"You know what Edward, fuck you" Jacob bitterly sneered at me.

I watched as Jacob turned and walked out of the movie theater. Tonight had been going so well. Jacob and I finally had a free night to be alone together and decided to go to the movies, before I took him home to our cottage and fucked his brains out. At lease that was the plan.

Jacob looked exceptionally delicious tonight, in his tight black jeans and white t shirt. His long silky hair was pulled back to expose the beautiful bronze skin of his neck, that I spent so many nights nipping and sucking on. Unfortunately, it seemed that every person inside the damn theater had the same thoughts. I slid my hand into his and pulled him close to my side. Jake just smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist. He had no clue the dirty thoughts I was having to listen to. I was getting angrier by the minute.

When Jake and I stepped up to the stand to get him some popcorn and a soda, the guy behind the counter looked Jake up and down. "damn, I wouldn't mind playing cowboys and Indians with him." My head snapped up to glare at him. He managed to blush a little before taking our order. My hold on Jake once again tightened. Jake turned to look at me, as I was still glaring at the asshole behind the counter. Realization finally flashed in his mind that I was hearing things that I didn't want to hear. He wrapped both hands around my waist and kissed me. "baby, calm down, I only love you. Just try not to listen" Jake whispered in my ear. With a tight nod, I took Jake's hand and pulled him away from the concessions stand.

I never considered myself possessive. Bella told me once that I could be a bit over powering when jealous. Of course, she also called me an asshole when I left her for Jake. Walking down the long hallway to find the right door to our movie, I noticed a man walking toward us. I couldn't read his mind very clearly, he seemed to be a little drunk and had a small smile on his face. When he got closer I could tell he was looking at Jake. Than his thoughts turned to himself and Jake naked in the shower. I stiffened. I could feel my temper rising once again. I looked at Jake who was paying no attention, he was holding my hand and drinking his soda with the other.

The man was clearly trying to get Jake's attention, but it didn't work. We kept walking, and I hoped he would go away before I had to kill him. The guy didn't seem to notice the murderous scowl I was giving him, warning him to go the fuck away. When we got closer and were just about to pass him by, he took a step to his left, right in front of Jake. We had to stop walking as to not run right into him. Jake finally looked up at the guy who was smiling. His eyes then flashed to mine and then back to the jackass blocking our way.

"Hi, my name is Tony." The guy said holding his hand out to Jake. Timidly, flashing his eyes once again to me, Jake let go of my hand to shake his. "uh...hi, I'm Jacob, and this is my boyfriend Edward." The mans eyes didn't look my direction, they stayed on Jake's body. Flashes of a motorcycle played in his mind, Jake bent over it screaming his name as he took him from behind. "Your really cute, do you think I can get your number?" I grabbed Jake's hand and yanked him back toward me. I must have yanked a little too hard, because Jake stumbled and fell against my body. I caught him and steadied him, but his popcorn slipped from his hand and tumbled all over the floor.

The idiot still stood there, laughing at us now. Jake looked up at me and then down to the floor. "What the hell Edward" He said angry now, but things were about to get much worse. "It's OK baby, I'll pick it up for you. I'll even buy you a new one, if I can have your number." That was it, this jackass needed to be taught a lesson. Stepping around Jacob, I grabbed the guy by his shirt and slammed him against the wall, not using my full strength. I didn't want to kill him, but I wanted to make my point clear. "Listen very closely. Turn around, get on your shiny motorcycle and leave, before you really make me angry." His eyes were large with fear, as a small growl erupted from my chest. I pulled him forward and pushed him toward the door, where he promptly fell on his ass.

Scrambling to his feet, he ran for the door. I was so angry that I had to close my eyes, and clench my hands to calm myself down. Slowly I turned around, only to be met with seething eyes on Jacob's beautiful face. He was angry with me. "What is your problem Edward? You didn't have to scare the shit out of him." he all but screamed at me. "I'm sorry baby, but you didn't hear the things he was thinking of doing with you" Jake's eyes narrowed even more. "I can't believe that he asked for your number, knowing I was your boyfriend" I stopped, grinding my teeth together. I really should have killed him

"You know what Edward?" Jake shouted at me now. I turned trying to read his thoughts, but all I could hear were bad words and anger at me. "I love you, but I am not your property. You don't own me. I know he was being a jerk asking for my number in front of you, but I can take care of myself. I don't need you to defend me, and better yet, I don't need you making me look like I'm a defenseless girl." I took a step toward him and reached for his hand, but he pulled his hand behind his back and backed away.

"Jake, I'm sorry. He just made me angry, and when you didn't say anything when he asked for your number, I just thought I would get rid of him myself." Jacob snorted and slowly shook his head. "You know Edward, Bella told me once that you were a little Jealous around others, but this is..." He waved his hand at the floor where his popcorn had fallen. "This is beyond Jealous. You didn't even give me a chance to defend myself." I could feel my anger boiling over now, but he continued.

"Do you know what it's like for me to be with you? Everywhere we go girls flock to you. Do you see me embarrassing you in front of a theater full of people? or threatening girls who find you attractive? No, you don't"

I knew he was right. Bella and I had had this fight many times, and more times than I can count since getting together with Jacob. It was hard for me to hear other people thinking vulgar things about the one I love. I had been alone for so long, I didn't know how to properly be with someone. Jacob's face softened a little bit as he continued. "Edward, I love you. I'm not going to leave you, but you have to let me live my life. You have to let me have a voice. I could have told that guy to go away without scaring him half to death. I'm not defenseless...Edward, I'm not Bella." I couldn't help myself as my anger flared again. "How many times are you going to throw her in my face?" I growled at him. I automaticly regretted my tone as Jake's eyes narrowed with his own anger. "You know what Edward, fuck you" he sneered at me and turned to walk out of the theater.

Sighing heavily, I pinched the bridge of my nose. I don't know why the mention of Bella's name always brought my anger to the surface, but it was quickly becoming a problem between me and Jake. This is the first time though that he has walked away from me. I still felt like a complete failure for what happened with Bella. A week before our wedding, Jake came over to Bella's house to no doubt drive me crazy. The minute he walked in the door he grabbed Bella in a full on bear hug, and smugly smiled at me, to see my reaction. Very quickly though, his smile faltered, and his eyes bulged out of his head. My brow furrowed, because at that moment his mind went blank. For a long moment he stared at me, and when his senses came back, he turned and ran out of the house.

Two days later, Bella called me crying, telling me to come and get her from the boundary line to La Push. I was angry, and broke all the speed records to get to my Bella. I took her home where she explained to me that Jacob had imprinted on me. She cried and begged me not to leave her. I held her tight all that night, as she slept in my arms. I could hear Jacob running around Bella's house in wolf form. This time he wasn't there to protect Bella from me. He was there to see if I was going to stay with her. At the time, I was angry. I had no intentions of leaving Bella. We were getting married and had plans to change her after the honeymoon. My life was finally falling into place, and no dog was going to change my mind. Or so I thought. Jacob showed up at the wedding, and to everyone's surprise he was extremely civil.

There I stood next to Carlisle, as Rosalie started playing the wedding march. The guests stood and turned toward the stairs, waiting for my beautiful Bella to make her entrance. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Jacob hadn't turned. He stood there in the front row looking directly at me. I felt a pang of something in my chest and quickly pushed it down. Jasper's head whipped around to look at me, and my hands started to shake. NO!!! I told myself. Don't do this to me, not now, not when I just found Bella. I heard gasps coming from the guests, and looked up to see Bella descending the stairs. She looked absolutely beautiful. Her cheeks were a rosy shade of red, her hair was pulled up into intricate braids, her hands shook around the bouquet in her hands. She was perfect. And, I. Felt. Nothing. For the first time in my long life, I was truly terrified.

I quickly looked to Jake. He knew. My lip started to tremble, and I tried as hard as I could to hold in the sob rising in my chest. I wanted to run, I wanted to stay, I wanted to be normal. I wanted to take Bella in my arms and love her forever, like I promised. My body was trembling as Charlie escorted Bella down the Isle, and gently laid her hand in mine. I looked into her beautiful eyes, willing myself to love her. It didn't work. I could hear Jacob's heart slamming in his chest, and I wanted to wrap my arms around him. Try as hard as I might to refuse it, Jacob had stolen my heart. Suddenly, and very quietly I heard Alice gasp. In her mind played what was about to happen. I winced and blocked it out.

"Welcome Guests" The preacher started. I had to stop this before it got any further. "Wait...stop" I said very quietly. Bella's beautiful brow furrowed. "Edward?" she whispered very softly, raising her hand to touch my cheek. I raised my hand to cover her's and held it there. "Bella, I..." I couldn't say it. I lowered my head and squeezed my eyes shut. "Edward, please tell me what's wrong" she spoke again. I raised my head and looked in her eyes. "I'm sorry" I whispered, and then my eyes went to Jake.

The rest of that day went by in a confused flurry. When Bella realized what I was apologizing for, she ran. Still in her dress, she got in her truck and drove away. I was cursed out by Charlie and Alice for hours. Carlisle was the only one who kept his calm. Politely, he explained to me that it would be a good idea if I left for a while. I was still considered a part of the family, but he wanted tensions to calm. So I left. The house still full of guests, and my family, I walked out the door and ran. I ran for two days straight. When I finally stopped, I was in northern Canada. I was in the Forrest surrounded by trees. I sat there for three days before Jake found me. Jake pulled me into his arms, and held me as I sobbed into his chest. Jacob told me that Bella had run away, and nobody could find her. He asked me to call her, to see if she would answer. On the first ring she answered with a "What do you want?"

We talked and cried with each other on the phone for hours. She was in a hotel in the middle of California. Eventually we both calmed down, and she told me she didn't hate me. She told me it wasn't my fault that I had fallen for Jacob, I didn't have a choice. She told me she loved me and she always would, but she wasn't going back to Forks. She wanted to get lost in the world, and find her way again. She made me promise to take care of Jacob, and I in turn, made her promise that I would see her again one day. She agreed and we said goodbye.

Even though Bella and I ended on good terms, I still felt like a failure every single day. I promised her happiness and I had failed. I think that is why I held onto Jacob so tightly. We only had each other, and I was terrified to lose him. We didn't go back to Forks to live with my family. When Jake made the decision to come and find me, he was excommunicated from his pack. Carlisle and Esme had forgiven me, but my brothers and sisters all hated me. They had all come to love Bella very much, and were looking forward to having her as a Vampire sister. Carlisle secretly helped Jake and I purchase land, and build a cottage of our own in Canada. That was a year ago.

When I walked out of the theater, Jake stood next to my car. He had tears in his eyes and he was looking at the sky. I tentatively walked to stand in front of him. His eyes met mine, and my heart almost broke in half. I hated seeing him cry, and knowing that I was the cause made me feel worse. I walked forward and leaned my forehead on his chest. I knew he wanted to be mad at me, but I was his imprint and it was almost impossible for him to stay mad. I loved him so much it hurt, and I knew I was hurting him by acting the way I did. Slowly Jacob's stiff stance broke and his arms wound around me, his cheek laid against my hair. "I'm sorry" I whispered against his chest.

Without speaking, Jake and I climbed in the car and drove home. I took his hand and lead him into our little house. We both kicked off our shoes, and I took him to our bedroom. He was still hurting and I needed to apologize. Taking his hand, I led him to the bed and we both sat, legs crossed facing each other. I took his hand between both of mine and started drawing lines in his palm with one of my fingers. "I love you" I said, still looking at our hands. "I love you too" he replied with watery eyes.

"I need to apologize Jake" I said looking in his eyes now. "I started thinking after you left, about why I get so angry when you talk about Bella. I started thinking about the wedding, and how much I hurt her. How much I hurt my family." I looked down at our hands again. Jake had taken one of my hands now, and was rubbing it between his, like he was trying to warm me up. "I feel like such a failure Jake. I loved her, and I promised to love her forever. She was suppose to be a part of my family. I guess I'm just scared. I love you so much, and I don't want to lose you too. You're all I have left." I was on the verge of losing it big time, when Jake pulled me into his arms. "Baby, you don't need to be afraid. I love you, I am not going to leave you ever." I sat up and turned my body to face him. I took his face in my hands and pulled him forward to kiss me. "please make love to me" I whispered against his lips.

Jake leaned forward again to kiss me. His hands came up to my shoulders, to gently push me to lay back on the bed. Slowly, Jake used his knee to spread my legs, so he could kneel between them. When Jake needed to pull away to breath, his soft wet lips went to my throat. My hands wound around his back and under the back of his shirt. When my cold hands touched the hot skin of his back, he gasped and his body shuttered. I pushed his shirt up, and he sat up so he could pull his shirt off, and throw it to the floor. Jake's beautiful bronze skin never failed to take my breath away, and I couldn't stop myself from reaching out and running my hand down his chest. He shuttered again and moaned. His lips crushed back down on mine, as his hands came up to unbutton my shirt.

When the last button was undone, Jake sat up so I could take my shirt off and throw it to the floor with his. His warm hand pushed me back down and his lips closed around my nipple. This time it was my turn to shutter, as he hot tongue licked my nipple and his lips sucked it gently into his mouth. I hissed, and my back arched as his hand came down to palm my throbbing erection. "Please Jake" I moaned as his mouth moved to my other nipple to drive me crazy. His hand was squeezing and messaging my length through my Jeans. I was close, but I didn't want to come until he was inside me. "Baby, please. I need you"

Jake released my nipple and stood from the bed to remove his jeans. I unbuttoned my jeans and Jake helped me to pull them off, adding them to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Both of us naked now, Jake took his place again between my legs. His body covered mine as he leaned down to kiss me gently. "I love you" he said against my lips, and then he deepened the kiss. His warm tongue pushed into my mouth, exploring and tasting me. I moaned and tilted my head to kiss him deeper. Jake reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. Squeezing a liberal amount onto his fingers, he pushed one finger inside me. I whimpered against his mouth, and sucked his tongue deeper. Slowly he pumped his finger in and out of me, preparing me for his large length.

When Jake pushed a second finger inside me, I moaned again against his lips. When he curled his fingers and touched the magic spot inside me, I pulled my lips from his and cried out. My head pressed back into the pillow, and his lips went to my throat, sucking and nipping, as he continued to touch and press the magic bundle of nerves deep inside me. God, he felt so good, I thought I was going to die. "Jake...please....I...I cant hold on" I begged. Slowly, he pulled his fingers from me and I whimpered. Jake sat up on his knees and lifted my legs so my feet were flat on the bed, and my legs were spread wide.

Jake took the lube and spread more around his cock , and some on my entrance. Sliding forward slightly, he positioned his cock against my entrance. Looking into my eyes, he silently asked for permission to enter me, just like he did every time we made love. I loved him even more for it. I smiled and nodded. Gently, Jake pushed just the head inside me. We both groaned, and once I adjusted to his size, he pushed the rest of the way inside me. He stayed still, as he laid his body down on mine and captured my lips again. His hips started moving very slowly, gently making love to me.

After a few moments of gentle rocking, Jake whimpered desperately against my lips. He was close. I was close too, I just needed a few more deep strokes and I would fall over the edge. Jake slightly changed his angle to brush against my magic spot. I whimpered just as desperately, and my body jerked. Our kiss turned more heated, but his speed didn't change. He entered me once, twice, each time hitting the spot. The third time was the charm. I ripped my lips from his and threw my head back. I screamed with my orgasm as Jake continued to push in and out of me, to prolong my pleasure. I clung to his shoulders tightly as pleasure shot through my body. Jake pushed inside me twice more, before he threw his head back and roared with his orgasm. I shuttered, and my eyes rolled back in my head as his hot seed spilled inside me.

Finally, we both collapsed in a tired and satisfied heap back to the bed. Jake's breathing was ragged against my chest. I wound my arms around him, holding him to my body as tight as I could without hurting him. We laid there for a long time not talking. Jake's breathing had evened out and I thought he had fallen asleep. His mind was in a state of bliss, so he had no thoughts for me to read.

Suddenly, Jake's head came up and his eyes met mine. "Your not a failure, Edward. Your loving, and beautiful and perfect, and I love you." I smiled and reached up to touch his cheek. His eyes then lowered, and I could see worry on his face. His mind was still blank, although I could tell he was working really heard to keep it that way. Jake pulled out of me, and sat up on the edge of the bed. I sat up and scooted to sit next to him. "Jake, what's wrong? What are you keeping from me?"

He looked scared, but he took a deep breath and gave me a small smile. "I know for a fact, that your not a failure Edward" I quirked an eyebrow at him for him to continue. "OK, baby, please don't be mad at me, but I have something to tell you." I tried harder to read his mind, to see what was making him so scared. "Tell me Jake" I said in an even tone. He sucked in a deep breath and blew it out loudly. His heart rate picked up. "Jake, your scaring me now. Please just tell me" He reached out and took my hand looking deeply into my eyes.

"You haven't talked to your family in almost a year right?" he asked. "Yes" I replied confused. "OK, well I have." He stood then and started pacing, and then he started talking very quickly. "They moved to Alaska, about six months ago. Alice said it was safer to raise a newborn in Alaska, where there would be more people to help, and there aren't so many humans around..."

"Wait...stop Jake, What are you talking about? What newborn?" I was totally confused now.

He took another deep breath, and his heart started slamming in his chest. "This is where the mad part comes in Edward. You have to promise not to freak out." I stood from the bed and pulled him back to sit next to me. "I promise I wont freak out, now, what is going on Jake?"

"OK, here goes. Bella went back to Forks six months ago. She didn't go home, she went to your family." My eyes bulged out of my head. "Calm, Edward" Jacob reminded me. I took a deep breath through my nose as he continued. "She went to them, and told them she still wanted to be apart of their family. They were all so happy to have her back, they agreed. She moved in with them, and they made plans to change her. Her father and mother still think she is missing, and none of the wolves knew she was back." I was too shocked to me be mad.

"Carlisle made the decision to keep this a secret from you. He didn't know how you would feel about Bella being turned, after you two didn't get married. She moved with them to Alaska, and Carlisle changed her. I talk to Alice every month or so, and she has told me that Bella is doing great." Jake smiled a brilliant smile then and took my hand. "She has amazing self control, and has taken well to hunting animals." I felt like my head was going to explode with all this new information. "They have discovered that she has a gift. She is what they call a shield" I gasped, and surprisingly, I smiled. That explains me not being able to hear her when she was human.

"OK, now that the hard part is out of the way, I have one more thing to tell you" I didn't know if I could take much more, but I stayed silent and listened. "The whole family, Bella included, wants us to come home. They miss you very much. They had a brand new house built in Alaska. I am suppose to tell you that they are very sorry for how they treated you, and that they all love you very much. They want to be a family again. They have Bella back, and now they want you too." I felt like my brain was fried. I flopped back on the bed and threw my arm over my eyes. Jake chuckled, and lay down beside me.

"What do you think baby?" Jake asked, obviously pleased that I hadn't freaked out after all.

I smiled and turned to look at him. "Lets go home."

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