Title: In full body and mind: Unedited

Author: Helmi1

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, Angel, or any of the characters. If I did, Angel wouldn't have left her after graduation day or at least he would have come back later, the abomination of C/A would never have happened so that's how you know I don't own them. I don't have any money, so please don't sue me.

Rating: some cursing and things will heat up later so if you're not old enough, go to the censored version of this.

Summary: Takes after Faith woke up from the coma and changed her and Buffy's bodies. Buffy looses her faith (no pun intended) after nobody notices it's not her in her own body and she lets Faith have her life, let her see what it's like after Angel left. (Faith isn't complete psycho after waking up).

Pairing: B/A, some Riley/Buffy (Faith)

A/N: This is actually my first story ever, well the uncensored version of it, I wrote this little over year ago. I copycat this posting two versions idea from Mac who did so with her fic With Arms Wide Open, so if you are too young or just don't like smut in the fic you're reading then go to the edited "safe" version of this story. I know I've been slow with updates lately but because this is already finished fic I'll be posting the chapters with quicker pace and working on my unfinished fics while doing it. If I'm lucky, I'll have the next chapter to Just One Night finished today or tomorrow.

A/N2: There's no Riley bashing but not really Riley friendly either and Faith isn't completely nutty after waking up from the coma.

Chapter 1: Looking into the mirror

Buffy couldn't understand how all this had happened or more likely why this had happened. Faith had woken up from the coma and somehow switched their bodies. It still freaked her out to look anything that gave away her reflection because it wasn't her own face looking back at her. The cops had taken her away from her mothers house but she managed to escape, she also knew the Council was after her and she knew they weren't going to just throw her into the slammer.

She had sneaked into the Bronze and seen Faith dancing with a bunch of guys. Faith had talked with her friends and none of them even suspected that it wasn't her. Since when had she been dancing with half the guys in Bronze while she was dating Riley. Sure she had danced that one time with Faith but that was long ago, before she had gone to the dark side. With pain in her heart, she left the Bronze and started drifting around the town. She stayed out of sight because she knew the police and council were looking for her without knowing that she really wasn't Faith, but she wasn't sure if the Council really cared anyway.


Buffy tried to get to her friends but it was no use. When she talked to them, they didn't recognize her and she didn't have any time to try to explain when Giles decided to call the council thugs. She had to leave with a hurry and the last place she could go was Riley, her mother wasn't an option because she didn't know her either when she was taken by the police earlier.

When she arrived her dorm room, Riley was just leaving and he had the 'just had sex' face on. Buffy's heart crumbled once again, Riley hadn't noticed a thing. She could see the love bites on his neck and she herself always stayed away from the neck, too much memories of Angel were brought by love bites.

She felt herself give up. Why would she not let Faith have her life? Her life had not been living after Angel left, her friends just expected her to suddenly get over the love she felt for Angel, she knew Riley was just a pour substitute, she didn't love him, she cared about him but didn't love him. Giles lived his own life and wanted her to do the slaying on her own, get some responsibility. She was the Slayer, she kept saving the world again and again, how's that for responsibility. Her mother kept reminding her how nice it was that she had found a normal living man to date. If only she knew that Riley wasn't so normal, but it may not change much since Riley could breathe. She made her decision, Faith wanted her life, let her see what it was like. With that thought she stepped inside her dorm room.

Faith was lounging on the bed and she had a bored expression on her face until she saw Buffy. "Well, hello, B. I'm surprised that you came here." She got up and took few steps closer to Buffy with malicious smile on her face (or more likely on Buffy's face). "I know, you know that me and soldier boy got a little rump in the hay, so what, you're gonna beat me to another coma?"

Buffy smiled ruefully, which threw Faith for a moment. "That thought did cross my mind. But if he doesn't notice the difference between you and me, it's not really your fault", Buffy answered and went to her closet without letting her guard down.

Faith watched as Buffy started packing clothes and things into a large holdall. "What you doing there, B?" Faith asked with confidence in her voice which she lacked inside since she had no idea what Buffy was really going to do.

Buffy closed the zipper on the bag and threw it over her shoulder. "You wanted my life, now you can have it. You can have the friends that expect you to save the world with a smiley face on, the watcher who wants you to carry the weight on your own because you need to learn responsibility, the mother who is oh so clad that you have a normal boyfriends that breathes and that slaying is just a phase, and the boyfriend that doesn't understand that being a slayer isn't just a fun hobby. You wanted to be me, now's your chance."

"So what, you're just going to leave? I don't understand what you're playing."

Buffy went to the door and turned around to look at Faith in her body. "Yeah, I'm going. You can have my life", she said and opened the door. Just before she stepped out, she turned around and said: "Just stay away from Angel. My friends, my mother or my boyfriend may not notice who you are, but he will before you can blink. And if you try anything with him, I will know and what I did to you when you poisoned him will be like having a picnic on a sunny afternoon compared to what I'll do to you if you try to hurt him."

With that Buffy left closing the door behind her and leaving a very stunned and confused Faith in her dorm room. "What the fuck just happened?" Faith whispered to herself.


Week went by, Buffy really had disappeared and now Faith was left to live her life. She had dropped out of college which shocked her friends and even more, her mother. And that is why she had been summoned to Buffy's mother's house with Riley. And speaking of Riley, she really was getting bored with him and a week with the same guy was her personal record.

She sighed deeply and got up from the bed. She went to the closet and pulled out an outfit that would make her look sweet as possible, she didn't want to hear one of Joyce's lectures.

There was a knock on the door and soon after Willow peaked in. "I hope you're decent", she said and stepped in.

"Yeah, Will. Nothing traumatizing this time", Faith chuckled thinking the time when Willow had walked in on her and Riley while she was on top riding him.

"Are you going somewhere?" Willow asked seeing what Buffy was changing to.

"Yeah, mom asked me to drop by", Faith answered while throwing her shirt to the floor and pulling on a light pink knit top. Willow looked away, flushing from the lack of modesty Faith showed.

"What do you think you'll be doing after that?" Willow asked.

"I'll hit the Bronze, do some dancing, some slaying, the usual."

Willow looked at her uncertainly. "You have been doing that a lot lately. Bronze. Slaying. Riley's been missing you", she said testing the ice. She had been stopped by Riley after class and he had told her how little time Buffy spent with him these days, she was always at the Bronze or slaying. Willow still couldn't face Riley without blushing remembering what she had interrupted the other day. But still she was worried about Buffy, she had changed after Faith woke up, but she was sure it was just a passing phase.

Faith turned to look at Willow, but she didn't see doubt in her, just concern. "Girl just needs a little fun. And Riley is so boring", Faith said and continued dressing.

Willows face scrunched up into a frown, Buffy had never before complained that Riley was boring, he wasn't boring, he was normal, steady and dependable, not boring.

Faith turned to look at Willow and sighed. "If it makes you feel any better, I'm taking Riley to my mom's house", she said still feeling weird about calling Joyce her mom. But at that Willows face lit up, maybe she was getting over her phase and everything would be back to normal.

"That's great!", she said with bright enthusiasm.

Faith rolled her eyes but Willow didn't see it since Faith was already on her way to the door. "See ya later", Faith said and left the dorm room.


The dinner at Buffy's mom's house was uncomfortable. The food was good as always but that was a small comfort when Joyce kept bringing up dropping out of college, she really knew how to make a girl feel guilty. It wasn't Faiths fault that she never had been interested in school, she never graduated from high school and she never even wanted to go to college, now that she wasn't a fugitive anymore, she could live her life the way she wanted. But not if her new friends, mother or boyfriend had any say in the matter.

"Maybe if you changed the college, you would feel more comfortable. The slaying must be a big distraction. Or maybe you could decrease slaying", Joyce said hopefully.

Faith sighed, she liked Joyce, she had always liked Joyce but she really could get on her nerves sometimes. "I can't just stop slaying, I'm the slayer, I'm the only one who can do it", Faith said and she deliberately ignored Riley since she thought he wasn't that much of a help in slaying. He just wanted to use them as lab rats when she just decapitated them, patrolling was so much faster without him.

"I know that, honey. When Faith came to town, I really hoped she would take that off your shoulders. But maybe there are more slayers, you are not the only one", Joyce said clearly getting her hopes up.

"There is just me and Faith", Faith said, clearly Joyce didn't understand the whole process of how slayers were called.

"How can you be sure?" she kept on insisting.

"Mom, I am sure. There is just me and Faith." Faith wanted out of this conversation. Long ago Buffy had told her about facing the Master, whole getting bitten, drowned and revived, the whole shebang, obviously she hadn't told Joyce and Faith was sure Buffy wouldn't appreciate if she told about it. That thought made her stop, since when did she care what Buffy would think. Maybe it was after she had read the diary Buffy had forgotten to take with her, since she had read about her thoughts from coming back to Sunnydale after running away to the beginning of her cooperation with the Initiative. That thought made her sigh deeply, this whole regretting your past thing was not fun.

Joyce turned to Riley. "Riley, maybe you could talk to her. Get her go back to studying and cut back the slaying", Joyce said to Riley with her motherly voice.

"Yes, Mrs Summers, I have tried to get her to extenuate slaying, there are other people, professionals who are capable to do it", Riley said back like a perfect son in law. Just the thought of the Initiative made Faith want to giggle, capable professionals, what a joke. It was tough not to snort at that thought. Sure they liked to play Rambo but they weren't real demon hunters, they didn't even know what they were hunting if it wasn't a vampire.


The dinner was over, conversation stayed in the topics of college, slaying and how nice and normal Riley was. Faith could just see the underlining that Joyce was just happy that it wasn't Angel, that Buffy had a nice, normal, breathing boyfriend who could give her grandchildren in the far away future.

At the door Joyce kissed them both on the cheek, told Buffy to visit very soon and that she hoped to see Riley with her. "Riley, please try to talk to her", Joyce whispered to Riley thinking that Faith/Buffy couldn't hear her even though she could clearly. Riley promised he'd try his best and after that Joyce went back inside.

Riley came to stand next to Faith and took her hand in his. "I'll walk you to your dorm", he said, again he was playing the big man who had to walk his girlfriend to her doorstep.

"No need, I'm going to the Bronze and after that do some patrolling", she said and started walking thus releasing her hand from his.

Riley hurried after her, his expression telling that he wasn't happy. "Again? This is the fifth night you've gone to Bronze."

"So? You keeping score?" she asked without slowing her pace. She really wanted to get rid of him and have a good night, maybe a hot guy to rub against before going hunting.

"But Buffy... We haven't spent so much time together lately. You're always at the Bronze or slaying and you say you don't want company while doing it", Riley tried.

"Because I can do it so much faster and easier on my own", she answered, she was bored.

"Since when?" Riley asked clearly not getting the message.

Faith stopped and looked at Riley in the face, his greasy looking hair hanging over his eyes."Truthfully when I'm slaying, you are just on the way. There is a reason why Slayer slays alone, because others are just a distraction and *on the way*. I have been doing this for some time, it isn't a choice, I was called, I'm the only one. To you it's just a hobby, a way to be a hero. Well, I was made to do this and I am the best. And I am so getting bored with you", she said, turned around and kept walking.

"What do you mean?!" Riley yelled and ran after her, apparently this time getting her meaning.

"I'm bored, you just don't do it anymore. Let's face it, you were just the rebound guy. You don't understand the first thing about me and you belittle my calling. It's not gonna work. So let's just get it over with. I will give you the old cliché", with that she turned around and said with a fake sincere voice: "It's not you, it's me. But I'd like us to be friends."

He looked stunned, his mouth hanging open and he really did look like a fish on dry land. She gave him a smile, petted him on the shoulder and said: "You'll get over it." With that she started walking, leaving stunned Riley standing on the sidewalk.


Faith had had a good time at the Bronze, she had found a cute guy to rub against which his girlfriend didn't appreciate. After that she hit the cemeteries and dusted four vamps. So it had been a good night.

"I heard you broke up with fish boy", came a familiar voice from behind her.

"Yeah. News here sure travel fast. How'd you know?" Faith asked taking a cocky position placing her hands on her hips.

Spike looked at her appreciatively and answered: "Heard soldier boy crying about it to his army buddies. It's about time you dumped that nancy boy."

"Well, he was starting to bore me. And I don't like to be bored." She looked him up and down and he was starting to feel like piece of meat under her eyes. "Would you like to be my rebound guy? All that slaying got me horny", she said taking a step closer to Spike which made him take a step back from her.

"Are you okay, slayer?" he asked slightly nervous, she sure was acting strange.

"I'm just fine", Faith answered licking her lips, her eyes traveling over his body.

Spike was starting to feel like the prey which he technically was but never in this sense, not with Buffy. "Slayer", he tried to protest and took a step back.

Faith was about to take a step closer to Spike when a hand grabbed her ankle. She looked down and saw a vampire try to rise from it's grave. "Now is not the time", she said, pulled the vampire from it's grave and staked it, all in one motion. She was dusting off the vampire from her clothes while she said in a seductive voice: "So, where were we?"

She lifted her gaze and noticed that Spike was gone. She looked around her but it appeared that she was alone. "Well that's a first", she said to herself and started to walk away from the cemetery unfulfilled. And on top of all that, she was certain she would get a lecture from Willow once she heard her dumping Riley.


To be continued...

Chapter 2: New Life

As soon as Buffy got outside of city limits of Sunnydale, she felt regret. Maybe she shouldn't have done this, maybe she shouldn't have left her friends and mother with Faith in her body. So what if they didn't recognize her, it was just luck that she recognized Giles when Ethan turned him into a demon. Okay, it wasn't luck, she saw his gentle eyes and knew without a doubt that it was her only father she had ever had, no matter what DNA.

And maybe Faith did deserve redemption, a new start, friends and family. She had helped her defeat the mayor, right, she was certain it had been Faith in that dream she had. Okay, she was reaching for excuses but she had been deeply hurt that nobody noticed anything. She was also deeply hurt by Faith, she had been a sister to her and she had betrayd her, that Buffy could forgive, even taking her body, maybe switching their bodies had just been a cry for help to get out of her life. But Buffy could not forgive or forget what she had done to Angel.


Without even noticing it, Buffy had ended up in LA which wasn't the place she was headed. For a moment she thought about going to Angel. But soon she ditched that thought, he had a life and she would die if he wouldn't recognize her. With her friends she could deal with it but with Angel, she would never recover.

Buffy was sitting in a diner, she had a cup of coffee and a piece of blueberry pie in front of her but she was too deep in thought to even think about eating. She needed a plan. Everything from the last 24 hours had come crashing down on to her and only now she was starting to think what she was doing. She needed a new ID, way to get to some place she could just disappear to and she needed a way to make sure that Faith wouldn't hurt her friends or family. She was pretty sure she wouldn't but it was better to be safe than sorry.

She still had connections in LA from the time she had ran away, she could get a new ID and a place to stay one or two nights before she moved on. Buffy smiled to herself, she had a plan. And with that happy thought, she finished her coffee and pie before leaving to meet an old acquaintance.


Buffy stepped into an old abandoned factory and decended the stairs to the ground floor. "Anybody here?" she asked into the seemingly empty room. But she knew better. Soon she was surrounded by young people with stakes, but she had heard and felt them coming but had done nothing.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" asked a bald headed black man.

"Gunn, tell them to lower those stakes and I tell you", she answered confidently, she knew she could take them all out but she just didn't want to, they were on the same side.

"I don't know you, why should I", Gunn defied and that almost made Buffy chuckle, he hadn't changed, he was still playing tough as nails dirty Harry.

"Because Anne sent me", she answered feeling weird saying her own name like another persons, but then again she was another person for that one summer.

Gunn seemed to think about it and his stance relaxed a little, only for a small degree. "Okay, let's talk", he said and the others lowered their weapons, just a little more hesitantly.

"So, let's get down to business, I need a fake ID", Buffy said.

"And what makes you think I could get you a fake ID?" Gunn asked looking at Buffy, measuring her.

"I don't need you to get me a fake ID, I just need you to arrange a meeting with someone who can", Buffy answered.

"And why should I?" Gunn asked confidently.

"Because you owe one to Anne, she trusts you about this one", Buffy said and seeing Gunn considering about it, she turned to leave. "I'll be back in four hours, it will be plenty of time before sundown", she said and left before he could say anything.


Buffy was sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a dirty looking waiting room. She was bored and she wasn't sure if this would work, but she had to try. After an hour of waiting and boredom, the door opened and a woman with blue hair stepped out. "He will see you now", she said and Buffy got up walking into the room.

After she had stepped inside, the door locked and she saw it had no lock inside. "Just a precaution", said a deep male voice.

"Yeah, sure", Buffy answered, not so convinced. "You do know that I could just brake the door down if I wanted to", she asked the man that was still standing in the shadows of the luxurious room.

"I do know. But you won't because you want what you came here for", the man said and stepped out of the shadows. His hair was also blue but it looked like he had been born with it and he had strange black figures written on his face and every part of his skin that she could see."Tell me what do you want, Slayer, and we will discuss the price", he said and smiled like a wolf.

"I want a spell, or what ever you do. I want that Faith can not intentionally hurt any of my friends or my mother", Buffy answered.

The smile on the man's face grew. "That kind of request comes with a price, and not a small one", he said.

"Name it", Buffy said confidently and took her most intimidating pose, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I want the Slayer in debt to me."

"Could you please not talk about me in third person", she sighed.

"Very well, slayer. But I can collect my payment anytime I see fit."

"I will not do anything that is evil, nothing that will help the forces of darkness", she said in her resolve voice but she couldn't help but feel little corny talking about the forces of darkness.

"That is correct. But there will be a time when your debt will be collected."

Buffy sighed deeply, she was getting bored from running around. "Fine, the debt will be collected, you said that already. Now get on with it. Do what ever mojo you do", she said impatiently.

Again the man smiled and she knew she had just made the deal with a devil, or pretty close. "Take my hand and it will be done", he said and offered his hand. With a small hesitance she took his hand and a shooting pain ran through her. She looked at her hand and the black figures in his hands were moving on her skin as well. She screamed from the pain, bending her back and gripping the man's hand so hard she could hear the bones crack. But he didn't even flinch. Suddenly everything in her eyes changed red and after that, there was nothing.


Buffy woke up and as soon as she remembered what had happened, she bolted upright. She looked at her hands and they were back to normal, or as normal as they could get to her while she was in Faith's body. She also knew that what she had wished, had happened, somehow she just knew.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. Then she looked at the clock, it was almost time to meet Gunn. She got up on slightly unsteady legs and left the room.


Buffy met Gunn and after that the guy who made her new ID. Again she was Anne and her new last name was O'Roarke, which she knew used to be Angel's surname but she decided not to look too deeply into it. She hadn't told nobody what name she used the summer she was in LA so it was safe to say that nobody knew what to look for if they found out it was Faith in Sunnydale. Maybe she would return to Sunnydale one day, after she had healed and learned who she really was.

After staying in LA for two days, she got on the bus and started her journey towards new location and new life. She just hoped she could have seen Angel, but she knew it would have been too painful and again her fear of him not knowing her played a large part on her fleeing.


To be continued...