John Sheppard's: How To Tell A Bedtime Story 101


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"And there he was," John said, "almost dead from the loss of blood but the he rose up and slayed the mighty beast! I guess he wasn't that mighty!" John laughed, "and from that day on he was a the hero of the kingdom!"

"Did he die?" asked one of the Athosian kids, he was telling them a bedtime story as he always did.

"No, of course not he was the hero of the kingdom!"

"But you said 'he was almost dead from the loss of blood,'" said another child.

"Well, yeah but..."

"Then wouldn't he be dead?" asked one of the children.


"Why?" asked a little girl.

"Well, because the hero never dies."


"Well, then there wouldn't be a happy ending."


"Because the hero would be dead!" John said, getting very agitated with this kid.


"Um...children I think it is time to go to bed," said Kanaan.

"Why?" said the same little girl.

"Because then you'll hear another bedtime story from Mr. Sheppard...if he would give you one."

"But he always gives us a bedtime story!" said one of the kids.

"Do you want somebody else to give you a bedtime story?" asked Sheppard holding his anger inside him.

"NO! It's just that your stories are all the same.."

"Is that a bad thing?" asked John.

"Say goodnight children! And thank Mr. Sheppard for your story!"

"Thank you Sheppard!" said all the kids periodically.

The next night Sheppard was walking towards the place that he usually gave the kids stories because...he was going to give them one if they wanted one or not! But when he walked in the room he didn't expet to see what he saw...

"Stella?" asked John.

"Oh, hi Sheppard, I was just about to tell the kids a story...if you want to stay you can," said Stella.

"Um...I guess I could stay for a little bit..."

An hour pasted and Stella was just about done with her story, and John was there in the front row sitting in the 'criss-cross-apple-sauce' position.

"And the three little pigs lived happly ever after, the end," said Stella finishing her rendition of the 'Three Little Pigs'.

"Know all of you go to bed and thank Stella for the wonderful story!"

"Thank you Stella," said all the kids just with a little more enthusiasm then they did for Sheppard.

"Thank you Stella," said Kanaan.

"You're welcome."

"Thank you Stella for the bedtime story!" said the little girl that kept saying 'why' to Sheppard.

"Your welcome."

"That was a great story Stella!" said John excitedly.

"Thank you John."

"You're welcome..."

"Well I think it's time for me to go to bed."

"Not with out a goodnight kiss!"


"Um...I said..Um...goodnight miss."

"Oh, really? I could have sworn that you said ' not with out a goodnight kiss'"

"Um...n-n.." and before she could say anything she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight John Sheppard," Stella said as she walked away. And when she was out of sight he did a little happy dance from the kiss goodnight

The End


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