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Risa drew a red 'x' on the last box of the month. She capped the marker and grinned broadly.

'I'm going to see Otani tomorrow,' she thought. 'It's been a month since we have seen each other. I wonder if he is excited to see me?'

She reached over and picked up her phone. They hadn't been talking much since they parted for University. Otani had a job on campus, studied hard at night, and had new friends. Of course, Risa knew they were going to be busy, but she couldn't help feeling a bit neglected as a girlfriend. He hadn't even mailed her for two days now.

She thought about calling him, but instead called Nobu-chan.


"Hey, Nobu. How are you? Are you free?"

"Yeah, I'm great. How are you?"

Risa hesitated for a moment.


"I'm good," she paused. "I'm going to see Otani tomorrow."

"Oh, that's right! Aren't you excited?"

"Of course! I can't wait! But…"

"Risa? What's the matter?"

She sighed. "Nobu, do you think Otani misses me?"

"Risa…" Nobu began.

"He hasn't mailed me for two days now and I'm so happy to see him tomorrow…I want to know if he's happy I'm coming too."

"He's probably busy getting everything prepared for your visit. Now that I think about it…" she stopped for a moment to think. Then her voice got suggestive. "It has been a long time since Maity-sensi's wedding…"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"How long has it been since you two kissed?"

"N- N- Nobu-chan!" Risa cried, embarrassed.

"Maybe he's nervous so he doesn't want to call. Maybe this is it, Risa! Your time to aboard the Sin Express!"

Risa's face burst into flames. "Nobu! Don't say unnecessary things!"

"How is this unnecessary? You two are both older, even if you don't act like it. He must have been hurt after you kicked him out of the hotel room. You should make it up to him!"

"I apologized before!"

"You will go to his dorm room, give him a coy smile, and turn the light off…" Her voice grew suggestive.

"What things are suggesting?!"

"It'll start with a kiss and then mention how much you love him…"

"Kya! Calling you was a mistake!"

"Risa, this is it! My daughter's growing up!" she sniffed tearfully.

"You didn't give birth to me!"

"I'm so proud of you Risa! You have my blessing!"

"Who wants it?!"

"Good luck, Risa!"


Just how the conversation had turned out like this, Risa couldn't figure out. Only someone like Nobu could have pulled it off.

The phone fell out of her frozen hand and snapped close upon hitting the carpet.

How in the world was she going to act normal for Otani tomorrow?

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