"Gabby, I love you," Troy whispered to Gabriella, who was asleep in his arms. They had been watching TV

on the sofa and cuddling with each other, but Gabriella had become so comfortable that she had fallen asleep

with her head on Troy's shoulder. Troy rested his head on top of hers and gently kissed her. "Good night," he


Gabriella's eyes slowly opened while Troy was saying good night to her. "Wildcat, can we go to bed now? I'm

tired," she told him.

"Of course. Let's go," Troy said, lifting her up and carrying her upstairs. He put her on their bed and tucked

her in before lying down next to her. "I love you," he said.

"Love you, too, Troy," Gabriella said, snuggling into him and looking up into his eyes.

"What?" asked Troy, beginning to stroke her hair gently.

"I want good night kisses," Gabriella said with a look of the deepest love and affection in her brown eyes.

Troy gently pressed his lips to hers. Gabriella kissed him back. She loved how it felt when they kissed.

"Better?" asked Troy, giving her one last kiss.

Gabriella nodded. She was just about to close her eyes when she heard her cell phone ring. She reached for it

to see who it was. "It's my mom," she told Troy.

"Are you gonna answer it, baby girl?" Troy asked.

"I guess I'll see what she wants," Gabriella said, sitting up. Answering her phone, she said, "Hello?"

"Hello? Gabriella?" Mrs. Montez said.

"Yeah," Gabriella said.

"I was wondering when your wedding is going to be so I know when to order my dress."

"Mom, I hate to tell you this, but me and Troy are having the wedding we want. I'm not wearing a wedding

dress. I went to New York City with Troy and he bought me a dress, so I'm going to wear that. And Troy's

wearing his basketball uniform. We're not having bridesmaids or-"

Mrs. Montez cut her daughter off. "WHAT? I thought it was every girl's dream to have a fancy wedding and

buy an expensive wedding dress and have bridesmaids and a big reception."

"Mom, Troy's my dream. I love him very much and I wouldn't trade him for anything. We don't have lots of

money but if we have each other, we have everything."

"But don't you at least want a wedding dress?"

"I want Troy. I want our wedding to be focused on our love for each other and how much we care about each

other-not focused on how expensive the dress is. We fell in love and we just want to have a wedding day that we

will remember as the day we were married. And we're recreating the party when we first met. We want to have all

the memories of us. We're having it on New Years' Eve at the ski lodge in the same room we first saw each other


"Gabriella, I know you're an adult, but I just want you to think about this-is there someone better in the world

for you? Are you sure you're not just two teenagers who think they love each other but they're just a boyfriend

and girlfriend?"

"I know I'm in love," Gabriella said. "I was heartbroken when I had to move away to Stanford and had to leave

Troy behind. I dreamed about him day and night. When I looked into his eyes, I could see the love and affection

he had for me and I have the same for him. When we kiss it's just wonderful and I never get tired of being with

him. We care about each other and we would do anything for each other and-" Gabriella stopped talking when

she realized her mom had hung up. She pressed to hang up on her phone, put it down on the end table and laid

back down so she was snuggling with Troy again.

"So, she's mad?" Troy asked, hugging Gabriella close to him and giving her a kiss on her cheek.

Gabriella nodded. "She thinks we're not really in love," she explained.

"Well we know we are, and that's all that matters, right?"

Gabriella nodded, then her and Troy both kissed. "I love you," Troy said.

"Love you, too, Wildcat," Gabriella said, snuggling further into him.

"You know what I think?" Troy asked.


"I think you need snuggles and kisses, yes you do, yes you do, yes you do!" he said, talking to her like she was

a baby.

"Troy," Gabriella said, laughing, "I'm not a baby."

"You're my baby, yes you are, yes you are, yes you are!" Troy said.

Gabriella rolled over so that she was laying in top of Troy. "Now you can't get up," she said, laughing as Troy

put his arms around her waist.

"Well guess what?" Troy asked, pressing his nose against hers, "I can pick you up." He sat up and lifted

Gabriella onto his lap, kissing her cheek.

Gabriella laughed. "Troy, you're acting crazy," she said.

"Well I love you," Troy said, kissing her nose.

At that moment they heard a knock at the door. "Come in," Troy said.

Mrs. Bolton entered. "Um, can you two try to be a little quieter? Your father and I can't sleep with all the

noise you're making. I know you want to have fun and you're young and are excited to be finally getting married,

but can you please wait until morning for all the noise?"

"Okay, Mom," Troy said, lying back down. Gabriella lay down next to him again and snuggled right up

against him.

"Thank you," Mrs. Bolton said as she left the room.

Troy turned off the light and put his arms around Gabriella. "Love you so very much," he said.

"Love you, too, Wildcat," Gabriella said, hugging him back.

Then they both fell fast asleep holding onto each other.


"Gabriella! This is so cool!" Sharpay said.

Troy and Gabriella had gotten together with Sharpay, Chad, and Taylor to talk about their vacation. Gabriella

had just given Sharpay the pink belt she had bought for her in New York City.

"So, you like it?" Gabriella asked.

"Love it," Sharpay said. "Thank you so much!"

"So, guess what?" asked Taylor.

"What?" Gabriella said.

"While you were gone, Tiara bothered us for a day."

"Yeah, she kept telling us to get you guys to break up," Chad said.

"Well you'll never guess who showed up in New York City," Troy said.

"Tiara?" guessed Chad.

"Yes," Troy said. Him and Gabriella both told the story about Tiara bribing her aunt into letting her have the

key and the room number.

"Wow," Chad said.

"Tiara is so ridiculous sometimes," Taylor said.

"I can't believe she tried to break you two up again!" Sharpay exclaimed.

"But I'm glad she had to leave the hotel and her aunt got fired," Taylor added.

Chad and Sharpay both agreed with that.

"So, do you want to play basketball?" Chad asked Troy.

"Sure," Troy said. "Gabby, you want to watch?"

"Okay," Gabriella said, hugging Troy. "Sharpay, Taylor, you coming?" she asked her friends.

"Yes," Taylor and Sharpay both said at the same time.

Everyone went over to the basketball court at a nearby park and the girls sat down while Troy and Chad

played a one-on-one basketball game.

"Wildcat! I know you're gonna win!" shouted Gabriella. "I love you!"

"Go Chad!" Taylor called.

"I don't really care who wins," Sharpay said.

"Cheer for Chad," Taylor said.

"Taylor! Troy needs more support," Gabriella said. "He was just relaxing on vacation. He's not prepared to

play basketball!"

"Well they're just playing for fun," Sharpay reminded her friends.

In about forty-five minutes, the game was over. Troy had managed to beat Chad. Gabriella ran up to him and

gave him a hug. "You're all sweaty," she said, snuggling against him.

"Yeah, I know," Troy said. Then, lowering his voice to a whisper, he said, "I'll need a shower when we get

home. Can you take one with me?" He gently played with Gabriella's hair for a second.

Gabriella nodded and lifted her head to kiss him on the cheek. "I love you," she said.

"Love you, Gabby," Troy said. "You're my love and my baby girl."

"Hey, Troy, Gabriella, look over there!" called Taylor.

Troy and Gabriella stopped hugging and looked to where Taylor was pointing. And they saw something they

never thought they would see. Tiara and Jimmy were both sitting on the grass eating sandwiches. They were both

smiling and Tiara was laughing as Jimmy was telling her something.

"Wow," Gabriella said. "I never thought it would happen."

"Me neither," Troy said.

Sharpay walked up to everyone, and Chad came, too, but from a different direction. "Is that really who it looks

like?" asked Sharpay.

"Hey, Jimmy's got a date finally," Chad said.

Just then, Tiara and Jimmy noticed everyone looking at them. They walked over to them.

"Oh, no," whispered Gabriella to Troy. "I hope she doesn't want you for her boyfriend again because you're


"Hi, guys," Jimmy said.

"Hi," Tiara said, actually in a pleasant voice.

"How did you two start dating?" asked Chad. "I thought it was like-impossible."

"Be quiet, Chad," Troy whispered. "I don't want anything to ruin it and have Tiara be all over me again."

"Well," Jimmy began. "We went to this summer party at the pool, and they had karaoke and someone made us

both sing and-"

"We know how it is," Troy interrupted. "That's how me and Gabby met, and we love each other now."

"Well I won't be bothering you anymore, Troy," Tiara said. "And I'm sorry for everything I've done."

"Well don't you try to do it again!" Troy said. "Because after New Years' Eve, my Gabby is officially going to

be Gabriella Bolton, my wife."

"I promise I won't interrupt," Tiara said.

"Um, you might want to get that in writing," Chad whispered.

"Chad!" Troy whispered back.

"And," Tiara continued, "I apologized to Jimmy and now we go eat fast food all the time, and I don't even


"I know," Jimmy said. "I still can't believe I got you to eat a cheeseburger and drink soda."

"I didn't know what I was missing," Tiara said.

"Well we're glad you two are together now," Gabriella said.

"Good luck with each other," Troy said.

"Don't worry," Tiara said. "We will have good luck."

As Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, and Taylor went back to having fun, they all thought about what a great

summer they were having. There were only a couple weeks before they would have to get going to college, and

they were enjoying every minute of it. Troy and Gabriella thought about how much they loved each other, and

how lucky they were to be spending a whole summer right by each other's sides and to be practicing living in the

same house for when they were married. And every one was thinking about Tiara and how much she had


"Karaoke is like magic," Gabriella said.

"I know," Troy said. "Once I heard you sing, I knew you were special."

"Well me and Chad didn't get together by karaoke," Taylor said.

"Neither did me and Zeke. We got together by cookies," Sharpay said.

"Well karaoke isn't the only magical thing in the world," Troy said.

"And anyways, when two people are meant for each other, and they meet, it doesn't matter how they met,"

Gabriella said. "It's the love that's magical."

Troy agreed and handed her a flower that he had picked from the grass. "I love you," he said.

"I love you, too, Wildcat," Gabriella told him.

"Forever?" asked Troy.

"Wildcat, does this look like forever to you?" Gabriella said, smiling.

Troy and Gabriella then kissed each other, showing as much love as they could. Troy was gently stroking

Gabriella's hair and Gabriella's arms were around Troy. When they finished, Troy said, "I think that feels like

forever love."

Gabriella smiled. "Yes, it's definitely forever," she said.

Then, they kissed again, showing each other even more affection than with the last kiss. It was meant to be

forever love, and they knew that. They wouldn't have it be any other way.

When I hear my favorite song I know that we belong Oh, you are the music in me Yeah, it's living in all of us And it's brought us here because Because you are the music in me

It's like catching lightning, the chances of finding someone like you... It's one in a million, the chances are feeling the way, we do... And with every step together, we just keep on getting better... So can I have this dance?(can I have this dance?)Can I have this dance?

You're on my mindYou're in my heartIt doesn't matter where we areWe'll be alrightEven if we'reMiles apartAll I wanna do Is be with you Be with you There's nothing we can't do Just wanna be with you Only you No matter where life takes us Nothing can break us apart You know it's true I just wanna be with you.

Troy and Gabriella-Forever Love


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