AN: Hello my lovelies, my how I've missed you.

Yes, this AN is to announce the release of my new story...

Code Name: Nanny.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking...something along the lines of... "Shit, not another nanny fic! There's so many."

Would you be a dear and just read it? Give it a chance until at least Chapter 4 and then you can be on your merry way :)

No, I'm not forcing you. Really. I live behind a computer thousands of miles away, I highly doubt any of my threats are valid.

So, why is my story different from all the other nanny stories?

Well, here's the summary:

"So let me get this straight, you want me to help you catch your wife cheating on you, so that you can divorce her, while taking care of your children?" OOC M for language and Lemons Canon.

I've been working hard on it and have even got myself a beta... seriously. Check me out, getting all professional.

Her pen name on here is MrsEdwardCullenP and really, there isn't words to describe how helpful she's been. Thanks, Pen!

Update: Gran is alive and well. Thank you all for your support. She is now living with us, giving us all emphysema through second hand smoke. But hey, she's happy. That's all I care about.

So, I'm gonna leave all of you with a final thank you.

I was reduced to tears when I saw I had received over 1000 reviews. I have a bucket list and you all helped me cross that one off. I wish I could do something that would express my thanks, but there's no words or gifts that I could possibly think of.

So, I'm just going to keep writing stories. Is that okay?

Oh, btw, William's Birthday (28 February) is today.

I had a few reviewers telling me it was their birthday too. Happy Birthday!

Yeah... it's my birthday too :)

Seriously. Right now. I'm a year older.

Anyways, go check out the story!

I love you all x


~ Courtney