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In the forest , Orochimaru leaded his men continuing their path of destruction. The leader stopped and narrows his eyes. He sense something and points. Sakon and Ukon got off their horses and investigate. Sure enough, they came back tossing two scouts to the ground. The scouts,look up at them.

"Look at that, scouts from the old man himself." One of the hums sneered. Orochimaru smirks as he got off his horse and approaches the scouts.

Orochimaru sat down and adjusted one of the scout's collar as he said, "Well, well, I'm impressed by you two. You both have just found the Hun army" The other Huns laughed at this.

"Laugh all you want, Orochimaru! The Emperor will stop you all!" the scout yelled.

"Stop me? On the contrary, he invited me." Orochimaru grabbed scout and pulls him to face level. "The day he made that wall, he made me an invitation for my strength to come over. He started the game so I'm playing it." He throws the scout to the ground and uses his sword to make the scouts get up and run off, "Go and tell the Emperor the next time he wants to challenge me, send me the best army he has!"

The scouts continue running off. Orochimaru pauses to think then he asked, "Out of curiosity, how many men does it take to deliver a message?"

"One." Kidomaru said sinisterly as he holds up his bow and aims an arrow at one of the scouts. Only one scout will live to escape, the other will meet his end.

The recruits have arrived. All but one who is on a hill was watching. Shizune, still dressed as a boy, watched the place with Wei sitting down next to her. Shizune knew she must make a good first impression if she wants to fit in...and not get killed.

"How about this?" Shizune asked. Doing the best male voice as she can imitate, she said, "Hey, where do I sign up? Wow, cool sword. I got one too. They are supposed to be very big and great to use."

Shizune tries to get her father's sword out of the scabbard. Of course, she did a bad job at it and she ended up drops the sword onto the ground. Wei rolls on her back laughing.

"Knock it off!" Shizune snapped as she threw a shoe on Wei, making the horse stop laughing and get up. Shizune then walks over and gets back her shoe. "I'm doing the best I can!" With a groan she added, "Oh forget it. I am not sure if I can do this." She pushes the bamboo to take another look at the army, "At this rate, only a miracle can help me."

"You want a miracle? You got it!" A loud voice yelled. Shizune and Wei jumps and turned. They gasped as a shadow is cast on a rock with flames on the sides. "All those who want a miracle, scream for it!"

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shizune screamed as she and Wei runs behind a rock terrified.

"Uh...that's better."

"Monsters. Make them go away." Shizune gulped.

"Shizune, your salvation, despite how scary it is, has come!" The shadow boomed. Suddenly another shadow appears and foolishly makes a hand shadow of a dragon. "Your ancestors have sent me to..." The shadow noticed what the other one is doing. With a scowl, he stamps the other with a foot and continued, "...help you through this whole masquerading opportunity!"

The shadow bended down. The truth was, the shadow was really Gamakichi himself. The cricket was fanning the fires and such to make Gamakichi's show work...at first.

"It's working well so far. Keep doing it." Gamakichi said. The cricket continued fanning the fire. Gamakichi came back as a shadow as he continues, "Listen up! The moment the army knows you are a girl, you will be put to death!" Gamakichi made a huge voice as big flames shoot up from the rocks.

"Who are you?" Shizune asked horrified.

"Who am I you asked? I am the one who help lost souls!" As Gamakichi said, Shizune smiled. A guardian to help her in her time of need. Her ancestors must have sense she needed help and send someone to do so. "I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible..." Shizune's face of happiness turned into a face of shock when Gamakichi accidentally came out from the rocks revealing his true self. "Guardian Gamakichi," Shizune looks more stunned. She expected someone big, not something like Gamakichi. "Man, am I hot or what?"

Suddenly Wei jumps onto Gamakichi and stomped on him frantically.

Shizune moved the horse away from Gamakichi and picked him up. "My ancestors send a lizard to help me?" Shizune asked and arched an eyebrow. Gamakichi shoved Shizune's hand away.

Gamakichi commented, "No! I'm a dragon. Not lizard! I don't do that tongue thing", Gamakichi sticks out his tongue in annoyance.

Momo comment, "Uggh. How is someone so small supposed help me.

Gamakichi frowned but tried to take the light of the situation, "Look, I may be small but if I was my real size, your cow here would turn into meat." Gamakichi patted Wei but he yelps as the horse tried to bite him, "Hey watch it,! I got powers that you can only dream of!" He smirks as he looks at Shizune's chest. "For example, my eyes can see right through that armor you're wearing, kid!"

"Pervert!" Shizune yelled angrily as she covers her armor with her arms and kicked Gamakichi with her leg.

"Ouch!" Gamakichi groaned when he lands on the ground. He snapped as he stud up. "So this is where it ends up, heh? Dishonor and on your whole family even!" Gamakichi turns to the cricket who decided to come out of hiding as he said, "Write this down, will ya?" the cricket gets some paper and used a pencil to write down what Gamakichi said, "You got dishonor on yourself, your friends, your cow, your..."

"Okay, okay! I get it!" shizune yelped, not wanting to hear anymore as she covers Gamakichi's mouth, cutting him off. She sighs as she kneels down in front of the one she thought is her guardian. "I'm sorry. This is the first time I done this. I'm nervous."

"All right, you need help? Then trust me and don't kick me again, got it?" Gamakichi grinned as Shizune nodded. He could tell she would need all the help she could get. "Okay, let's do this. cricket, get my bags."

"What? I'm no room service attendant!" the cricket scowled in annoyance. But she got up to do so anyway as Gamakichi began to head to camp.

"Let's get going!" Gamakichi said, annoying Wei further. The horse reminded herself to stomp on Gamakichi more when she gets the chance.

Shizune stud in front of the camp entrance with Gamakichi sitting on her shoulder.

"All right, let's get this show on the road." Gamakichi said as he hides inside Shizune's armor. "Now then, first off walk like a man. Shoulders back, chest high, feet apart, head up." Gamakichi lifted Shizune's head as he continued, "And strut 2, 3, break it down, 2, 3, and work it."

Shizune walked into camp doing her best to walk like a man in hopes to fit in. Unfortunately, she did look weird doing so which results in the other men in the camp looking at her with confused looks. Shizune felt more embarrassed at this point.

Shizune looked into a tent and saw some disgusting stuff like a man picking his nose and another man using chopsticks to get some dirt out of his toes.

"Awww, pretty cool, eh?" Gamakichi said with a grin.

"More like disgusting." Shizune said frowning in disgust.

"They're men, you got to expect that. You got to act like them so watch carefully!"

Shizune looked up as she saw a soldier, showing off his Yin Yang tattoo on his chest and belly to three other soldiers.

One of them was a well-built man with short, dark hair and eyes, sleeveless black robes, and an armband around his right arm. His name was Sasuke Uchiha.

The second soldier had Spiky blond hair, blue eyes and was wearing a orange and black robes. His name was Naruto Uzumarki.

The last soldier was a well-built man with brown hair, tied to a ponytail, and was also wearing black robes. His name was Shikamaru Nara.

"Is this great or what? My tattoo can protect me from any harm!" the solder boasted with a laugh.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other, then Sasuke smirked. and punched the solder in the chest making him fell to the ground in pain. Naruto laughed at this while Shizune looked amazed at Sasuke.

"Too bad it doesn't work." Naruto said with a smirk.

"Geez, after seeing that, I am not sure..." Shizune said uneasily.

"Come on, be an attitude like person. Just like that guy." Gamakichi said pointed to Sasuke. Shizune turned and see Sasuke .

Sasuke noticed Shizune looking at him and looks annoyed, "Hey, you got a problem?"

"Better punch him. That's how men say hello." Gamakichi' suggested quietly. Shizune hesitated then hit Sasuke as hard as she can on the shoulder. Sasuke yelped as he slammed right into Shikamaru.

"Oh Sasuke! I see you made a friend?" Shikamaru said as he turned around with a grin. About time too. Sasuke was having trouble making friends in camp...except for me and Naruto that is.

"So far, so good. Slap him on behind like all men do." Gamakichi suggested.

Shizune looked dumbstruck but she slapped Sasuke making him yelp. Sasuke, looked more angry, and grabbed Shizune by the collar.

"Wait until I hit you, pal! Your ancestors will feel that!" Sasuke snapped angrily.

"Come on, Sasuke. Don't be like that." Shikamaru insisted as he held Sasuke. "Relax"

Sasuke, growled but he does so angry anymore while Shizune looked on in amazement, Soon Sasuke had calmed down and his face turned back to normal.

"There, does that help?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Sasuke said with a sigh as Shikamaru puts him down. Glancing at Shizune, he began to leave, "Who needs you sissy boy? Not worth my time."

"Sissy boy? I dare you to say that again, Punk-brat!" Gamakichi yelled angrily.

Shizune gasped as, unfortunately, Sasuke thought she was talking to him. Angrily, Sasuke grabbed Shizune by the collar and got ready to punch her. The good news was that Shizune got out of the way. The bad news was that Sasuke had hit Naruto, by mistake.

"Oh! Sorry, Naruto!" Sasuke apologized. He looked around for the recruit and saw her trying to get away making him yell, "Come back here!"

Sasuke grabbed Momo by the foot but Naruto, wanted to get back at Sasuke for punching him, kicking Sasuke and sending him landing on front of Shikamaru knocking him down. Naruto jumped at Shizune but she moved out of the way making Naruto land on Sasuke, who was on top of Shikamaru.

"That's it!" Naruto yelled angrily as he fights Sasuke on top of Shikamaru. Shizune nervously tried to get away but Sasuke spotted her.

"Get back here!" Sasuke yelled as Shizune ran into a tent and stopped. Sasuke, Naruto and Shikamaru ran through the tent and through the other side, Sasuke stopped as he almost collapsed into a soldier who was in line to get some food. He looks behind him as Naruto stopped in time as well. Unfortunately, Shikamaru couldn't stop in time causing Naruto ans Sasuke to ram into the whole line sending all the soldiers down causing the cook serving the food to fell as well.

The men scowled as they got up wondering who did it. They looked and saw Shizune getting out of the same tent she came into. She yelped as she noticed the men coming at her, revenge on mind.

"Oh hey...what's up?" Shizune asked nervously as she know what trouble is about to occurred.

Neji watched this and shook his head in disgust. He came to see the new recruits for the army and this is what he saw. He went into the tent where General Uchiha was having a meeting with a boy.

The boy had long black hair tied into a loose ponytail, dark eyes and wearing black robes. His name was Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi watched as Fugaku used a pointer to discuss the strategy on a map of the country as he said, "As far as we know, the Huns have struck at these locations. I will bring the main troops up to the Main Pass and make sure we stop Orochimaru before he wrecks this village."

"Good idea. I loved it. I love surprises." Neji said with a grin.

"Itachi, you will stay here and train the recruits for if the time calls for them. The moment Neji decides you're ready, you and your men will come to help...Captain."

"Captain?" Itachi asked in amazement as the general gave the new captain a sword. "Does this mean I'm in charge?"

"That is correct." Fugaku said with a smile.

"Uh, this is a big responsibility, general." Neji said with a frown. "We should have someone more better to do this..."

"Itachi was number one in his class and has a lot of knowledge concerning the training techniques. He has an impressive military lineage. I know My son will get the job done."

"I promised. I won't let you down!" Itachi said. He is the captain, unbelievable! Noticing Fugaku was looking at him sternly, he tries his best to calm down and act seriously, "I...uh...yes sir."

Fugaku headed out of the tent as he continued, "Good. We will toast for Konoha's victory at Kagoshima City." The general turned to Neji as he continued, "I hope you can give me a full report in 3 weeks, correct?"

"Sure. No problem. I won't leave anything out." Neji assured as the two left.

"Captain Itachi Uchiha." Itachi said to himself. "That sounded cool all right. Leader of Konoha's finest troops, scratch that, greatest troops of all time!" Itachi smirked as he headed out of the tent. But he gasped as he saw the recruits fighting. He stands next to Neji and Fugaku.

An injured recruit named groaned as he salutes the general before falling onto the ground. Fugaku made sure to step over the boy as he gets onto his horse.

"Very good recruits. I am very impressed." Neji said sarcastically. To him, it won't make the new captain's job easy.

"Take care Captain." Fugaku said as he and his men left on their horses to go where they needed to go to.

"You too...dad." Itachi said quietly as he watches his own father, leave. It pained him every time he goes but when the country needs him, Fugaku is there. Now it's time to get to work. He looked at the troops and sighed. This doesn't look easy.

"We may begin." Neji said chuckling as he got a clipboard and pen out ready to start his report.

Itachi quickly ran up to the fighting soldiers and yelled, "Attention!"

The soldiers heard him and stop their fighting, even Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke punched Naruto in the face even when Itachi was looking at them angrily. The men quickly moved out of the way and pointed at Shizune who is in a fetal position on the ground yelling, "He started it!"

Itachi frowned as he approached Shizune who looked sheepishly at him. She could tell she was in trouble. She stud up and chuckled sheepishly some more while dusting herself off.

"I will make myself clear. No one makes trouble in my camp, got it?" Itachi said sternly.

"Sorry." Shizune said sheepishly. Itachi looked suspicious at the girl's tone of voice. Realizing this, Shizune spoke like a man as she continued, "I mean sorry you got to see that. It's inevitable after all, these manly urges and all that and you have to do stuff like hurt someone, fix things, cook outdoors..."

"Do you have a name?" Itachi asked suspiciously. There is something about this new recruit he couldn't place.

"Uh, well..."

"When your commanding officer gave a question, you better answer!" Neji snapped, the same person who Shizune got on the bad side of yesterday.

Shizune looked nervous. She hasn't thought of a man's name before coming. She chuckles as she said, "Sure! I got a name, a boy name."

Gamakichi decides to help as he suggested, "Try Naruto."

"His name IS Naruto." Shizune whispered as Gamakichi pointed at naruto

"Excuse me, I didn't ask for his name, I want yours." Itachi said thinking the 'boy' was talking to him.

"Maybe...ah...chu!" Gamakichi said quickly.

"Ah Chu." Shizune said quickly.

"Ah Chu?" Itachi asked arching an eyebrow.

"Bless you!" Gamakichi laughed. He loved doing that. "Man, I love being me!"

"Gamakichi!" Momo whispered harshly.

"Gamakichi?" Itachi asked puzzled.

"No! It's not my name!" Shizune said, turned back to Itachi.

"Then what is your name?" Itachi barked.

"I know! How about Shuyin?." Gamakichi suggested quickly.

"It's Shuyin." Shizune said hoping no one is around here by that name.

"Shuyin?" Shizune asked.

"Then again, Shuyin isn't much of a..." Shizune quickly reaches back and holds Gamakichi's mouth shutting him up.

"Yes! My name is Shuyin." 'Shizune' said quickly.

"All right, do you have an conscription notice?" Itachi asked. 'Shizune' gave the notice to him. The captain looked at it as he read, "Jiraiya."

"Jiraiya? He never told me he had a son!" Neji said with a frown.

"Oh er…that's because he doesn't mention me much." Shizune said. and tried to spit. However all she could do is drool from her mouth.

"I think maybe it's because he's a complete lunatic." Neji whispered to Itachi as he shuddered.

The recruits laughed at this. Itachi smirked as he said, "Well boys, since your new friend Shuyin showed you how to have a 'good time', then tonight, you will all pick up every single grain of rice you dropped onto the ground. And then tomorrow, we will begin the real stuff."

The recruits groaned as they, Naruto and Sasuke included, growled angrily at the one who got them all in trouble.

"Girl, face it. You got a lot to work with." Gamakichi said to Shizune

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