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Iceland's name in all the fic's I'm going to make is going to be Gunnar.


Eduard was thoroughly confused when he began to have these desires. He knew they were normal but he was really confused when he began to feel them. Ashamed even. He usually handled the problems by locking himself in his room for about an hour with his laptop and a jar of Vaseline. He was glad when he began to live alone, that meant he could be as loud as he wanted and could please himself anywhere in the house without worrying about Raivis or Toris interrupting.

Unfortunately, this day was a bad day. Well, at first it seemed like a great day. Eduard had already planned since he couldn't go outside today. It was raining, bad. The wind was high as well. Eduard heard it roaring against his windows.

He lit candles around nine and decided that he wasn't going to use his laptop for this one. He laid down on the couch and took off his white long sleeved shirt. He put it on the floor next to his couch and began how he always began.

Eduard trailed one hand over his clothed thighs, rubbing his inner thighs tenderly. His other hand slid over his neck and traced little butterfly touches over his nipples. He didn't hold back the small moan that escaped his throat as he began to lightly pinch his nipples and twist them for added pleasure. The hand on his thighs moved to his clothed member and he began to palm himself, letting out small mewls of pleasure. The button to his pants was slowly being undone. Once that was out of the way, Eduard's hand slipped into-


Eduard jumped and looked to the door. He waited for a few moments for another knock but didn't hear one. He was about to go back to what he was previously doing but just as his hand slipped back the loud boom of a knock came again. Eduard sighed in frustration. Who the Hell was cock blocking him in the middle of a freak storm like this?!

Eduard put his shirt back on and buttoned up his pants. He angrily went to the door and yanked it open. He was about to yell at the person who was there but was cut short when the person fell straight into his arms.

Eduard looked down at the young man that had fallen on him. He was shivering violently and clutched onto Eduard for warmth. He was wearing a soaking wet dark suit and had amazingly white hair. Eduard picked the man up and closed the front door with his foot. He carried the man to the living room and blew out the candles instead lighting the fireplace. He stripped the man of his wet clothes and took a little bit of time to admire the man's abnormally pale skin. He might be albino.

Eduard was quick to retrieve a heavy blanket from the hallway closet and brought it down the steps to the man. He was still unconscious. After wrapping him up, Eduard felt his forehead. He was burning up. Eduard decided that he should make some soup for him.

Eduard left into the kitchen and was annoyed to find that his power was out. So, he decided to skip the soup and just went into the bathroom and grabbed cold medicine. Eduard didn't really know if the medicine would do the trick but it was well worth the shot. Eduard promised himself that as soon as the storm cleared he would take the mystery man to the hospital.

Eduard returned to the living room and was very surprised to see that the man was sitting up, clutching the heavy blanket around his body as he looked around, trying to figure out where the Hell he was exactly. Eduard stepped over.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

The man's deep purple eyes gazed at him, slit into a glare.

"Who are you?" He demanded more than asked.

"Eduard. You?" Eduard asked, walking until he was right next to the man.

He looked at Eduard for a moment.

"Gunnar," he finally answered.

"What were you doing out there anyway?" Eduard asked, taking a seat next to Gunnar.

"Running. Sorry I ended up here. I just saw the house and thought shelter," Gunnar muttered, looking down at the floor.

"Don't worry about it," Eduard said.

He opened the medicine bottle and poured some of the red liquid into the cap. He handed the cap to Gunnar. Gunnar looked at it.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Medicine. You're running a fever," Eduard explained.

Gunnar looked at it again. He half contemplated not taking it but decided against that. He took the cap, fingers lightly brushing against Eduard's. He brought it to his lips and swallowed it all. He made a slight gag sound out the horrible taste and silently handed the cap back.

"Do you need water?" Eduard asked.

Gunnar shook his head. Eduard stood up and turned to leave.

"Hold on," Gunnar said.

Eduard turned to see that Gunnar had stood up. He was either blushing deeply or the heat from his fever was finally coloring his face.

"T-thanks," he said.

Eduard nodded and left to put the medicine back. When he came back to the living room, Gunnar was laying on the floor, the blanket sprawled out around him, leaving him completely naked. His skin seemed to almost glow in the firelight. The shadow from his leg hid his most crucial area from Eduard's wandering gaze. Eduard mentally slapped a pervert label onto himself and walked over.

"Gunnar," he called.

Gunnar didn't stir.

"Gunnar," Eduard called again, a little louder.

Still nothing. Eduard gulped and felt the need from earlier arising, only this time, he wanted to touch that smooth expanse of alabaster skin presented before him. Eduard's hand moved on its own as he lightly touched Gunnar's stomach. Gunnar shifted slightly and let out a small sound. This caused his leg to move and Eduard could now clearly see what the leg had been hiding. He blushed deeply while his eyes automatically ran to that particular part.

Eduard pulled his hand away from Gunnar's stomach and lightly took each of his wrists, putting them over his head. Gunnar didn't wake from his sleep. The dark flush over Gunnar's cheeks had spread an even coat of rose over his entire body. Eduard admired the color and gently ran a single finger down Gunnar's chest, stopping just at his waist. Gunnar squirmed and moaned again.

Eduard quickly let go of Gunnar when he saw that he was starting to wake up. He backed away as Gunnar sat up and scratched his head. He looked at the fire in the fireplace for a moment and then looked over to Eduard. He got onto his hands and knees and crawled over. Eduard's heart pounded hard and fast as Gunnar approached him. Eduard got a good look at Gunnar's back and the nearly perfect globes of his ass. Eduard cursed as he felt himself get hard.

"Eduard," Gunnar whispered, looking up at him.

Eduard blushed deeply.

"Y-yes?" He asked.

Gunnar blinked one more time before he promptly fell onto Eduard, head resting on his shoulder. Eduard blinked in confusion.

"Gunnar?" He called.

"You're comfy," Gunnar muttered, lips against Eduard's neck.

"Wh-what?" He asked.

"You're hard too," Gunnar said.

Eduard actually squeaked when he felt Gunnar's hand groping him through his pants.

"Wh-what are you doing?" He asked.

"Feeling you up," Gunnar said.

"Why?" Eduard asked.

"I'm returning the favor. You felt me, didn't you?" Gunnar counter asked.

Eduard blushed even deeper if it was possible.

"Y-you were awake?" He asked.

"I was moaning for a reason," Gunnar muttered.

Eduard decided not to say anything else. Gunnar leaned up and kissed Eduard very deeply. Eduard was immediately pushed onto his back with Gunnar sitting on top of him. The kiss was slow and sensual. Eduard really didn't know how to do anything else at this moment but moan and enjoy. His breath caught in his throat as he felt the zipper to his pants being pulled down slowly.


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