Birthday Gift for Xem

Xem and Lunatic were standing in a line at Baskin Robbins. Lunatic makes his order before an employee hands him a huge ice cream cone.

Baskin Robbins' best ice cream…


Xem looks down to see that the ice cream Loony ordered was all gone.

"Vanilla, please." Xem ordered, monotonously.

Xem trudges outside in the rain. Lucky stops by in a silver hovercraft, often used by their team.

Latest model hovercraft…


Xem hops in and it takes off. They come to a halt outside a museum owned by D-Dude and they walk in.

Ownership of seven museums across America…


TL was the first to greet Xem as he walked in. Surrounding the hedgehog was just about every Author Fighter.

"Hey, buddy!" TL greeted.

"Sorry, I forgot to bring something." Xem said, apologetically.

"No worries, Xem. We got YOU something." TL replied as every Author pulled out a present, "It's your birthday!"

Donald and Abe Sapien pulled out a birthday cake.

Cake, presents, and cards…


Xem, TL, and Lucky were playing a video game.

Nintendo Wii…


Xem flopped down on his bed, letting out a heavy sigh.

Spending birthday with friends…


Happy birthday, Xemnas1992.