Alright, everyone, I got another crazy idea: Naruto/Claymore crossover with ...interesting pairing

Title: Jinchuuriki and huntresses
Author: NHunter aka N.H. aka 夜狩猟家 aka 灰色天使
Genre: Adventure, General
Pairing: Alicia/Naruto/Beth
Rating: M = NC-17
Warnings: AU, OOC, stronger Naruto, Claymore crossover, future lemons, threesomes, possible yuri twincest, insane author with crazy ideas...
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto or its characters. Nor do I own anything from Claymore.

Author Notes: first of all, this is my first true attempt at writing Xover ("Pyro" isn't counted – it's fusion) and with such pairing... well, this story is more like my experiment with social psychologies: Alicia and Beth are too interesting characters to pass by – they are pure warriors with NO social skills. Hell, "they have almost no intelligence apart from what is needed to fight the enemy" (quote from Claymore manga). Why with Naruto? - he is demon container and they are yoma (demon) huntresses... I just need to keep these three in character... Though I'll extend girls' intelligence a bit into social life. And their knowledge also will be 'upgraded' from what it should be in canon.

Before we start, some information about my favorite anime twins – Alicia & Beth (Claymore):
first anime appearance: N/A; first manga appearance: chapter 62 - "Cognates of Paradise 1"

Alicia or Alicia the black

organization rank: #1
age: ~40; 18-19 by looks; doesn't age
height: ~170cm
IQ: unknown, 100
canon personality: almost non-existent
warrior type: offensive
skills: master-level swordsmanship (unconfirmed); above average defensive skills (unconfirmed); above average evasion skills (unconfirmed); limb reattachment and minor regeneration; above average yoki sensing (unconfirmed).
confirmed weapons: claymore, awakened form (demonic/yoma form)
battlefield specialization: heavy-duty unit, anti-abyssal unit (an: abyssal ones – 'super' demons (there were 3 abyssal in total + one awakened being equal to them in power))
special skills: soul-link with Beth, full-awakened form
notable features: claymore, black uniform, personal sign, always seen with Beth
genetic relatives: Beth (twin sister)

Beth or Beth the black

organization rank: #2
age: ~40; 18-19 by looks; doesn't age
height: ~170cm
IQ: unknown, 100
canon personality: almost non-existent
warrior type: defensive (unconfirmed)
skills: master-level swordsmanship (unconfirmed); above average defensive skills (unconfirmed); master-level evasion skills; limb reattachment, limb regeneration (unconfirmed); short-ranged master-level yoki sensing (unconfirmed).
confirmed weapons: claymore
battlefield specialization: supplementary unit to Alicia, heavy-duty unit
special skills: soul-link with Alicia, short-ranged yoki sensing
notable features: claymore, black uniform, personal sign, always seen with Alicia
genetic relatives: Alicia (twin sister)

*** links to images of Alicia and Beth are in my profile ***

more info: all warriors (claymores, silver-eyed witches as humans call them) are half-humans half-yoma (they all have pale-blond, sometimes white hair, silver eyes (shift to golden when warrior uses yoma powers, yokai) and stigmas on stomachs (no stigma was ever shown). All warriors are sterile.). All active-duty (there are also trainees) warriors (47 in total) are assigned ranks according to their strength (#1 – the strongest, #47 – the weakest). Awakened being – warrior, whose yoma half took over human half (so awakened being is a demon). If awakened being was rank #1 warrior – it is called abyssal one (three in total in canon + Alicia). Alicia is the only one who can successfully return to being 'human' after awakening (though with the help of Beth). Usually after warrior awakens she (male warriors weren't seen in 60+ generations of warriors produced) cannot return to being 'human'. It is only possible for Alicia because of soul-link and merged spirit with Beth (in fact Beth keeps Alicia's humanity while #1 is in her awakened form).

In terms of strength, #47 ranked warrior is about chuunin level; Beth can be equal to ANBU, maybe weaker Kage, as is Alicia in 'human' form; Alicia in awakened form is about Kage/Kage+ level.

Warriors have inhuman strength, speed and stamina. They need rest only once in two-three days and they can fight for hours. They also can easily go without food and water for week. All warriors don't age and either die in fights or awaken. Though I suppose that their lifespan is not equal to 'forever', but it should be long enough for them to last several dozens thousands years, maybe more.

And to whoever doesn't know this: claymore is a giant two-handled double-edged sword.

"speaking of higher beings / awakened Alicia / Naruto while using Kyuubi's power / jutsus"
'thinking of higher beings / Kyuubi talking to Naruto through mental link'

chapter 1: girls meet boy

Blond cerulean-eyed boy of fifteen years old in black and orange jacket and black pants with Leaf hitae-ate tied around his forehead was running through the forest. He was happy: tomorrow he finally will be back home, at Konoha. But he and his perverted sensei, who was terribly falling behind him, still had to cover about two hundred kilometers. Deciding that he must wait for Jiraya, Naruto Uzumaki leaped down into the big clearing. Suddenly he something moving in the shadows on the other side of the clearing. Second later there were two identical, except for signs on their uniform, girls standing in front of him. They both had beautiful faces with deep silver eyes, long pale-blond hair and stood about 5'10'' tall. He could give them eighteen-nineteen by looks. Girls were dressed in black long-sleeved blouses, black gloves with long metallic bangles, black leather body armors with big metallic armor plates on their shoulders, waist-long black cloaks, long black pants, metallic boots. They had skirts formed by several metallic plates. And these girls had big badass swords on their backs. Girls looked at him for several seconds like he was world's biggest evil. Then one of them spoke in emotionless tone.

"Yoma." Naruto looked at them with surprise but... Had he never fought against Zabuza or Kisame he'd never believe that it is possible to draw such a big sword in a blink of an eye. He barely had enough time to pick two kunai from his holsters and block girl's blade with them. And the girl was damn strong: using only one hand she could wield such a sword and more, she overpowered his two hands without really trying!.. Naruto was forced on his knees, but he wasn't going to give up and allow the sword to cut his head in two.

"Who... are... you?" He asked. Now he finally saw some emotions on girls' faces. Surprise.

"Organization number one, Alicia." Girl with her sword drawn said in the same emotionless voice, applying more force in attempt to kill Naruto.

"Organization number two, Beth." Second girl said, also drawing her sword. Now blond jinchuuriki was really worried. Maybe, he had some chances of winning against Alicia, but if Beth joins the fight, he is doomed. Naruto bend his upper body back, at the same time implanting his right foot into Alicia's gut, sending her into the air. Beth's sword barely missed his head and instead of stabbing him through the scull only cut several locks of his hair. Naruto dropped kunai from his left hand and performed one-handed rasengan. He tried to hit Beth with his jutsu, but girl was fast and jumped away. Deciding that it'll be easier to fight two on two, at least, Naruto performed his favorite jutsu:

"Kage bushin!" Alicia and Beth actually looked at each other.

"Awakened being." They quietly said in unison, still in the same emotionless voice, before charging at Naruto, intent to cut him into pieces.

"What the hell is 'awakened being'? And what is your..." Blond jinchuuriki and his clone dodged two incoming swords. "...Organization? Akatsuki? No... You're not like them! What are you?" This made girls stop in their tracks. They looked at him with surprise but said nothing. Then they attacked again. This time Naruto got minor cut on his left shoulder. His clone was destroyed. 'Hey, fox, give me power!' Blond jinchuuriki demanded.

'For once I will willingly lend you my power, you, ungrateful bag of meat. These girls are very strong, maybe they are hanyou or even pureblooded demons.' Kyuubi roared from its cage in Naruto's subconscious. 'Don't even dare to die!'

'Yeah, yeah, fur ball.' Naruto sent mental message to his tenant, dodging another swing on two giant swords. He felt rush of power into his body. His eyes turned blood-red with slitted pupils and his six whisker marks became more pronounced, all his senses heightened and now he had much less problems with evading incoming attacks. Or so he thought. Alicia's and Beth's eyes shifted from silver to golden and their pupils too became slitted. And their speed almost doubled. 'Shit!' Naruto felt more of Kyuubi's yokai leave the seal, now forming fox-shaped cloak of energy around him, complete with single tail. This time, though, girl's reaction surprised him: they returned to their norm and secured swords on their backs. Beth was concentrating, while Alicia... Alicia was suddenly surrounded by pillar of greenish light.

'We have BIG problems, you, hairless monkey!' Kyuubi said to its container, giving him two more tails of power... When the light died down, girl was changed. Completely. Her skin turned purplish-gray with green tint, her face was more like a mask with two yellow balls of energy as her eyes. Her hair became something resembling armor plates and was of the same color as her skin now. Her neck elongated and became more serpentine, even having some scales... Alicia's hands turned into long blades with smaller blades on them. Also some spikes appeared on her legs.

"You. Will. Die." Absolutely no emotions. Demonic Alicia dropped from the sight, almost leaving afterimage. Only thanks to his now demonic instincts Naruto wasn't turned into meat stripes, still his left arm was useless for now. He for sure stood no chance against this changed Alicia without going into incontrollable four-tailed state, the only thing he could do – dodge attacks and pray that Alicia's power won't grow even more... Naruto's eye landed on Beth, who was motionless and in deep concentration.

'Maybe, if I attack her, the other one will be forced to protect her.' Blond jinchuuriki thought. His right yokai-made paw elongated, trying to kill Beth, but the girl dodged it without even opening her eyes. 'Fuck!'

Suddenly winded Jiraya, big man with long spiky white hair with big scroll on his back, appeared in the clearing. Toad sage saw his student in three-tailed demonic cloak fighting some monster, still clearly female, and another girl with big sword just standing there. Quickly thinking about clothes on this girl and on the monster, Jiraya came to the conclusion that they were something like teammates. Now he needed to find a way to stop this fight before it escalated even more and damage to the forest became geographical. Using charka to increase his speed to the limit, old hermit jumped into the fight with two yokai suppressing seals in his hands, hoping that both will work like he wanted. He appeared between two fighters placing both seals on their foreheads and activating them, ignoring wounds on his hands that appeared when he got too close to the monster. Naruto's demonic cloak dissipated into the air. Female monster, on the other hand, was surrounded by greenish light, and when it died down, in its place was another girl with big sword, exact copy of the one Toad Sage saw when he entered the clearing.

All four of them looked at each other. Jiraya was the first one to brake the silence.

"Who are you and why you attacked my student?" He asked. His question was answered by Naruto.

"They called themselves Alicia and Beth and said that they are numbers one and two in some organization. And they first called me 'yoma' then 'awakened being' and tried to kill me." Jiraya glared at twin girls and asked again.

"Why did you attack my student and what is 'yoma' and 'awakened being'? And what is you organization? Akatsuki?" Girls shared look that could be read as 'where do you live that you don't know this'.

"Our organization has no name and its purpose is hunting down and killing yomas and awakened beings – demons." Girl that Naruto identified as Beth said. Now she had to deal with enraged Toad Sage...

"NARUTO IS NOT A DEMON!!!" Jiraya yelled spreading out his arms. Both demon huntresses saw blood on man's arms.

"We broke the law." Alicia said with a hint of regret in her voice. "We attacked human." Beth slowly nodded and both drew their swords, pointing them at each other's neck. They looked into each other's eyes, silently saying 'goodbye' to the world. Girls tried to kill each other but found that they couldn't move their swords – their claymores were held in place by Jiraya and Naruto with a pair of his shadow clones.

"What are you talking about?" Toad Sage asked, unleashing enough killing intent so that girls will listen to him. Alicia and Beth lowered their swords.

"In order to make humanity believe that we, hybrids, are there to save them from yoma, there was passed the law that said that warrior, who attacked human for any reason, will die." Beth said in almost emotionless voice, though there was the same hint of regret there. "We attacked you, so we must die now." Naruto and Jiraya reacted immediately, preventing girls from raising their swords.

"No, you don't!" Both males said simultaneously. Girls looked at them surprised. Jiraya sighed. "Back to the question. Naruto is not a demon, though he bears a great burden of being container of the Kyuubi." Sannin paused. "And what do you mean by 'hybrids'?"

"We had yo- demon flesh and blood mixed with our own, making us, warriors." Alicia replied as she looked at Naruto. His blood was red. Yoma or awakened beings had purple blood... "And he is container." She repeated Jiraya's words. "He is... human... too..." Jiraya and Naruto with his clones had to apply a damn lot of force and some killing intent to keep girls' claymores down.

"No!" Naruto said forcefully. Both Alicia and Beth looked at him curiously. "You don't have to die just because of one mistake."

"I don't know, where you came from, but you aren't from elemental countries – that's for sure." Toad Sage said. "I have the biggest spy network on the continent, yet I never heard about anyone creating ...warriors like you." He paused. "And the last known demon in elemental countries was sealed fifteen years ago. It was Kyuubi no Yoko and it was sealed in Naruto."

"So... we're... not in... our world?" Beth asked. Jiraya only nodded. Both girls just let their swords fall on the ground and stood there with blank expression on their faces... Naruto didn't knew what to do, but his nature was telling him to go and somehow comfort girls. Acting on this impulse, he came up to girls and hugged them. Alicia and Beth tensed, not used to physical contact – even among warriors in training they were considered 'different' and lived and trained apart from others, having only each other. No one ever hugged them before – yet it wasn't unpleasant and soon they relaxed and leaned into Naruto's embrace.

"You're gold mine, brat, this'll be best bestseller ever!" Toad Sage exclaimed, fishing notebook out of his pouch.

"Ero-sennin, if I ever find out that you used me or girls in your perverted books you'll personally find out, how does it feel, to get wind charged rasengan between your legs." Jiraya paled at this threat and put his notepad back into his pouch. But still he tried to memorize what was going on – maybe he will be able to use it in his book later: Naruto always found his genius books boring, so maybe, just maybe, his apprentice won't read them after all.

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