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It was orientation day at the university and Bella had just received her schedule and room assignment. She was to be sharing with two older girls. The school did it as a kind of Helping Hand system but Bella just found it annoying – why would a sophomore or junior want to take care of a freshman?

She had a map of the campus and after a few wrong turns she arrived at the on campus housing. There were four side by side buildings, and according to her papers she was in the third. Each house had a different set up depending on preference and price range. Bella whilst not well too well off had splurged on the more expensive housing that would allow her her own room – being the studious type she did not want to have to worry about people interrupting her if she was studying. It was a large homey building with yellow walls. It clearly could not fit that many people though. Being a small, private university they, according to the brochure, tried to keep an intimate, familial environment. Taking a deep breath she went inside.

The bottom floor, she discovered, was a community area with a flat screen and pool table. The were a few groupgroup of girls milling about. Nearest was a group of three.

Not sure where to go she approached them hesitantly. They looked like seniors. "Excuse Me?" they stopped chattering to look at her.

"New here?" one asked with a kind smile. Bella nodded

"I'm Lauren, your suite-mates should be here somewhere. What room are you in?" she held out her had for the room assignment sheet Bella was clutching.

"Thirty-four." replied Bella, handing over the sheet.

For some reason Lauren and her friends found this amusing. "So you're with Rose and Alice." she said, she glanced around "They're meant to be down here to greet you," she muttered glancing around, although she didn't seem as though she thought she'd see them. "typical." she muttered before addressing Bella again "I guess they're already in the suite. Go up those stairs." sh indicated a large wooden staircase along the far wall "there are 15 suites on each floor so you're on the second floor at the end of the passage." Bella nodded and turned to do as Lauren directed. She was almost at the stairs when Lauren called "Oh and new girl," bella turned back to look "I'd knock first if I were you." she giggled, apparently it was an insider joke thou because it made no sense to Bella. When it was clear Lauren wasn't going o say anything else Bella turned to continue up the stairs.

The door was open when Bella got to the room, but mindful of Laurens 'warning' she knocked anyway.

"Just a sec." chimed someone out of sight.

From the doorway Bella could see a comfortable looking sitting area with four doors leading off it and a small en suite kitchen. There was also a flat screen! Clearly these people are loaded, she thought to herself, there's no way the school would provide that.

A second later a small pixie looking person danced in from the other room startling Bella. "Hi… I'm … I'm Bella Swan." she stuttered

"Great, I'm Alice Cullen." the pixie announced brightly. She waited for Bella to say something more but Bella was a little dumbfounded by the bright bouncy personality that Alice managed to convey in such a few words.

"Er, Can I help you?" she said after a moment breaking Bellas revere.

"I believe I'm also staying in this suite." she explained

"Oh Okay. Well come in then." Alice led Bella into the middle of the room. That's my room, she said, indicating the door on the right, " Roses is that one,' she pointed to the door directly oppersite hers, "Yours will be that one," the door adjacent to Roses, " and that's the bathroom, "the door next to Alice's room "– it's en suite to my room so be sure to remember to lock both doors if you don't want anyone disturbing you." she added. This was all explained very quickly, the speed that alice talked at left Bella speechless.

"When are your things arriving?" Alice asked

"About an hour."

"Good, we ca get to know each other in the mean time!" she honestly sounded excited.

Alice pushed Bella onto the couch before sitting next to her. Her immediate friendship was both comforting and off putting. She was easy to talk to though because half an hour later Bella had explained her whole life story; about how she lived with her dad in Forks while her Mom and step-dad lived in Florida and about her sister Claire. She also had learnt all about Alice's family. She had an older brother; Edward. Her dad was a doctor and her mom designed houses as a hobby but didn't work.

They were interrupted when Bella's things arrived and Alice helped Bella unpack, making mock distress sounds as she saw Bella's clothing collection.

At about half past three the mysterious Rose arrived. OMG it's a model! was Bella's first thought. Roe was tall, blond, perfect. Bella was more than a little intimidated.

Rose walzed in with a huge smile and Alice jumped up. "Rose!" she squealed. Rose smiled at her friends enthusiasm. "Hey hon" she called with easy familiarity, before moving towards her for a hug and kiss. A slightly more passionate kiss that was strictly necessary for old friends. Alice smiled as she pulled away.

"Rose, this is Bella." she introduced "she's staying in the other bedroom."

"Pleased to meet you. Rosalie Hale." she shook Bella's hand

"Bella Swan – Likewise."

As Rosalie took back her hand she put it behind Alices back. Alice jumped and giggled self consciously. She glanced at Bella "Bella, me and Rose are going into the other room for a bit, think you can settle in by yourself for a while?"

Bella nodded in mute shock as she watched Alice try to, not so subtly, dodge Rosalies hand, giggling all the while. She practically skipped into her room with Rosalie right behind her. Bella caught a glimpse of Rosalie laying a smack on Alice's ass while Alice started to unbutton her top before the door closed.

She noticed on the coffee table her induction pack. The cover read "Welcome to College!"

"Welcome indeed" she murmured to herself before retreating to her room.



"Rose!" I squealed

Rose waltzed in with a huge smile and smiled at my enthusiasm. It had been too long since we saw each other. We were both Juniors and had stayed together since our first year. "Hey hon" she called, moving towards me for a hug and kiss. I could feel what she wanted from the way her lips lingered. I smiled as I pulled away, Bella would know soon enough about us but that didn't mean she had to be so rudely introduced to it.

We had been lovers since our third month at RU. It was nothing exclusive and we both still dated guys, it was just something we did for the pleasure of it. A friends with benefits arrangement.

"Rose, this is Bella." I introduced, watching the interaction closely "she's staying in the other bedroom."

"Pleased to meet you. Rosalie Hale." she shook Bella's hand

"Bella Swan – Likewise."

I could see as Rosalie took back her hand where her thoughts were going – "we could have fun with this one" her eyes seemed to say. She put her hand on my ass and squeezed. I jumped and giggled self consciously. It wasn't that I minded the contact, it was the knowledge that Bella was watching us. I could feel myself getting wet down there and knew if we did not move quickly I would start tearing off Roses clothes right here in the living room. I glanced at Bella, I didn't want to abandon her but Rose was now pinching and squeezing. I tried to unsuccessfully dodge her hand – it was making it hard for me to think. I had intended to explain this to Bella in a different way but Rose had her own ideas. She wanted me and I knew better that anyone how impatient she could get. Finally I gave in "Bella, me and Rose are going into the other room for a bit, think you can settle in by yourself for a while?"

She nodded - I could see the shock at our behaviour on her face. Rose gave me a particularly hard pinch. I jumped before running to the bedroom. I knew she was getting even more impatient. Rosalie was right behind me. As we reached the room I started to unbutton my top. I heard it a second before a felt it – SMACK. Then I felt the sting. I spun around to see Rose closing the door - Bella must have seen that! The thought only excited me more.

"What was that for? I demanded, now pulling off my jeans

Rosalie had removed her top too, to reveal he large, perfect breasts encased in a black and gold lace bra.

"For taking so long to get us in here, and for dodging."

"Well I couldn't not introduce you." I explained "And what was that display for – I think you shocked the poor girl."

"Well technically you were the one bouncing about and making a spectacle of yourself."

"Because you were pinching me ass!" I argued.

We were both fully undressed now and making our way to the bed. We kissed deeply, our limbs entangleing with each other.

I could feel this would not be one of those drawn out tender experiences but aqick passionate one.

I quickly start to kiss my way down her perfect body. Pausing to nip each nipple. My hands are already massaging her clit before my lips even get there. I move two of my fingers to her opening and push them in. My mouth taking over working her clit.

I could feel her body start to rock as I moved my fingers in and out, starting to increase my speed, all the while licking, sucking and nipping with my mouth. I added another finger and could feel the moments pause before she came.

She lay still for a moment, panting before pulling me up for a kiss. "God, that was good." she murmured.

She rolls us over so I am the one lying on the bed before pulling away. Trailing her fingers down by body as she rose.

"Hey!" I called in indignation as she left the bed to walk over to her handbag. She smiled over her shoulder at me, concealing whatever it was she was extracting.

She returned to the bed, hiding whatever it was behind her back and began kissing me again.

Then I forgot about the hidden item as her fingers found their way to my slit. She began sucking my nipple as her fingers moved in wonderous ways. I could feel my body getting hotter. I started to moan against my will.

Then I felt something cold pressed against my was a click and it tarted to vibrate. Understanding flooded through me as I realised what she had fetched from her bag.

I was so wet we didn't even need lube as she eased it inside of me. She expertly thrust it in and out. Constantly changing the rhythm, keeping me on edged, and finally, with one particularly deep thrust, I came.

We lay on the bed for a while, enjoying the 'after' feeling. Eventually Rose sat up. "I'm hungry." she announced. She ade her way to the door, still naked, as I looked on in shock. I knew Rose was gutsy but she wasn't really planning on walking out ther like that with Bella here?

"Rose, you can't go out there like that." I told her

"But my robe's in the other room." she pouted

"And you have absolutely no clothes in here?" I asked, pointedly glancing at her jeans and t-shirt strewn about the floor.

"Nothing I want to wear. So I guess…" she said, making her way over to my closet "…you'll have to go make my sandwich for me." She threw my gown to me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"And what will Bella think?" I asked.

"Well if she hasn't worked out what we were doing in here by now its unlikel she will – you were making enough noise for the whole house to hear." she teased.

"Yes, and you were silent as a mouse?" I returned

"So you going to get me some food or should I?" she asked when I had made no move to put the robe on. She was forcing me to be the one to deal with Bella and I knew I wouldn't get out of it.

I rose and slid into the satin cloth, casting her an annoyed expression. "I just hate pushing this in her face." I muttered.

"You love it." she returned. I didn't respond.

She pushed me onto the bed with a giggle before climbing on top of me. "I know you Alice." she explained, pausing to run her fingers from my collar bone to hip – the robe had fallen open. "You enjoyed watching Bellas expression earlier as much as I did, and you'll enjoy going out there now." She bet down to kiss me. Her hand still lightly caressing . "You only say you didn't because you think you should." she said in a breathy voice. "Just. Admit. It." she punctuated each word with a kiss.

She was right. We'd known each other for so long she could see right through my pretences. What was the point in denying it? "Fine" I admitted between kisses "I admit I enjoyed it."

"Good." she said with a self-satisfied smile. "Now go have fun." She rolled off me and I got up.

As I left the room I heard her switch the shower on.

The living area was empty. A part of me was disappointed – I had kinda hoped Bella would be there.

I got to work making sandwiches. I had been busy for a few minutes when I looked up to see Bella walking out of her room. She froze when she saw me, taking in my appearance.

"Oh, I'm sorry." she mumbled, retreating back into her room.

"No, Bella wait." I stopped her. "Come have a sandwich." I invited. She hesitated before coming to sit at the counter. I passed her a plate and motioned for her to help herself from the slowly growing mountain of sandwiches.

She tentatively selected a ham one. She looked uncomfortable and it was starting to rub off on me too.

"So, I guess you heard us?" I started.

She blushed and nodded

"Look Bella, I don't want this to be uncomfortable for you but you need to understand that this is the one place we can do whatever we want."

She nodded again, avoiding my eyes. Just then Rose emerged from the bathroom, thankfully, wrapped in a towel.

"Hey," she called "I thought you had gone to harvest the wheat for the bread you were taking so long."

I smiled "Here, oh patient one." I teased, passing her a plate with a cheese and tomatoe sandwich, her favourite.

She took it and came around the counter to stand next to me. Bella was watching her with an unreadable expression. Rose noticed and slid an arm around my waste. I knew she was doing it to make Bella more uncomfortable. Bella quickly looked away. "Rose." I scolded lightly and tried to move out of her grip but she wouldn't let me. Bella rose to leave.

"You know you're going to have to get used to this eventually." Rose said to her matter of factly "We're going to be living together for the next year or so an I don't intend to change my ways for you. Nor will I let you make me feel uncomfortable for it"

She then slowly and deliberately kissed me. I stiffened. I knew Rose could be a bitch at times – it was part of the reason I was attracted to her, but I really thought she would hold off for a few days, then again she had never done that before so why I thought she would now I'm not sure.

Bella stopped moving and turned to look at her, as though shocked someone could be so blunt.

"Well aren't you considerate?" she returned before retreating to her room.

"Rose, you really can be a bitch sometimes." I said, firmly removing her hand from my waist.

"It was the truth." she defended

"Truth or not you didn't need to rub her face in it like that. Some people just aren't comfortable with this sort of thing. She's from a small town, this is probably all a little overwhelming for her."

"So what? We should hide the whole thing and pretend it doesn't happen?" she shouted at me.

"No, just show a little decorum." I snapped

"Please don't fight over me." Bella had emerged from her room again. I had to give her props for having the guts to interfere , stupid as that was, for Rosalie could be terrifying when she was worked into a rage, which was slowly happening.

"Look Rosalie is right." she said to me "I will just have to get used to it."

I could see a smug smile on Rose's face but I was not having that. "No, she wasn't." I said looking only at Rose "She should never have forced us in your face like that. Nor should you have made me come out here in the first place."

I could literally see her anger build

"Made you?" she repeated in disbelief "Made you? I never made you do anything, you do have free will you know. Besides you wanted to."

"I would never have done it though if you hadn't convinced me."

"No, you would have hidden the whole thing as though its something to be ashamed of."

"I would have told her, I just would have gone about it in a more tactful manner."

"Oh please! Don't you go getting all self-righteous on me. I know you Alice Cullen. You can't fool me. You wish you had the guts to behave like I do."

This was the problem with fighting someone you loved – they knew you too well. I pushed that thought aside for now though. Two could play at that game.

"And you wish you could maintain a relationship based on more than sex!" I shouted

"I take it you're the new girl?" came a familiar voice from the corridor. Both of us spun around to see Edward leaning against the doorframe. It was then I remembered that Bella had been watching us the entire time.

"Edward! cant you learn when to keep your nose out of my business?" I asked exasperated.

"I would, but it seemed like you two were terrifying poor…"


"poor Bella here."

I looked over to her and he was right, she did look terrified.

"Come on." he said to her "why don't you and I go out for some coffee whilst these titans battle it out in private?"

She nodded, unable to speak, and followed him out of the room.

I turned back to Rose. I was no longer in the mood for shouting – Edward had popped our heated little bubble.

"Rose…" I began. She looked like she too regretted the whole thing

"I'm sorry. I should never have said that."

"We both said things we regret. You were right though, I should never have behaved like that infront of Bella."

"And you were right too," I admitted " I shouldn't have gotten so high and mighty about the whole thing."

We looked at each other for a moment. We'd fought like this before and I knew she would need some time alone, we both would.

She turned to leave. "It's not true," I called after her, she turned back to look at me "what I said about you not being able to maintain a relationship based on more than sex. You and Emmett are more than that. You and I are more than that."

"Are we though?" she asked quietly.

"Of course we are. We care for each other more than that otherwise we would never have remained friends for so long. The sex part is…enjoyable, but even if we gave that part up, we were close before we became intimate and we will remain close afterwards."


"Well one day you're going get tired of me." I explained

"I will never grow tired of you." she responded, crossing the room to give me a small kiss

She gave me a small smile before going into her room and shutting the door. I knew she would need time to process what I'd said.

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