Vacation Conflict

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A tanned man stopped in his tracks, bright blue eyes widening and a gasp escaping his plump and tasty lips. Beside the tanned man was a contrasting pale woman with pink hair and glossy emerald eyes, her pink juicy lips glistening from the light that was filling the giant hall. Blue orbs scanned the room, locking onto the reception desk and a few people lining up and then gazing through one of the windows to see the beautiful view of mountains and trees beneath an amazing azure sky.

"This place is breath taking don't you think Naruto?" Came a soft and gentle feminine voice causing the blond to tear his eyes away from the scenery to look at the woman's face.

"Yeah good thing we came ay Sakura?" The woman nodded and fixed the strap from the bag she was carrying on her shoulder.

"Lets go join the line and check in..I want to lounge around the pool straight away!" Naruto nodded and pulled the cases along the floor, following the pinkette towards the line. His blue eyes gazing out of the window pane and watching the other holiday makers jump into and swim in the pool, a small frown picking at his brow when a group of women who were bathing in the sun started giggling and staring in the same direction.

"Hmm..Some entertainment must be going on.." Naruto said to his woman companion. Sakura looked behind her shoulder and then looked out the window, her pink brows furrowing.

"Hm..Must be pretty good from the look of those women, maybe a sexy barman?" Naruto's face darkened, just what he needed, he planned on taking Sakura on holiday with him to score. He'd been crushing on this girl since junior high and she had yet to notice and return his feelings, so the last thing he needed was a sexy foreign barman to woo her and leave him in the dust. Green eyes glided over to glance at the moody looking Blond. "What's wrong? I'm sure there's some sexy barmaid's Naruto..God your such a perv.." Naruto stared at her with dull eyes for a minute and went back to staring out the window. He had no energy to argue with her, and he wanted to get in her good books, not the bad ones.


Wiping his sweaty tanned brow the blond followed the woman across the tiled path, his blue eyes glancing around to take in the beautifully constructed apartment blocks with flowers decorating the walls, every now and then giving a soft sigh when the heat seemed to make his skin feel like it was drying up. Finally those blue eyes landed on the woman in front who had stopped walking and started looking around.

"Hmm..Luckily both our rooms are on the ground floor..But where is the sign for rooms 130-140?" hearing the girls question, Naruto started to look around as well.

"Um…" Sakura walked forward and turned a corner, appearing a second later with an annoyed frown picking at her brow it seemed the heat was making her very irritable. Hearing someone coming behind him, Naruto dropped the cases and turned to them, his blue eyes taking in a dirty blonde haired woman with her hair in bunches and a lazy looking man walking beside her. The woman had a sly grin placed on her lips as she barked a laugh and stared at the man next to her, a small smile appeared on the mans lips as he looked back at her and then his dark eyes landed on the tanned blond staring at him.

"Need help?" Came a lazy and uninterested tone of voice which caused Naruto to flinch a little.

"Um yeah could you tell me where to find the apartment block for rooms 137 and 138?" The woman looked at the blond and smiled.

"Yeah, your in the same block as us, nice to meet you I'm Temari and this lazy man here is Shikamaru..Let Shika help you with your cases.." Naruto blinked and watched Shikamaru stroll forward and grab onto one of his cases, slowly walking past Naruto and nodding a greeting to a confused Sakura. Naruto beamed a smile at Temari and went to catch up with Shikamaru.

"Thanks a lot, but I can take the cases.." Shikamaru raised a black brow and shook his head.

"No it's cool..You know what women are like..I'm guessing you were forced to carry your lady's case?" Naruto heaved a heavy groan.

"Yeah and it's heavy as fuck" Shikamaru chuckled lightly; slightly glad he managed to pick up the blonds case instead of Sakura's.

"So what's your name then?" Naruto turned to look at Shikamaru and then looked forward when the pineapple haired man lifted the case and walked up three steps, taking off down a small corridor.

"I'm Naruto and the woman I'm with is Sakura" Shikamaru looked over his shoulder for a second and then went back to looking forward, lifting up the case some more when he started going up some stairs and passing a few rooms.

"So she's not your girlfriend or is she a very old fashioned sort of girl?" Came the bored tone, Naruto kept following the dark haired man and started getting out of breath when he had to go up another flight of stairs.

"No..I'm trying to score, that's why I paid for her to come with me, but she said she wouldn't come if we shared.." Shikamaru looked behind him once again and raised an eyebrow.

"You paid for her?..Demanding girl?" Naruto laughed a little.

"Very much so..So you and Temari?" Shikamaru took the blond up one last flight of stairs and halted in between the rooms 137 and 138"

"Yeah she's my girl, it's weird because I'm a little lazy and she's a little more outgoing and energetic.." Naruto watched the dark haired man for a second and smiled.

"Well opposites attract right?" Shikamaru nodded and then leaned against the wall, both men waiting for the women to finally meet them. "Oh thanks for helping with the cases" Shikamaru waved it off and watched as Temari came up the stairs with a worn out Sakura behind her.

"Hey Shika, I told Sakura she and Naruto can eat with us tonight.." Shikamaru nodded and smiled at Sakura who was smiling warmly at him.

"Thanks for helping Naruto, Shikamaru" Came the pink haired girl as she started fumbling around in her bag for the two room keys.

"No problem, he's happy to help" Naruto smirked at how Temari ended up answering for her man. "Anyway as I said we're room 132 so just come downstairs if you have any problems, we're going to the pool after eating lunch so I'll see you then ay Sakura?" The pinkette nodded and handed Naruto his key.

"Thanks you're a big help so I'll see you later then" Temari nodded and waited for Shikamaru to come over with her, both walking back down the stairs. Naruto pulled Sakura's case into her room when she opened the door and eyed up her spacious room,

"Hmm..This is nice and big.." Sakura nodded and took the case off of Naruto.

"Yeah, well Naruto go get into your room and then meet me when your ready to go swimming" Naruto nodded and walked out.


Throwing his case on his double bed the blond opened it up and grabbed his orange swimming trunks. A smirk appearing on his lips as he tugged down his pants and replaced them with the trunks, strolling across the living room/ kitchen he made his way to his balcony, opening up the glass door and walking out. His tanned skin glowing in the sunlight and his blond hair blowing in the odd breeze that blew past.

"Hmm I've got a nice view" Came his soft whisper, looking to the right Naruto looked at the balcony next to him. "I'm right next to Sakura as well…"

"Hey.." Naruto jumped and looked to his left where he saw a blonde girl leaning against the balcony wall and smiling at him, she had an awfully long side fringe and awesome blue eyes.

"Um..Hey" The girl shifted a little and checked Naruto out.

"I'm Ino, you just got here?" Naruto nodded to the question and tugged at his shirt, slowly pulling it over his head and resting it on the balcony wall.

"I'm Naruto and what about you?" Ino's eyes dropped from the sun kissed man's face to the bare chest glistening with a light layer of sweat.

"Yeah, came over from England" Naruto nodded and rested his tanned hands on the wall in front of him and leaned forward as he started to gaze around.

"I came over from Japan" Ino watched the blond for a while before doing what he was doing.

"You don't look Japanese" Naruto looked at her, both their eyes connecting caused the blond to beam a smile.

"I have an American father..I look more like him" Ino nodded and smiled before she leaned over completely and looked over to where a part of the pool could be seen.

"Are you going down by the pool now?" Naruto nodded and turned to look back into his room when he heard banging at his door.

"Yeah, I have to go now, so I'll see you around" Ino frowned a little and watched Naruto walk back into his room and close the door. Naruto opened up the entrance to see Sakura standing there in her red bikini and a black mini skirt, moving to throw a giant beach bag at the blond just as he went to speak.

"Let's go Naruto I'm boiling" Naruto rolled his eyes and grabbed his room keys before strolling out of the room.


Sakura rushed towards a spare sun bed, throwing her towel on it and taking off her flip flops and black skirt, glancing behind her she eyed up Naruto slowly strolling towards her.

"Hurry Naruto, I want to swim" Naruto frowned and put the beach bag on the bed beside Sakura's.

"You can swim on your own" Sakura growled and grabbed onto Naruto's hand.

"Its no fun if I swim alone" Naruto kicked off his flip flops near his bed and picked up his pace, stopping harshly when Sakura heard the girls giggling again. Green eyes narrowed and she glanced over to where the women were looking, Naruto frowned and looked at Sakura's face.

"What's wrong?" Sakura glanced at Naruto and then back over to where the women were also looking.

"Oh my god…He's sexy" Naruto frowned and eyed up the place his pink haired friend was staring at, his blue eyes taking in a shaded area from a creamy umbrella, and beneath there was a moody raven haired man glaring at a book he was reading.

"Eh?..Him?" Sakura nodded. "He's sexy?" Naruto questioned as he began to stare a little too much, eyeing up the milky skin and long bangs that seemed to hang nicely around the man's face. Naruto's brow twitched, he had to admit that this person was attractive, he had a nice body, nice and toned, not to skinny but not flabby just right for his height. Naruto grimaced, had he just been checking out this person? Shaking his head Naruto pulled Sakura closer to the pool. "Let's swim then" Sakura eyed up Naruto for a second and then went back to gawking over at this raven man.

"In a minute.." She whispered. Groaning the blond strolled over to this so called sexy man and put his hands on his hips as he stared down at him, Sakura's eyes widened and her pink brow started to twitch.


Onyx eyes glanced upwards and a perfectly shaped brow rose.

"What?" Naruto's glare darkened from such a rude tone.

"Eh Sakura? How can you call this sexy?" The blond bellowed, causing everyone around the pool to look over, the raven's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Look at him! He's moody and rude! He's sitting in the shade like a vampire!"

Sitting over by the bar Temari watched the blond scream and insult the sexy man, noticing his woman was not paying attention Shikamaru glanced over and groaned.

"Urgh…I'm guessing Sakura ended up liking Sasuke as well?" Temari frowned and looked over at her boyfriend.

"Eh? So why would Naruto be angry then?" Shikamaru looked at his blonde girl with a bored expression. Catching on Temari's eyes widened. "Oh..Sakura doesn't even know he feels that way..She said he's like a brother" Shikamaru looked over at the blond and sighed.

"Poor Naruto.." Having enough of being insulted so loudly Sasuke put his book down and stood up, Naruto backed up a little and clenched his fists.

"Can you shut the fuck up you moron? I could care less if your ugly ass girlfriend likes me" Naruto blinked and growled animalistic

"Che! Who you calling ugly, you bastard!" Sasuke smirked and strolled up towards the tanned blond, invading his personal space and pressing the tip of his pale nose against Naruto's.

"You know who I called ugly, are you really that retarded?" Hissing, Naruto went to swing his fist over at Sasuke only to have it caught in a pale hand and be pushed towards the pool, everyone around the pool began to gasp and the women seemed to squeal. Sakura growled and stormed over towards the two men. Naruto's eyes widened when he got pushed into the pool, a huge eruption of water exploding and bright blond hair reappeared above the surface. Coughing the blond wiped away the water from his eyes as well as his hair that now clung to his face. Peering down at the pissed off blond was Sasuke who was smirking.

"Cool the fuck down you moron" Naruto coughed a little more and swam to the side of the pool.

"Shut the fuck up you prick.." Sakura frowned and helped Naruto out of the pool, her green eyes roaming over to glare at the Uchiha and then melting when she became captivated by the mans sexiness, Naruto noticed the woman's anger sizzle away and rolled his blue eyes, a growl erupting from his throat when he watched the raven walk back to his sun bed and continue reading his book. Standing up Naruto gasped when Sakura shoved him back into the pool.

"You idiot, what was you trying to do?!" Naruto's head reappeared above the water for the second time in minutes and coughed his guts up, his tanned hands wiping away the water that was seeping into his eyes, dumbfounded the blond watched Sakura storm off back to her sun bed.

"Great…Nice going Naruto.." The blond mumbled to himself as he turned to look back at the pale man who was now smirking at him, holding himself back from throwing insults the blond swam to the metal ladders and got out.

Fucking bastard..


Shikamaru watched the blond down another drink, his dark eyes noticing the pink that was appearing on Naruto's face as the blond continued to get even more wasted.

"Mayn..Shikamaru...It's the first day and I.." Pointing a finger to himself the blond heavily turned his head to look at Shikamaru with unfocused eyes. "Made a fool outta meh self!...Sakura's gotta hate me!" The dark haired man gave a small sigh and rubbed the blonds back.

"It's not the first time that a woman's fell for Sasuke.." Naruto frowned lazily and licked his lips.

"Your woman too?" The pineapple look alike groaned and beckoned the barman to give the two of them refills.

"Yeah, Temari thought he was really cute, wouldn't stop staring.." Naruto heaved a loud irritated groan and downed the drink the barman just set down in front of him.

"Basterd! His name's Sasuke is it?!" Shikamaru watched the blond with amusement and nodded. "Well..Sasuke hasn't met meh!"

"What are you going to do?" Naruto eyed up Shikamaru and then looked behind him to see Temari chatting to Sakura as they both bathed in the sun.

"I'm going to show Sasuke for who he really is!!" Naruto declared loudly, slamming his drink onto the bar surface and wobbling off his stool, Shikamaru raised an eyebrow and got off his stool to steady the blond.

"How are you going about that then?" Naruto beamed a smile up at Shikamaru.

"Let me sleep first! Take me to my room please.." Shikamaru nodded with a small smile.

Well this holiday's just got interesting..


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