Vacation Conflict

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Previously on Vacation Conflict~

Naruto blinked when he heard what Sasuke said, his eyes flickering downward to look at the tent in the other's pants. His fingers moved a little as he hesitantly thought about doing it; taking a dive. What if I'm bad? Wait no, I'm a dude, I'll just do what I do with myself, he thought, his hand moving to grab Sasuke's groin, rubbing it gently. His eyes hesitantly raised to stare at Sasuke's face. His cheeks blushed brightly when Sasuke's brows knitted and his hips bucked, those oddly scrumptious lips parting as he let out a husky groan.
"Whoa," Naruto panted out, rubbing with more force, rushing to free Sasuke's hard-on to pump it. The expressions that the usually stoic man was making now fascinated him to no end.

Onyx eyes grew wide when he was forced unto his back, the blond hovering over him. The serious expression on his face made Sasuke feel as though his heart skipped a beat.
"You don't have to," Sasuke mumbled, feeling a little uncomfortable at the look of pure dominance within those azure eyes. Naruto made use of both hands, one stroking his dick, and the other fondling his balls.

"Shut up," Naruto grumbled, a huge mischievous grin played on his lips as he continued to pump the other. Sasuke moaned softly, his flushed body becoming a little pale.
What happened to the timid uke...?

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Grumbling as he nursed the bump on his head, Naruto laid down on his recliner by the pool. His cheek was noticeably puffy from where a fist made contact, and the blond was looking very irritable. Obviously, last night at Sasuke's hadn't ended to what either of them had planned. . .

Sasuke groaned softly as Naruto's tongue fought for dominance in his warm cavern. The sun kissed male continued to tend to Sasuke's pale member, his thumb pressing against the other's slit while his fingers would slowly caress the sensitive underside of the penis. His experimental strokes aided the small beads of pre-cum rolling down the pulsating shaft.

"Ngh... Naruto," Sasuke groaned, his hands having found a perfect place to settle, which happened to be the blond's backside. Those pale fingers worked under the other's boxers, and grasped at the ass he longed to touch since having been teased by those wet trunks Naruto wore some time ago.

He panted against Sasuke's lips when the raven splintered the kiss for air. Naruto blushed slightly as he could feel the other's palms firmly pressed against his cheeks, those slender fingers squeezing at his luscious cheeks. Azure orbs darted to the corners of his eyes when he felt those cunning digits worming their way towards his puckering, virgin entrance.

"Sasuke," Naruto panted huskily, his heart beating like crazy. Feeling the other begin to violate him in that way made him tense up, his whole stiff form shuddering when Sasuke bucked up into Naruto's member.

Groaning with a sly, cocky grin plastered on his wet lips, Sasuke pushed the tip of his index into the other. The raven loved how the hole tried to eat away at it so greedily as he waited for the contracting muscles to relax, thus enabling him to push the finger in even deeper.

"Just a bit of fingering won't hurt," he chuckled. Both their bodies froze when they heard a crash and a monstrous groan come from somewhere next door.

Naruto squeaked, looking at Sasuke to see if they should go and check it out. His walls closed around the digit within him once again, causing the raven to simply try to continue fingering the entrance he wanted to ram into. Naruto squeezed his penis tightly, making it painful to the point where his reaction was ramming a fist into the blond's cheek. "Don't fucking try to rip my cock off, you moron!" the raven hissed as Naruto groaned and rubbed his cheek.

"There could be some weird hobo trying to break in!" the blond gritted out, his tanned hands grasping at Sasuke's arms to remove them from his ass so he could get up. Since Sasuke wasn't too bothered about having someone break in when they were... No time to get embarrassed Naruto! "Fine! If you're not going to be a man and check, I'll do it!"

Sasuke watched the tanned blond rise up to get off the bed. He really didn't want to abandon those luscious cheeks. In an effort to yank Naruto back down, he grasped unto the other's boxers, causing the blue eyed idiot to topple over and whack his head on the floor.

"FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK?" he screeched, hands snapping to his poor head as he whined and curled into a ball. "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! SASUKE!"

The moment had officially died with that second act of violence. So, he slowly got up off the bed and yanked the moron to his feet as he padded out to where those noises came from. He'd kill whoever it was. How dare they interfere with his jackpot?

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Temari passed out just as she made it unto the balcony. The girl groaned in discomfort as she ended up flexing around one of the white chairs and a plant pot. Being totally wasted, she thought it was best to try and blend in. That meaning she would worm around everything on the floor even if she was all bent up in ways her body shouldn't. Funny how when you're drunk you can bend about like a snake and not feel any pain. Well, at least until the morning came. . .

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Temari whined as she sat on her own recliner, Shikamaru not looking to bothered by the fact that his blonde haired woman was in pain. When Sasuke found her there, he left her for revenge. He knew she'd be in a lot of pain when she woke up.

"Shikamaru... I need pain medication." The usually up-for-a fight kinda girl was now sobbing to her boyfriend, who was fishing around in the purple bag for the box of painkillers. Finally locating it, he handed it to her before closing his eyes, listening to the sound of cars that would occasionally pass the hotel grounds and their fellow men's chatter.

"Serves you right for being a pervert," Shikamaru whispered.
Sakura, who was suffering from a severe hangover herself, raised an eyebrow at Temari.
"We only went out drinking, why are you aching all over?" the pink haired annoyance asked.
Temari waved a hand to dismiss the woman's question completely.

"You don't wanna know!" she groaned. Honestly, she woke up curved around a damned chair and plant pot, her arms flung in random directions. It was already a cramped balcony to begin with, her large body sprawled out like a snake just took up the rest of the room.

Taking the hint that Temari didn't want to speak, Sakura glanced over at Naruto, slightly curious as to what happened to his face.
"...Did you get wasted and start a fight?" Sakura questioned. Naruto blushed brightly and turned away. Unfortunately, Temari was on the opposite side of him. His blue orbs took in the giant grin on the woman's face.

"No. Naruto fell over and hit his face on the ground because he got wasted, so I helped him back to his apartment," Sasuke said in a sexy and husky voice, causing the group to turn and look at him. The raven prince looked absolutely perfect, as usual. His onyx eyes were captured by the other's pool blue eyes. Both men's lingering gaze was broken thanks to Sakura, who was now laughing loudly.

"Oh God! Naruto! You caused Sasuke trouble! You're such an idiot!" Sakura insulted while laughing at her friend. Naruto's cheeks brightened up as he lowered his gaze, all of the previous night's experience catching up to him in all one go. He shivered when Sasuke chuckled.

"He was no trouble at all, quite the opposite in fact." This comment that left the Uchiha's lips caused Sakura some discomfort, her eyes following the man when he left to claim his own recliner in his usual spot beneath the umbrella. Temari's face was now glowing also; the images that were running through the woman's head was about to make her explode.

Turning to glare at Naruto, the pink haired beast grabbed at his cheek and give it a mighty tug.
"Just what did you do?" the woman literally roared, causing the poor sun kissed man some more pain, who couldn't do anything but glance over at Sasuke. His whole form froze as he realised how those hard, onyx eyes were intently set on him.

"Sasuke," he whispered huskily.

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Temari felt that she needed to make it up to Sasuke for disturbing him from having his fix of Naruto. So she felt that the best "forgive me" present was to have the two closer while in public.

Shikamaru noticed the scheming expression forming on his woman's face as they sat in the open restaurant area to eat some lunch, his usually bored expression now faded to show some concern.

"Temari," he finally drawled out, picking at some of the salad he grabbed at the buffet. He became slightly annoyed at the dirty blonde, who was now to involved in her bubble of schemes, for ignoring him. "Oi! Temari!" he repeated loudly. The woman's eyebrows raised in curiosity as she stared at him.

"Yeah?" the woman purred, pursing her lips together as she tried to focus on what he was going to say instead of her own plots.

"Just leave them to it now love; I'm sure you've sparked the fire. They just need time to let the flame burn," the pine-apple haired man grumbled, stabbing at the food with his fork and placing it in his mouth to chew. He kept his dark eyes on the beautiful woman in front of him though.

"...I suppose you're right, Shika," Temari mumbled with a soft sigh, stabbing at her own pasta and beginning to eat, letting her orbs travel from Shikamaru up to Naruto and... Sasuke? She twitched, causing her man to turn and take a look, he himself twitching as he watched the blond idiot picking at the buffet with Sasuke standing extremely close to him. "I think you're right, Shika," the woman repeated in a quiet whisper, excitement bubbling up within her.

If only she knew what the two males were doing so close to each other...

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Snarling, Naruto glared at Sasuke while putting some baby potatoes on his plate. They both had been standing in the same spot for about five minutes, picking at the same food together and speaking very quietly until -

"You ass! I told you I don't wanna talk about it here!" the blond hissed, his face tinting a soft red as Sasuke slid his pale slender hand down his bare arm before grasping at the plastic spoon that was used to scoop up the potatoes.

"Well Naruto, you won't go somewhere private with me, so I have no damned choice!" he hissed, scooping up some of the potatoes and keeping his eyes set on the food, like Naruto was. "I want to continue from where you cut me off!" Sasuke whispered harshly, his eyes glancing over at Sakura to see if she was looking over. Thankfully, the pig was too busy munching on her sandwich.

Naruto's head snapped to face the other, anger showing clearly on his face, but there was a lingering emotion floating within his orbs as he stared into Sasuke's eyes, which appeared like deep, endless abysses. He didn't know if it was a trick of the sun, or if he was just seeing things.

"...Sasuke..." he mumbled, letting his eyes drop to the other's lips. What had this stuck up, ass-face done to him? "...I came on holiday to get with Sakura, not have a gay experience with someone who'll be leaving at the end of this week!" he barked, putting his plate down and storming out of the place, leaving an alarmed Sasuke to just stand and watch after the sexy blond.

"...Tch, you moron!"

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Sakura was feeling slightly suspicious. Okay, extremely suspicious. Instead of swimming and causing a commotion, Naruto had been floating around the pool on the blow up Lilo mattress, a depressing frown etched to his face. She also noticed that Sasuke kept staring him.

"What the hell is going on?" the woman grumbled under her breath, slowly beginning to chew on her lip as she also noticed how Sasuke would rarely blink. "Temari! I think Sasuke... Sasuke might... Have a... Crush on... Naruto." She finally vocalized her concern.

Temari's eyes darted over to the pink haired woman lounging beside her. She put on her sunglasses.

"So?" she asked simply before moving her head back to face the clear blue sky. She closed her eyes, ready to relax and snooze in the beautiful warmth of the sun. Shikamaru was already out for the count beside her, white cream coated his skin so he didn't burn.

Shifting unto her side to completely face the now relaxing Temari, the pink haired girl pursed her lips together, her fingers fiddling with a loose thread from the towel that was sprawled out beneath her.
"But Naruto's straight. Also, how could Sasuke like... A moron?" she mumbled, frowning in pure jealousy at how Sasuke wouldn't look at her like that. Temari just ignored her. She didn't want to talk to women who sounded so bratty.

~Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~ Booogercheese~

Floating around in the clear, blue water of the pool, the blond grumbled and threw an arm over his eyes. The sunlight was causing his eyes to sting, even beneath the protection of his eyelids. Sasuke is such an ass! It's day three and I've got four days left until I won't see him... What am I thinking? I'm sounding like some bunny boiler who can't get over a near one night stand! He gave an exasperated sigh. His own, damned thoughts were making him angry. He blinked a little as the water rippled beneath his Lilo, his whole body goose-bumping as he felt a few cold water droplets drip unto his stomach.

"Eh?" the blond mumbled in confusion, his arm retreating so he could see who was tugging at the float. He was surprised to see a wet Sasuke staring at him.

"Naruto..." The pale man sighed. He could feel Sakura's gaze burning through the back of his skull. He flipped the blond over, sending him into the freezing water. Said blond fumed and splashed water at him for his indecency.

"WHAT THE FUCK? YOU ASSHOLE!" he roared angrily, his crystal blue eyes narrowing and his usually wild hair was now stuck to his face. "What the -" he froze as Sasuke lifted up the float a little, obstructing Sakura's view so he could kiss him softly.

"Moron, I'm sorry..." the dark haired man whispered against the other's wet lips, small water droplets rolling down their faces. "I'm sorry... I don't want to -" Both men froze as a large shadow was suddenly cast over them. They looked up; it was the German Guy.

"Can I join?" He grinned, teeth sparkling and thumb up to show his acceptance of them. Naruto looked horrified as he shoved Sasuke back and began hitting him with the Lilo.

"SASUKE! I HATE YOU!" Naruto howled before swimming to the ladder and climbing out, feeling embarrassed, touched, and totally turned off thanks to Guy.

Looking after the attractive moron, the raven ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily. He couldn't be bothered to even scowl at Guy in his speedo, or look over to see what Sakura made of the whole situation. Never in his life had he met someone who'd turn everything over and cause him to lose composure. I didn't even get the chance to tell him...


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