Little Mewtwo Chap 2

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Mewtwo opened his eyes. He found himself in a strange looking forest. There were mist everywhere, and there were also moss hanging from fallen logs and branches. He looked around. From every corner there were darkness, and echoy sounds that had no meaning. Also, there was a horrible stink, and there were also some gooey green stuff trickling down the cracks of the rocks. But the worst part of all, Rieny was still there.

"What is this place?" asked Mewtwo.

"This is my nieghborhood silly!" said Rieny. She smiled and trotted forward, with Mewtwo floating behind.

"Geez, talk about envirmental issues," said Mewtwo to himself,"this kid is living in a waste dump for god's sake!" he bumbed into Rieny when she stopped,"what's wrong?"

"Here's my house!" exclaimed Rieny,"isn't it pretty?"

Mewtwo looked up. What he saw, was a dome shapped adobe house, thing, that was covered in flowers that eased the area with calmness and relief. There seemed to be an invisable aura around it too. It made it so different from the scenery, it just didn't make any sence.

"Okay, how do I put this...uh...creepy?" said Mewtwo.

"Everyone says that, but once you get used to it, it's a great home to be in!"

"For a gastly." whispered Mewtwo. He then flinched when the curtain door slowly opened. There at the doorway, stood a Gardivior. There was something different about this one though, instead of a grean coloring, it was kinda bluish greenish. Not normal for a Gardivoir of course!

"Rieny. What have you got there? A visitor?" the Gardivior had a worried look in her eyes.

"Mom, this is Mewtwo! I found him near the pond. Can I keep him?"

"Hey! I'm not a pet that followed you home ya know!" snapped Mewtwo. He began to feel ofended.

"Oops. I mean, can we keep him here for a visit?" corrected Rieny, sweetly smiling.

The Mom was silent for a while. She walked over to Rieny and crouched down to about Mewtwo's hight. She then examined him slowly. Then, she smiled and said,"Of course he can stay Rieny. But don't let him go near the meadow okay?"

Rieny jumped in glee,"Yay! Alright! Mewtwo, let me show you around!" Rieny grabbed Mewtwo's hand and dragged him away.

"Oh great." said Mewtwo. But before he could say anything else, he nearly chocked when she tugged him to go faster.

"I have so much to show you!" said Rieny. She stopped at a tree trunk,"This is where me and my dad used to sit!"

Mewtwo started at the log. It looked like and ordinary log, the same as the rest. How can she tell the differnce?

"Oh yeah, that's nice." sighed Mewtwo.

"Ooh,ooh! And there is where me and my friends used to play!" she pointed at a tree. An, ordinary tree.

"Yeeeaaah, right." said Mewtwo, a bit bored.

"Oh! Come here!" the ralts then dragged Mewtwo throught some branches and vines.

"Ow, ouch! Hey kid! I'm an organism not an object okay?" then, all at once, Rieny stopped.

"There it is," she said quietly,"the Meadow."

Mewtwo looked at the direction of Rieny's,"Wow." was what he said. Because there, was a big, very big grassland meadow, that from right to left, stretched out for miles. On the other side, was another forest, but a bit greener and had more veriety of plants then the side they were on. Mewtwo sulked.

"Why can't you live over there?" said Mewtwo.

Rieny didn't say a thing. She stood there behind the bushes, motionlessly, staring out to the other side. He eyes lost thier shine, and she had no smile anymore.

"What's wrong?" asked Mewtwo,"hello? Yoohoo! Are you dead? Don't die on me!"

"I'm not dead," said Rieny,"but anyway, that side is none of our business. We better go home."

Mewtwo blinked, but then shrugged,"Okay, if you say so." as they turned around, there was a rustle behind them from the meadow. They both whirled around. Nothing was there.

"Who's there?" asked Rieny nervously. No answer.

"I know this part," said Mewtwo to Rieny,"it's when you keep on asking, and they don't answer, till POW! You see the monster, and you're running for your life by then!"

All of a sudden, something pounced from the meadow, and towards them. The two scrambled back, and the beast landed on the ground before them. The beast raised it's head. It was a Houndoom.

"Kinda like now," said Mewtwo,"so...RUN!"