands running down their length, brushing past my breasts, dancing over my ribs and landing on my ass, squeezing gently.

I moaned and he brushed his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entry to which I willingly allowed.

"God, you taste so good," he gasped out as our kissing became frantic. His hands lifted my ass, my legs automatically wrapping around him. Once I was secure, he ran his hands under my shirt cupping my breasts. His hands were a little rough but I didn't care at that moment, the feeling of him rolling my nipple between his fingers was almost too much. I moaned as I felt his erection straining against his jeans and pressing into my core.

My fingers twined in his hair, securing our faces together as he bucked his hips into me, trying to meet both our needs.

"Bedroom," I moaned out in an order. He stumbled blindly towards the general direction of the room and I felt something rock hard slam into my back...and not in a good way. I giggled as I realized he'd walked me into a wall.

He kept his lips on mine as he released me onto the bed. My hands reached down to the hemline of his t-shirt pulling it over his head and revealing the sexiest abs I'd ever seen. I grazed my nails along the lines of muscle and heard him growl before my shirt was suddenly pulled over my head revealing my bare breasts to him.

"Fuck me," he breathed. "You're beautiful, Bella."

His lips moved from mine down to my collarbone, traveling further down until he reached my right breast. His mouth took me in while his other hand gave the left one some attention. I was pretty sure my nipples could cut through glass right about now.

With my lips free I could hear myself gasping. "Edward." I moaned out. "I-I need."

He released my breast, looking up at me with dark eyes. "Tell me what you need, Bella."

"I-I want. Fuck me." Was all I could choke out but he seemed to get the point, my shorts suddenly being tugged down my legs.

"You have no idea how perfect your ass looks in these," he murmured appreciatively but groaned when he saw the wetness seeping through my panties. "God, you're so wet. Is this all for me?"

"All for you." I breathed, watching as he slid his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down.

I couldn't help but scream out as he ran a cold finger along my slit and then proceeded to bring that same finger to his lips and taste it.

"Your pussy tastes even better than your mouth." he commented, leaning forward to flick his tongue against me.

My hands automatically gripped into his hair, holding him there and he chuckled.

"Ah ah ah, baby." He shook his head, still chuckling. "It's not time for you to touch me yet,"

I whimpered pathetically and he smirked as he leaned down again, running his tongue along the opening before thrusting it in.

"Fuck!" I screamed out.

"Not yet," he mumbled against me, the vibrations of his voice nearly sending me over the edge. He replaced his mouth with a finger but stilled it inside of me.

"Edward." I growled, getting very impatient.

"Relax, Bella. Unless you wouldn't like me to give you multiple orgasms?"

I felt my eyes widen. "Go ahead then," I managed to squeak.

His finger curled inside of me. "You're so tight. I can't wait to feel you on me."

"Then don't wait!"

He ignored my comment, placing a second finger into me. His fingers curling and uncurling, thrusting in and out as I neared me release. Curling… uncurling… in… out… in… out. Holy shit. Every muscle in my body tensing in anticipation before he squeezed my clit with his free hand and it was all too much for me.

I screamed out his name in my orgasm before drifting back down to earth on a cloud of happiness. I was still panting heavily and had to break away briefly from his kiss to get some air. His lips tasted a little salty now but fuck me if it wasn't sexy as hell knowing that he had me in his mouth.

I reached down to unzip his jeans finally releasing him from the tight confines. His boxers were a dark blue, the same color his shirt had been...I think; I wasn't exactly paying attention.

I held him through his boxers and he moaned out my name.

"Bella, don't feel like you have to do anything you don't want to." He breathed huskily, stroking my hair in a way that was almost tender.

I nodded and he removed his hands from me to pull off his jeans and boxers, his belt buckle clinking as it made contact with the wooden floor.

I gulped audibly as I took in his, body.

Of course he'd be huge.

How the fuck is that going to fit inside of me?

He noticed my worried gaze and smiled. "We don't have to have sex if you don't want to..."

"I'm sorry, but where have you been? I'm the one who's been begging you to fuck me, so get over here, mister, and fuck me."

He gaped at me a little before an eager grin spread across his face, "I'm glad you're a woman who knows what she wants."

I smiled at him as he hovered above me, capturing his lips in a searing kiss.

I felt his cock teasing my entrance and moved my hips upwards to give him better access. Much too slowly for my liking, he filled me. My breath caught as I stretched around him. Edward was very patient and stopped his movements when he saw I was uncomfortable.

I wriggled to test myself and he moaned at the feeling, before moving inside of me slowly.

"You okay?" he asked and I nodded in assurance.

He was gentle at first, thrusting slowly until my cries got louder for him to go faster.

Our moans of ecstasy filled the air, mixing with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and the headboard banging up against the wall.

We continued until the early hours of the morning and, true to his word, Edward and I both had multiple climaxes – each release hitting us harder and harder each time.

When we finally came to a halt, I fell into the best sleep I've had in years and knew it had everything to do with the man whose arms I was wrapped up in.

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